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  1. Did they publish recipients last year? I didn't think they did but might have missed it! You can order back copies of Dancing Times I think, but not sure how far back they go. I'd love to know if they did (and do this year too!) as this will sadly be DDs last year at YBS.
  2. Annette Nicholson (ex BRB dancer and MA/SA teacher) runs her own associate scheme on Sundays (fortnightly I think) Details are on her website (under classes then Sunday Associates) http://www.nicholsonschoolofdance.com/ She is a fantastic teacher and will, if you ask, give a very honest assessment of your DC's suitability for full time training. She holds Easter and Summer classes with amazing guest teachers too. Beautiful studios in Digbeth with parking (thought with the nearby Eastside/HS2 development nearby it isn't as easy to get to as it was - but worth it!)
  3. On Sunday, 5th May at 11:30 (and repeated later in the week I think) Sky Arts is showing The Royal Ballet Sleeping Beauty - billed as new but no indication of casting on my sky box. On the same day Matthew Bourne's The Car Man at 4pm and Northern Ballet's Casanova on Monday 6th May.
  4. Transmitting at 10pm, Monday 29th April on Channel 4 The Curry House Kid “Khan has made an illuminating, personal and powerful documentary about his life and relationship with his family.” Evening Standard At their height there were 12,000 curry houses in Britain, the vast majority run by Bangladeshi immigrants. Akram Khan’s father was one of them, and he expected his son to inherit the family business. But Akram had other ideas: he wanted to dance.Now he’s one of the world’s leading dancers and choreographers. This film sees Akram return to the curry houses of his childhood, meeting the chefs who created this culinary institution in the face of hostility and, often, violent racism. Exploring their stories of immigration, this most effortlessly global of artists comes face-to-face with his own past, his family history, and the reasons he became a dancer. All of this is woven into a poetic new piece of dance that tells a universal story – the immigrant experience in Britain.
  5. I have just received an email notifying me that, for tomorrow night's triple bill, due to illness, Sarah Lamb will be dancing the role of Masha, replacing Marianela Nunez. So the message is getting through perhaps to the powers that be?
  6. 21/11/18 Ed Watson South Bank Masterclasses (with an excerpt from Manon) at 6am followed by Mariinsky La Bayadere at 6:15 am.
  7. Thank you @John Mallinson @Mary @LinMM @ninamargaret for your very helpful replies. She rang the box office last night and was told her cabin size bag will be fine in the cloakroom but probably will be subject to a bag check. Many thanks!
  8. Can anyone advise of the bag situation in the cloakroom? I know this is stretching the concept of 'bag' a little but my dd is travelling to London this weekend and cannot get to where she is staying before the evening performance of Mayerling. We are wondering what to do with her small suitcase? I don't want her wandering around CG either before or especially after the performance to find a luggage storage service as this is her first time completely independently in London. Also is there still concierge service who could pre book her a taxi? TIA!
  9. Sky arts are showing Nureyev's Don Q (Australian Ballet1973) on Monday 3rd September at 7:05 am. They are also showing RB's Giselle (a repeat I think as we still have this on our sky box but I can't find any further information re cast or year) tomorrow (29th August) at 7:00 am.
  10. Hi Anon Have messaged you re the long sleeve black leotard thanks
  11. So very pleased for Joe who carried out his lower school training at Elmhurst and can still be seen performing in their promotional video when he was in year 11!
  12. I've had this happen with other online companies too so not just a Porselli issue. We recently ordered from the Porselli sale and had no problems but I do think with sale items they can go quickly so they may not keep on top of stock. Hope you get what you're after - it's always great to get a bargain!
  13. Have signed. So sorry for your loss xx
  14. They are beautiful but just a word of caution - I don't think many places stock them in the UK (Just Ballet do) and when we ordered ours (for US auditions) they (degas) were quite slow fulfilling orders. Sheila from Just Ballet was brilliant in chasing up but was a bit hair raising! Still one of her favourite leotards, perfect for auditions I would say and worth the wait but order in plenty of time if needed for a specific date!
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