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  1. Looks possible that yes letters have been sent 1st class and the rest 2nd class . Well done to all those that attended and congratulations to those lucky enough to get a place .
  2. Elmhurst results from 15 jan are in ! Finals for my DD for year 9
  3. Thanks for that , that’s very helpful and well done to your Dd on gaining a SA place that’s amazing , she’s obv very talented . Good to hear that they don’t just throw them out ! Have no problem with being monitored if required and would welcome the feedback . Be glad when it’s all over tho 😊
  4. Have any RBS mid associates had their assessments yet ? Ours are coming up soon 😱 wondering how long before results are given out .
  5. Sorry to hear that fifi. I have seen on here people saying they have been offered places further down the line even after a no . So you never know x
  6. Did you manage to sort it all out ? Hope she got a place !
  7. Email had gone astray again . Roll on summer school ! Did very happy 😊
  8. She deserves it , she works hard , she will have a blast x
  9. Has anyone else not received an email from elmhurst junior SS , or is it just me again , I always have problems receiving their emails .
  10. Awh she will be fine . It’s 10- 12.45 on saturdays . Do you have far ro travel ? X
  11. Well done to your Dd CMS , she will be joining my daughters class , she started in September and had never been a JA either . She will love it , they are a lovely group . Does she know anyone in the group already ? Look forward to seeing you in September x
  12. I know of a year 8 girl who is on the reserve list for elmhurst . It says on the letter you receive if you are on reserve or just a straight no .
  13. A no for us for elmhurst year 8 . Good luck to all the others hope you get the results you hope for . 🤞
  14. Thank you and good luck to you too . I will drop them an email to check thanks . What year are you auditioning for ? We are year 8 x
  15. Out of curiosity , Has Anyone had the email from elmhurst with final timings on it yet ? My emails from them seem to go missing , received last years final details the day before ! 😱
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