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    I joined this group to share in the experiences of other like minded individuals to help support my daughter. She is 7 and very passionate and excited to be exploring the world of ballet.

    Izzy wakes up every morning stretching and practicing ballet and she finds it so much fun.

    I feel very proud of how she has embraced all of the opportunities given to her so far. We are fortunate to be part of a wonderful ballet school.

    I enjoy reading others experiences to help understand the big wide world of ballet and help my daughter in this new exciting journey.

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  1. I think where I am they perhaps have less lessons and teachers have to travel further? It's great as classes are nearly 3 hours long. Thankfully my daughter is used to doing 2 hour ballet sessions so won't be to much of a shock. I joke she is like an energiser bunny as she has boundless energy it's exhausting for me! They don't do contemporary etc but perhaps that will change in the future for us. Have ordered her uniform she's going to be excited to try it on. Good luck to your do in the audition x
  2. I have corresponded with Roberta that does the administration and teaching. She has been lovely when I asked questions. I would phone and speak with her or Emma. They are incredibly approachable. It will set your and your daughter's mind at rest
  3. My daughter is starting in September. The e mails they send are professional and from the research I have done this far they sound amazing. The teachers seem very well qualified and experienced and we feel very fortunate to have the opportunity for our daughter to have training with them. I wish they had fourtnightly lessons in our area. The only downside to living in my area of the country. I will update you when she starts. Her friend is also applying after speaking to us. They seem to have a really good ethos and I love that they do body conditioning etc as well as technique Hth
  4. Does anyone have a diane leotard for junior associates 6-8 and 8-10 please, jacket and bag.
  5. Hi is anyone selling ballet boost uniform for a girl age 8 please thank you! Leotard belt and jacket.
  6. It was a no 😢 oh well next year. Oh the plus side her friend got a yes **** happy dance
  7. Well done for getting a yes! Must have felt like forever at the time Much quicker than the RAD at least. A few girls have applied from our school. I hope one of them gets in for morale. They all work so hard bless them and are such lovely dancers. X Thank you for the luck if not this year we will try again next year. My daughter only turned 8 last week so is one of the youngest ones x 🥰
  8. @Spamcat how long did you find results took to come out please? Another mum said Elmhurst only took on one child last year. Must stop refreshing e mails 🙃
  9. Just wanted to update on Izzy's ballet progress. Izzy is doing her grade 2 exam in a couple of weeks. She is working hard preparing and practicing. She still adores ballet and has come on so much at her ballet school. She has a place at ballet boost associates, we haven't as yet formally taken this as yesterday she applied for Elmhurst associates. We are awaiting the result of the audition. Her teacher suggested she applied but we know they only take a small amount that apply. She adored the audition came out with a beaming smile. She thought the teacher was lovely, the lesson was fantastic and really made the most of the opportunity which I was really proud of. The other mums in the waiting room were really nice. Some already had children that attended Elmhurst and others were new. A lot applied for RAD (they are awaiting decision e mails bless them agonising they said). Izzy is also auditioning for swan lake dreams in September. Birmingham royal ballet are coming to our area. I thought this would be another great opportunity for her. It's been a whirlwind (not even a year) for her but a great one. I really appreciated all of the guidance in January from your experience. It's helped Izzy thrive
  10. My daughter had her Elmhurst associate audition in Plymouth this morning. She thought Miss Lindsey was lovely and she really enjoyed the audition. It was just over an hour and 45 minutes long. She has returned home demonstrating what she did. Lots of skips, gallops, dancing to the music with what they felt (emotion), stretches, barre work and some spinning skips. She did say she had a correction at one point. To me this is a good thing as a audition/lesson is to also show they can listen. to instruction and correction (I hope). It's going to be a long week waiting. She tried her best and had a great time and I would recommend auditioning to anyone as it was a very positive experience for her. Having only started with her ballet school in January and going into her first associate audition I think this was a perfect fit. I just hope they feel the same Good luck everyone!
  11. My daughter is in the first group 10.30am she is so excited!
  12. Hi, Is anyone else doing the auditions for the young associates in Plymouth?
  13. My daughters friend that auditioned was told end of June hth and good luck :)
  14. It’s amazing how determined and hardworking they are. My daughter at such a young age currently is practicing un prompted and doing her stratches. She had such a love of ballet and I do hope that continues. As I say st the moment her teachers are great, encouraging snd supportive. Saying that her mainstream school teacher is the opposite and it is horrible to see their confidence crushed At least they know they have loving supportive parents alongside them I’m glad things are going better.
  15. I appreciate this is an old post but wonder how things are now? I have recently discovered Ballet boost. Have you ever looked at this programme as they do a non vocational option in London called the balletic arts. I have read about it and it sounds fantastic. It would allow your dya dependent on where you are based to be at home and to also continue to study ballet. A girl from another school came to ours for a taster on Saturday and it really opened my eyes. The poor thing burst into tears as they are so unhappy where they are now. The school my daughter is at is so friendly and supportive. She has come on so much in a short time and has such a love of dance. It should feel like that. A school that promotes fear and retribution is not a healthy place for a young mind to be. Im so sorry your going through this and truly hope things improve. It may be as this is an older post they already have
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