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    I joined this group to share in the experiences of other like minded individuals to help support my daughter. She is 7 and very passionate and excited to be exploring the world of ballet.

    Izzy wakes up every morning stretching and practicing ballet and she finds it so much fun.

    I feel very proud of how she has embraced all of the opportunities given to her so far. We are fortunate to be part of a wonderful ballet school.

    I enjoy reading others experiences to help understand the big wide world of ballet and help my daughter in this new exciting journey.

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  1. I know Fiz! Im just glad my daughter is kind and caring. She sees the best in others. I'm so proud of her for how she handled herself today. She was very grown up and a credit to me and my husband. I just hope it doesn't get worse and continue next time as it would be a real shame. It upset me more than her definetly as she's not had any negatively in her ballet journey and really loves it. It's her passion and she takes constructive comments and corrections and works so hard bless her. I don't want another child taking any of that joy away. I'm probably over thinking it 🙃.
  2. My daughter started today. She enjoyed herself and found the teacher very good. The only part she was disappointed about was a comment from one of the girls. 'Do you do ballet? Because it doesn't look like it'. My daughter just responded she had a couple of months off as she had broken a bone in her leg and the girl just said ok. She said she didn't comment further as it was just bullying so she just ignored it. I was super proud of how she handled it. I did think it was upsetting at the age of 8 and 9 girls would say hurtful comments already. I always say treat others as you wish to be treated yourself. These things certainly upset me more. A lot of the girls had been doing ballet from a very young age. Yes my daughter started a year ago but she has done a lot in that time. She did a class with a Elmhurst teacher recently and he really thought she had potential. I really hope Ballet boost is the place for her and they encourage the girls to be kind to eachother. I did say if anyone is unkind mention it to the teacher. Did put a slight dampener on her first class bless her.
  3. I see. So best to avoid these styles for now? The dance world is confusing! Richie thank you she's doing well so far. Swelling has gone down. She's struggling to rest and not dance around even when she's told to rest! Meant ice pack on her knee last night as was sore after a play date with a friend. Think she's learning her lesson though. First physio this week. They said at hospital no reason she won't make a full recovery. Thankfully not the ACL x
  4. That sounds like a phrase that is normally in an adult gym not a child's class. Definitely would give me warning bells. Saying that my daughter has a knee injury now bless her so everything on hold for the interim. She is also keen to start contemporary or lyrical dance (I must admit I thought they were the same 😬)
  5. Have ordered the colouring book thank you she will love it!
  6. We have made thank you cards as end of term and pictures for her dance teachers today. We have sat outside painting and doing leaf and flower printing :). Fortunate the weather is nice.
  7. Amazing thank you. I hope her physio is understanding. She has to wait 2 weeks to start. I have already had to stop her several times today from trying to dance and hurting herself. She just can't help herself. She just adores dancing! I will show this to her emphasising the fact she has to stay still resting!
  8. When she has physio in a couple of weeks I'll ask about swimming. That would be a really good activity for her as she lobes swimming! Her teacher has already said about hoping she's well and being able to take on her summer classes. That's not really the forefront of my mind currently. She does have a workshop booked mid August which is half a day (something pretty special) which instead of cancel I may see nearer the time of not well enough to participate if she is allowed to watch instead? I did have other summer schools lined up but have cancelled them as I don't want her doing anything that intensive so she can rest. Thanks again I didn't know you could watch royal ballet classes online? She will love that!
  9. Thank you. Hospitalang she has chipped and slightly broken one of the bones but it wouldn't benefit from being immobilised so carry on doing as we're doing. Tendon and ligiment damage start physio in 2 weeks when inflammation has gone down. Said walk as pain allows elevate and pain meds etc. Poor thing bless her x
  10. Bless her. My daughter is only 8 and adores dancing. The day before yesterday she fell on her knee and was in a lot of pain. She has been limping everyone. We took her to minor injuries and they x rated her knee. They said a possible dink in her kneecap but believe it's ligiment damage strapped her up sent her home with the following advice. Rest, elevation, pain relief, ice and physio after a week if it's still painful. She is struggling and I hate it she is missing her royal ballet lesson today and is so sad poor thing. She is missing stretching/dancing and mummy feel hopeless as I can't take her pain away. Sorry for the essay but hate to see her sad my friend who does k taping has taped it for me which has helped. She said she can feel swelling in the meniscus. A positive that it's not the ACL? Thanks for listening anyone that got this far x
  11. I'll talk to them I imagine will take awhile to do walkovers etc as she will be completely new to it. I guess better she learns in class than attempts to do it without the aid of a qualified teacher. At school all the girls seem to be doing acrobatics at lunchtimes. Worrying the damage they can potentially do.
  12. It's done at the dance school and the teachers are great so confident if will all be done correctly. Thanks so much that all makes so much sense and it sounds fantastic. I know my daughter will love it!
  13. Off topic. My daughter loves ballet but would also like to once a week do acro.does anyone elses child do this? See any disadvantages? Thank you.
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