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  1. The 'extra' was Harry Price from Balletboyz behind all that fake facial hair 😄
  2. Matthew Ball said ( at the Sadlers Wells post show talk on 9th Dec) that it was a rain machine
  3. Sambe was terrific in the solo he danced during the Mandolin Dance, where the lead Mandolin dancer usually has the role. Sambe was superfast, very exciting to watch. The tempo was fast all through, this was discussed in the Q&A after the screening.
  4. For Sale Coppelia Stalls circle seat C92 £45.00 ( Naghdi/Ball)
  5. Amphi Row M seat 40 available £27.00 ( Morera/Campbell/Gartside)
  6. On social media tonight, Shale has explained that he sustained a foot injury , prior to his Mariinsky performance, which proved to be a stress fracture. He is now receiving treatment and rehabilitation and let’s hope he makes a speedy recovery and we will get to see him dance again when he has completely recovered .
  7. I agree that Bolle and Nunez were glorious last night. His partnering is impeccable and that first opening solo where he expressed his love was beautiful. He may not be the best actor but he has a beautiful line in arabesque .
  8. For sale tonight Amphi row L £18 sold as restricted view ( only if you are short) £18 Manon. Bolle/Nunez I will be there so can hand over please PM me thanks Mandy
  9. 1 ticket for sale Manon ( Hayward/ Campbell/Corrales/Magri) Stalls Circle £37 Row C bench seat PM if interested, thanks Mandy
  10. Most of the central London Curzon cinemas state Sold Out for R&J on Mon 16 th Dec , but still plenty at Wimbledon and Richmond
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