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  1. It was a no for my DD. She is currently very upset but I'm sure she'll bounce back
  2. There were not many DC today at the audition 10 year 7 girls and a few from each other year group. It was a very nice experience though and my DD enjoyed the class and orthopaedic assessment.
  3. I'm not expecting to be contacted as I think they must be fairly certain what they want if they are only inviting selected DC but it is kinda short notice
  4. Thanks i wasn't clear that it was the end of year report. That's all.
  5. Can anyone tell me when the children know whether they will move up to the next group at LJB? I thought it might say on the assessment results but it did not, so now I don't know. thanks
  6. My daughter has a yes too. Can anyone tell me what a practice skirt is though? Is it just a shiffon wrap skirt?
  7. Thank you for the reply. Wow I can't believe it they are so tall for 13! It helps to know why they were in the same group and I will explain that to her. I think she was just a bit in awe of how well they all danced.
  8. My daughter attended the audition today but seemed to be grouped with much older children. Can anyone tell me how the classes were organised? She did not know a lot of the steps and came out feeling quite resigned. She is 10yo and does Grade 4
  9. Anyone else heard yet? We are waiting results as well.
  10. Does anyone know when the results for mid associates come out?
  11. First time on the waiting list for DD who's 10. Proud of her for getting this far. Will try again next year
  12. Can anyone tell me anything about these? My daughter is in junior foundation. I am wondering whether she is likely to be moved up a level (she needs a new leotard which I am reluctant to buy if it will only be for one term). Also, what do parents receive and do they get told straight after the assessments in a few weeks or are they made to wait until the end of the summer term? Thanks
  13. This sound like my daughters ballet school. She was told to audition for RBS JA and BBO but we still went against the teachers wishes and auditioned for Elmhurst, Tring CBA and LJB as well. She was offered places at the last three and short waiting list for RBS. We chose LJB as it worked best for us as a family. She is loving it and I was pleasantly surprised at the standard / improvement in my daughter at the watching lesson at the end of term. Do what you think is best and follow your daughters lead. Local dance schools can only provide a limited timetable after all!
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