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  1. Hello, I have a 7 year old son who would like to audition for EYB in Aylesbury. My much older daughter has done EYB several times in the past but the last junior audition she attended was was too long ago to remember! My son is in G1 and will just have turned 8. My question is will he know enough ballet content to keep up at the audition? I know the age range is 8-11 but there will be a huge difference in ability at that age. Thank you.
  2. I wonder if anyone can give some advice please. Does any one have experience of London Boys Ballet school based in North London. I am interested in sending my 7 year old son for for a trial there. Thank you
  3. Congratulations to those who have been offered 6th form dance. My DD decided not to apply in the end. Hope the funding audition goes well for those who have gone through.
  4. Thank you for all your replies. It’s wonderful to get some inside knowledge. Tring is particularly attractive as it fairly local to us and our dd equally wants to do A levels at this stage. I agree that the fees are eye watering, , much higher than most good private academic schools in Hertfordshire!
  5. Hi, I wonder if anyone could answer a few questions for me please. I have searched the old threads but haven’t found what I was looking for. My dd is interested in auditioning for the dance course and is currently in year 11. She is pretty academic and we want her to do 3 A levels alongside- is this actually doable? I find it hard to comprehend how you can give 100 % to either area, there are only so many hours in one day. We live within driving distance but it would be complicated to get her there. Do you think boarders settle in more than day girls, would they feel excluded? If you are a boarder are you able to come out during the week to attend other classes elsewhere as long as you are back at a certain time? Are there lots of new starters in the 6th form or do the majority come up from the lower school. From the website it says the audition dates should be published in September but I can’t seem to find them. Lastly I have looked at the funding information. Am I correct in thinking that Tring can offer a 10% scholarship plus a further bursary which is no longer means tested if your income is over £90k. Sorry for all the questions. Thanks
  6. Thanks to everyone for your recommendations. My dd has now been diagnosed with a small labral tear!!!! Has anyone else had experience of this injury mending itself with rest and rehabilitation rather than going down the surgery route!
  7. Hi everyone, I wonder if anyone can help please. My daughter has injured her groin and needs to see a specialist dance physio. We would normally see the brilliant physio team at Tring Park where she is a CBA student. However they have broken up for the summer. Does anyone have any personal recommendations for us please. We live in Hertfordshire but London or anywhere within a hours travel would be ok. Thanks so much.
  8. I see they have released some new venues to audition at earlier this week. Has anyone had a response from there applications yet? The deadline was Monday so still a bit early I imagine.
  9. It was a wonderful performance last night. I am absolutely amazed how professional it looks after only 10 days rehearsal! My DD thoroughly enjoyed being a big friend and had so much fun with the other girls in her group. To be honest ballet isn’t her main thing and I have never seen her do so much pointe work. It was a delight to watch! Well done to everyone involved.
  10. Wishing all the Coppelia dancers a wonderful opening show. It has been quite a challenge getting them there this week! I’m sure it will all be worth it.
  11. Glad you enjoyed the run through. I couldn’t make it today but am looking forward to watching on Saturday. Let’s hope the imminent bad weather won’t prove troublesome!
  12. Congrats everyone. My DD was cast as one of Swanildas friends last night. She really enjoyed the experience and meeting some new people. I have never seen Coppelia before, will she be a friend for both acts?
  13. My dd was also in the scholarship group but I am afraid I can’t remember her audition no now 😂. Lets hope they secure a venue for rehearsals soon!
  14. My dd auditioned last night and was offered a place. She was also fortunate to be called up for the scholarship group. We haven't done EYB since Sleeping Beauty in Aylesbury 2012!
  15. We still haven't had the results of the assessments for CBA which will determine what spaces there are in the different groups.
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