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  1. I watched on Saturday afternoon , it was a real treat . It was clear that some students are featured far more heavily than others, so I’m glad to hear as a parent with a child about to start WL that the opportunities are spread out across the performances . I was so impressed by the student choreography one piece in particular was spectacular and had me on the edge of my seat .The obvious progression shown in the class pieces from year 7-9 was inspiring . My only regret is not getting tickets to also watch the upper school show .
  2. Thank you , that’s a shame . I must subscribe regardless now I’m a fully fledged ballet momma 😀
  3. Could any please tell me which month the dancing times will print a list of recipients of the ybss scholarships ,please ? I missed it last year and would like to save a copy for my DD this time round .
  4. Thank you we are spoilt for choice with these !
  5. Could anyone please recommend a piece of classical / contemporary music for my DD , age has been asked to choreograph a piece for her leavers concert . We can’t find anything that stands out ( it has to be instrumental) thank you 😊
  6. Thank you I would really love to hear from you
  7. Thank you that’s Thank you , that is good to hear , wishing your DC all the very best . Thank you for taking the time to advice me .
  8. So my DD is starting vocational school this sep year 7 . There are lots of things worrying me , ie how will she cope with homesickness, how as a family will we cope without her etc , however my biggest concern is assessments , more specifically being assessed out . My Dd didn’t expect to get into to her first choice of school as she didn’t get her second or third choices . However she did ! I’m hearing stories of high volumes of students being assessed out and not all finding another school or funded places . I am probably getting ahead of myself but would like to know of back up options . Is there funding for schools like Moorlands / YDA etc . Also if a child stays in ballet school until end of year 11 have they missed too much all round work to get places at the big MT schools like Laines etc . I would also like to know how much warning schools give to students not offered another year and is this verbal or just scores on reports ?
  9. Please Coukd someone explain to me what a shallow foot is , my dd will be starting WL soon and I have no idea what type of feet are has .
  10. Well done , hope someone on those waiting lists will be getting some good news
  11. Finally a success story , I do feel we are giving up so much sending her it’s nice to hear some positivity. Thank you for sharing
  12. Thank you , wonderful to hear this . I’ve gone through so many emotion in the last week . From happiness to sheer panic . I’m trying to approach it realistically and hope that it’s the right decision. Sounds like your son had a wonderful time regardless of the outcome. Hope to hear some more happy stories .... pours wine 🍷
  13. I’m new to the forum with a daughter off to vocational school in September , obviously reading the statistics on here is alarming and a bit depressing if I’m honest . Is there anyone on here that could share some happy/ successful stories of their children’s time at vocational school and beyond ?
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