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  1. Sorry to bring up the C word so early (though we all need something to look forward too) but spotted this bargain half price Nutcracker duvet! Too young for my DD sadly but too good not to share! https://www.brandalley.co.uk/16594217.html?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=Smart Shopping (Catch All)&utm_term=&Kenshoo_IDA=&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIwpWBs9z06wIVTObtCh16HgX5EAQYASABEgKwXfD_BwE
  2. I wouldn't write it off! If the scholarship auditions go ahead for next summer and a venue is 'do-able' for you, I would definitely go for it! At the very least you have had a fantastic class led by a wonderful teacher and the shot of a funded place as a bonus! My dd always enjoyed the audition classes and loved the whole YBSS experience hugely!
  3. PM me with your email if you would like photographs. I have the following (pre-loved but barely worn) leotards for sale: black Plume size S leotard style P867 with lovely lace detailing to the neckline and back - in as new condition worn only a few times £10 teal Wear Moi size XS with ribbed detailing above the bust, straps and along the back - in as new condition worn a couple of times £10 pale blue-grey Wear Moi size S with floral net detailing on the bust, straps and along the back - in as new conditions worn only a few times £10 pale pinky-peach Bloch size M plain camisole BNWOT £10 steely blue-grey Bloch Mirella size S (we think - label cut out as rubbed) with beautiful detailing to the back - in as new condition as worn only a couple of times £10 white Wear Moi size S with delicate lace detail front and back. This has been worn a little more but still in very good condition. It does have some blue pen marks on the lining but they don't show through. £5 Wine and Camellia floral custom made Lucky Leo with white lace detail to the front size M Brand new with tags - cost over £80 with import tax. Would like £50. A really stunning leotard!
  4. Wanted - white medium Gaynor Minden practice tutu if anyone has one for sale. Thank you!
  5. Wayne McGregor spoke the the upper school students at Elmhurst yesterday via Zoom and talked to them about the piece he is doing for this performance (and it's not what people have been speculating so watch this space! My daughter was very excited at the prospect!) She loved listening to him and described him as an intelligent, knowledgeable man passionate about the art. He gave them a much needed boost after such a long break from face to face training,
  6. As the parent of a tall (172cm) girl in graduate year, I wish I could say this is our experience so far this audition season! (early days still I know!) But there have been numerous auditions she has been excluded from applying for because she is taller than the stated/preferred height - this is in Europe also but seems to be especially so for the few companies who have advertised so far in the UK. (We haven't looked at USA Canada etc) Obviously, this will vary from year to year - we have been told by some (mostly smaller) companies that they are looking to hire to replace certain dancers and their requirements might well change each time they advertise. However, I much prefer companies to be upfront about this in their adverts saving unnecessary travel and accommodation costs and valuable (and paid for!) time missed from training!
  7. Did they publish recipients last year? I didn't think they did but might have missed it! You can order back copies of Dancing Times I think, but not sure how far back they go. I'd love to know if they did (and do this year too!) as this will sadly be DDs last year at YBS.
  8. Annette Nicholson (ex BRB dancer and MA/SA teacher) runs her own associate scheme on Sundays (fortnightly I think) Details are on her website (under classes then Sunday Associates) http://www.nicholsonschoolofdance.com/ She is a fantastic teacher and will, if you ask, give a very honest assessment of your DC's suitability for full time training. She holds Easter and Summer classes with amazing guest teachers too. Beautiful studios in Digbeth with parking (thought with the nearby Eastside/HS2 development nearby it isn't as easy to get to as it was - but worth it!)
  9. On Sunday, 5th May at 11:30 (and repeated later in the week I think) Sky Arts is showing The Royal Ballet Sleeping Beauty - billed as new but no indication of casting on my sky box. On the same day Matthew Bourne's The Car Man at 4pm and Northern Ballet's Casanova on Monday 6th May.
  10. Transmitting at 10pm, Monday 29th April on Channel 4 The Curry House Kid “Khan has made an illuminating, personal and powerful documentary about his life and relationship with his family.” Evening Standard At their height there were 12,000 curry houses in Britain, the vast majority run by Bangladeshi immigrants. Akram Khan’s father was one of them, and he expected his son to inherit the family business. But Akram had other ideas: he wanted to dance.Now he’s one of the world’s leading dancers and choreographers. This film sees Akram return to the curry houses of his childhood, meeting the chefs who created this culinary institution in the face of hostility and, often, violent racism. Exploring their stories of immigration, this most effortlessly global of artists comes face-to-face with his own past, his family history, and the reasons he became a dancer. All of this is woven into a poetic new piece of dance that tells a universal story – the immigrant experience in Britain.
  11. I have just received an email notifying me that, for tomorrow night's triple bill, due to illness, Sarah Lamb will be dancing the role of Masha, replacing Marianela Nunez. So the message is getting through perhaps to the powers that be?
  12. 21/11/18 Ed Watson South Bank Masterclasses (with an excerpt from Manon) at 6am followed by Mariinsky La Bayadere at 6:15 am.
  13. Thank you @John Mallinson @Mary @LinMM @ninamargaret for your very helpful replies. She rang the box office last night and was told her cabin size bag will be fine in the cloakroom but probably will be subject to a bag check. Many thanks!
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