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Found 8 results

  1. I've been to a couple of daytime events in the Floral Hall recently - one of the Month of Sundays mornings and today the Ballet Studio Live:Class, and I thought both were well run events and a good use of the space to generate additional revenue. Today apparently sold out quite early, and seems set to become a regular feature. Today's dancers were mostly from the Aub Jebsen programme , which I hadn't been aware of before. Several were quite impressive, so fingers crossed for them getting full contracts in due course. Taisuko Nakao had some serious height in his jumps, and of the
  2. Lizbie1's recent post has made me realise that, with London Open House being this weekend, it must now be a year since the Royal Opera House "Opened Up". Now that the dust has had time to settle, and there's been time to sort out teething problems, perhaps it's time to take stock. What's working, in terms of programming, layout and physically, what isn't, and so on. (But can we just take it as read that the grossly inflated prices on some of the more restricted-view seats stink to high heaven and concentrate on things directly related to the redevelopment, please? )
  3. Today's review: https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2018/sep/19/royal-opera-house-linbury-theatre-open-up-stanton-williams Has anyone been inside yet?
  4. I will not fill out another survey for them! https://www.artsprofessional.co.uk/magazine/article/dancing-pinhead-pricing
  5. This has been referred to on other threads but I thought it merited a separate discussion as it is an interesting initiative in its own right, especially in the context of 'open up'. I was fortunate to see the live rely of The Nutcracker and, last night, a repeat of the Lamb/Muntagirov Manon which is to be issued as a DVD/BluRay. But there have been, and will be, other ballets (Osipova/Acosta in Giselle, Cuthbertson/Bonelli in Romeo and Juliet, Nunez/Muntagirov in Swan Lake etc) and operas. The Linbury environment seems ideal for such screenings and it is a nice touch t
  6. We’ve never met but you can look me up in your database if you feel the need. I’ve just done a rough tally and see I’ve spent more than £12000 on ROH tickets in the past five years. Your restaurants and bars have had a good innings, too: about £10000 over the same period. Now that may be an insignificant little sum to a mam who ‘made his many millions in oil and gas commodities,’ but to me it is a considered choice to forgo other pleasures and put my disposable income into the Arts. That would be your Arts,Mr. Taylor, ballet and opera at the ROH. Now many would consider me a
  7. Just received an email today about changes to access in the ROH amphi "Key changes from 15 November Work will start on the Amphitheatre Level to create a fresh and contemporary restaurant and bar. The current Amphitheatre bar will relocate to the Clore Studio (during intervals only) so that we can continue to provide you with refreshments. There are a number of Insights events that will need to be moved to alternate venues and audiences who have already booked tickets for these will be contacted shortly. To help you enjoy your visit we recommend that you make use of the
  8. [This has been copied over from the "Ceremony of Innocence" thread because it looked as though the discussion might derail that thread - Alison] How interesting. Is it possible to summarise what the ROH re -development plan is? It seems like yesterday they re opened after the last one!
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