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  1. 2x pairs of Bloch warm up booties, size Large Child approx 13-2 shoe size. 1xpink 1xblue £7.50 a pair plus postage
  2. The skirt length is 58cm and has a large hem so can be let down. If I remember rightly you are to measure to the knees and add 10cm to get the perfect length, but it was a couple of years ago now so check what they say in the associates booklet x
  3. @MissEmilyhere is the fastening and the hem. I couldn’t work out how to upload on our messages!
  4. I have one that’s 58cm waist and 58cm length? My daughter only wore it once!
  5. I’m selling my daughters JA skirt which was made by the recommended seamstress and only worn once! £25 if anyone’s interested 😊
  6. RBS JA Royal Blue Character Skirt for sale, only worn once! £25
  7. Thank you, my daughter successfully auditioned last week and we’ve also found out this week she’s been offered a yr 6 RBS JA place. We are just trying to decide if it’s worth her doing both!
  8. Hello, does anyone have any feedback/opinions on Tring Park CBA? My daughter is in year 5 and would be group 2 i think.
  9. My DD got a yes for Year 6 place after SWL last year!!!! Good luck everyone still waiting
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