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  1. Definitely contact them as for WL at this stage it is either a yes for finals or a no thanks not yet. For MAs it will be either yes, wait list or not yet. Hope you can get this resolved soon - the waiting is always bad enough.
  2. You could try hydro-colloid plasters - they would give good protection and help healing.
  3. I have read elsewhere here that you have to apply for WL and MAs or SAs separately - that is one application and set of photographs but two application fees.
  4. Just been messaging her Mum about something else and they have pretty much decided to give it a miss as a whole week wont be possible for them. They were looking for details on the timetable for the week. Does anyone have that information yet?
  5. DD's friend has still not heard back - any replies yet?
  6. Very good point PdQ. I am always proud of the way my DD copes with a no - and we have had numerous, including a number of RBS and other waitlists. It is such a difficult journey for the whole family unit not just the dancer. She has friends who don't take it so well and one whose mother took some helpful constructive feedback badly and while the child wanted to continue on the journey the mother backed off, to the detriment of the child. What must also be taken into consideration as everyone goes through the audition process is this is just the start. The anxious feeling you all have waiting for the "yes" is one you will continue to have in the coming years day in day out as they go from assessment to assessment and audition to audition. I am not saying this to put anyone off nor am I implying that dance parents out there do not already know what they are going into. I am just empathising with the situation as someone going through it. We have good days and bad days but the one thing that makes us all keep going is having a DD who is happy, healthy and continues to love dance - but if this was not the case we would have no hesitation to move to plan B! Good luck to everyone waiting for the outcome of auditions.
  7. There is a further audition for Dance in March so this is not the last date. If the are holding auditions they would, I assume, make offers, of places and funding auditions, but from reading the above posts it looks like bed spaces is an issue. Has anyone been offered a boarding place? I assume the new Year 7 intake would have been made offers. Or perhaps they are waiting until after the finals for funding.
  8. They state it was an email and domain name issue but this does not answer the question as why they haven't answered Facebook or Instagram messages. I hope they are now being proactive and more organised. Waiting until 1st May the closing date for the music, as was suggested, wouldn't give long for participants to rehearse.
  9. I think that is a very fair point with regards the music but the rep list is available so surely you can start working on elements of the choreo. I do however feel the lack of response to contacts going back a number of weeks is of concern.
  10. They don’t appear to be responding to Facebook messages. We know someone who wants to apply and was seeking some additional information. We can’t make a full week due to exam prep so not for us this year.
  11. Not heard of an audition for Associates outside of the advertised process although they do invite those they like from intensives in for either an individual audition or more likely into a current class.
  12. Sorry no - he is not close to NYB per se - his links are through arts management.
  13. Here is the web page https://nationalyouthballet.org/take-part/dancers/ and the direct link https://nationalyouthballet.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/2020-Season-FAQs-V1.0.pdf
  14. I did find the brief and it didn't sound like there would be big changes and the direction of travel is most likely linked to tapping into available funding by developing their outreach activities and by running additional money earning ventures. So it's past 5 o'clock - I take it we will not know today?
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