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  1. I have 1x Amphi £43 Row E for Royal Ballet tonight Tuesday 8 th 7 pm please message me asap if interested seat is next to me …..
  2. Just an aside..I loved Christina Arestis' outfit so much I sourced it ( Zara) and bought the trousers....LOL
  3. Still available but if no takers I will return to the Box Office this week....hurry up if you want them please x
  4. Still available but if no takers I will return to the Box Office this week....hurry up if you want them please x
  5. I just want to mention the sheer delight of being back in our spiritual home... The Royal Opera House. At the beginning of the evening, and before a note had been played, there was a spontaneous standing ovation for the orchestra which went on for many minutes and was heartfelt by all. A magical start to an interesting evening of dance. I love Within The Golden Hour... it is a joy from start to finish. The younger dancers and the principals gave it their all and their beaming smiles at the end showed us how much it meant to be back on stage performing for our delight once again...
  6. 2 tickets for sale for the dress rehearsal of La Boheme at £25 each. Seats are in Amphi Row N. Starts at 7.30pm Please message me or Facebook Messenger for details Mandy
  7. Two tickets in row L Amphi at £31 each for sale for the Beauty Mixed Bill on Sat 26th June at 7pm . Please message me on this forum or facebook messenger for further details Best wishes Mandy
  8. In real life, and thanks to the Ballet Association, I really have had dinner with Mara Galeazzi, Ed Watson, Martin Harvey, Federico Bonelli, Lauren Cuthbertson, Ivan Putrov, Thiago Soares, Nicol Edmonds, Ricardo Cervera and Cesar Corrales so I am very very grateful ....
  9. I would have dinner in a very fancy french restaurant with wonderful champagne and in the company of Mischa Baryshnikov. We would then tango discreetly around the dance floor. By some miracle I would not be taller than him. He would hand me a rose at the end of the evening which I would press and treasure forever. And then I woke up.....
  10. I am so very sad to read this news. My sympathies to his family and friends. He was very talented and has gone too soon.
  11. Cant wait to see live ballet again soon, and meet up with friends too !
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