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  1. My DD received SWL this year for year 6 and we are still hoping for a place although we know it’s really doubtful. We were hoping that once the year 4&5 results were out spaces might become available as they may make new classes etc. I know they have split our local year 6 class to make it smaller and some of the year 5s are in with the younger year 6s so we are hoping RBS will make another class. Keeping my fingers crossed here for all of those children on the SWL. Well done for all the yes results and don’t give up to the nos.
  2. Borris said indoor team sports for adults limited to 6 so dance schools and children will not be included.
  3. Just a heads up. The jackets are new for this year so you are better off buying from the supplier. We brought one second hand and then realised they have changed for this September. The leotard hasn’t changed though.
  4. With children only just going back to dance Classes this is fantastic news!!!! We only returned this week and my DD will be starting Associate classes this weekend she will be gutted if she can’t get back to some kind of normal with months of zoom. So glad dance school exempt having to enforce groups of no more than six would not be practical of financially viable for dance schools.
  5. Oh no I am still waiting for mine gutting I thought they may be a better fit. I often shrink my DD shoes by washing them in the washing machine but canvas doesn’t shrink. I guess my daughters will be like boats as well.
  6. Can you message me your details for payment I’ve pm you
  7. Could you send me pictures of them both so my daughter can choose which one she prefers. Thank you
  8. Are the Matt red degas or the eglantine degas still available?
  9. Is the 9502 in Eglantine still available? That is a red colour isn’t it
  10. I am sure buying a different pair of shoes will be fine especially as every child’s feet are different. As long as they are full sole canvas. We have had a pair of freed aspire before and they looked like boats on her feet. So I won’t be buying them. I guess individual teachers may also have a preference with regards to shoes as well. I am sure it will be fine
  11. I contacted the supplier and they have confirmed that the tracksuit is brand new for this year.
  12. My DD feet also very narrow have you tried so danca full sole canvas. I think that’s what we will be going with as my DD usually has split sole canvas from so danca. The full sole canvas are also really cheap.
  13. We haven’t heard anything about Plymouth yet so I wouldn’t worry I think it must have just been Birmingham. Hopefully we will hear news today.
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