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  1. Thank you Piepie. Have just received an offer.
  2. Has anyone heard about 6th form audition yet. Thanks
  3. Has anyone got experience of the central's summer school? My daughter is going to the 12 _16 year old group. Thanks
  4. Hi, does anyone know the number of GCSE's taken if at the Legat dance school.
  5. Hi my daughter was very similar, stopping ballet at 6 for gymnastics. At 10 she pestered me to start ballet again. She went into grade 4. She is now at a vocational school.
  6. Hi my daughter is a day pupil at a vocational school. Initially she was very tired and grumpy but as time goes on she is coping well. She really enjoys it but would not board as she likes her own bed. Also she is always starving so she enjoys her second dinner when back in the evening.
  7. Bean73

    Legat School

    Hi, on the web site it states that 90% of pupils gained a*- c in gcse results which is considerable higher than the results gained at my daughters secondary school. i think academically it has been improving over the last few years. i also thought that elaine holland had been the principle for the last 5 years and a new director has just been appointed.
  8. Hi dramascientist. Please can you let me know how experienced your daughter was at dance and where she continued her training.I am very new to this and am only just realising how competitive / expensive dance training is. Thanks
  9. Hi thanks for your reply it's very informative.Slightly worried as I was under the impression that bursaries were available. We could only afford it with a funded place.I an sure it will be an worthwhile experience whatever the outcome.
  10. Has anyone been to an audition at the legat dance school in Hailsham?Any advise? Thanks
  11. Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions.
  12. Hi. My daughter is interested in auditioning for the legat school in Sussex. Can anyone provide information about this school? How many year 9 pupils are on role ; how hard is it to get a place and any scholarship information? Thanks
  13. Hi. Can anyone provide information about the legat school. My daughter would like to audition. Does anyone know how many places are given in Year 9 and how hard is it to gain a place? Also any information on scholarships? Thanks
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