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  1. Just to let you all know you tube allows you to watch the video in double speed. So having only half your video watched doesn’t mean they only watched half as it will only show the time watched ie half of the video duration if watched on double time. My daughter auditioned for WL and Elmhurst this year and got to both finals with only half the audition video being watched. Good luck with your results. Do keep trying if it’s a not yet my DD has had many nos and SWL and now has a place at Elmhurst for September.
  2. Fingers crossed for you I went to the practice manager as I knew receptionist would say it wasn’t possible.
  3. Glad to hear it’s not a new request for this year. My practice has quoted £86 or £132 depending on how long it takes or which fee my GP decides to charge. But just glad they have agreed to complete seeing we are still in a pandemic.
  4. I have spoken to our GP Practice Manager this morning about the Health Form and have made an in person appointment for my DD to complete. So it is possible there is a charge though. Xx
  5. My DD was only offered a place of the wait list yesterday and we looked at this today. I was hoping someone would ask this question as it looks very detailed and I am sure my GP practice will charge for it as you would definitely need an appointment to complete. I am going to call my practice on Tuesday. I will update this thread when I have an answer. X
  6. I have not had an email yet. I guess it will be Tuesday now.
  7. Are we to late to apply? I can’t find any audition details can any one help I have emailed the contact on the website.
  8. Really hoping there is movement keeping everything crossed x
  9. My DD is on the Wait List she’s at school and doesn’t know yet. I am keeping everything crossed that there is some movement as she really has her heart set on getting a place at Elmhurst. Well done to everyone who had a yes result and sorry to the nos.
  10. The Extended Young Dancers programme, which is for children in year 7 and above I believe is only run from Elmhurst Ballet School itself. Which is so far from where we live a 6 hour round trip. There are no other centres for this age group. My DD is a Young Dancer in year 6 it’s a brilliant scheme I have been so impressed and the progress she has made since joining is phenomenal. She absolutely loves it. I don’t think applications have opened yet.
  11. I will be doing the same, Mids places are so hard to get in normal years with only around 5 girls spaces at each centre as the classes are mixed with years 7,8 and 9 being in the same class. We also had a no yesterday, DD was upset but she knows that getting to finals was a massive achievement anyway. Well done to all the Yes and Wait List results and sorry to all the nos. Xxxx
  12. Congratulations I feel quite emotional for you all we have all been through this audition process together and everyone has been so lovely and supportive. Well done to all the boys for getting to finals everyone should be so proud of yourselves xxxx
  13. It’s amazing achievement well done to your DS a friend of ours a boy got a place from the WL last year so don’t give up hope!
  14. We loved it too, Elmhurst has been my DD first choice since the start of this process. Good luck to everyone waiting for results xxxx
  15. Good luck to all the boys awaiting results. Fingers crossed 🤞 you will hear tomorrow x
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