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  1. Thank you so much - this maybe a better match than Elmhurst - we will definitely pass this on.
  2. Thank you - saw this posted and past it on.
  3. Thank you - this makes sense. She just doesn't know what to do this year now.
  4. It is the FdA Professional Dance Performance where she planned to do a classical ballet pathway and then do a third year on the BA (Hons) Professional Performance (top-up). She chose this over two other offers. DD can't get out of her exactly what happened so I have come here to see if anyone knows anything happening at LSC. DD is just finding it difficult to support her and I didn't know what to suggest.
  5. Does anyone know what is happening with London Studio Centre? DD is consoling her friend who has said they received an e-mail to say her course now won't run.
  6. Yes there don't ever appear to be as many boys in MAs - lower as a percentage of the total than the JAs or SAs. There have been a few boys at other centres in the past as noted by @coniger, also Newcastle from memory. I would just ask them.
  7. I have already seen one course charging the same for their on-line offering.
  8. You have possibly looked at this site but incase you haven't seen it. http://educational-grants.org/
  9. Can anyone tell me the time of Royal SA1 boys classes in both Birmingham and London? Thank you.
  10. From reading their funding policies in the past I thought that MDS was only offered to lower school although some current pupils were able to take this into 6th Form. An MDS for 6th Form would surely be financially better than a DaDA. Is this a revision of the policy? They also gave a top, middle or bottom ranking although in reality I don't support many will get waitlist places and DC need to make other plans.
  11. In this case they will most likely be self-employed. The venue may already have been paid so their terms will have to be taken into account by the organiser which I appreciate is their issue rather than the participants. My feeling is that refunds should be made if the alternative offering is not suitable. At the very least e-mails should be not be going ignored. I know quite a few people who have been unable to get refunds on travel and hotels for recent dance events that were cancelled although some have been offered credit notes. For a non-dance related event despite paying in full in a
  12. I had an e-mail yesterday about the cancellation of events at Southbank and today one specifically relating to Emerging Dancer giving the new date. They will move all tickets to a new date, 22nd September, and if you are unable to make it you can get a credit voucher valid for two years or a refund. The deadline for the latter two options is 6th June.
  13. As of now, according to their social media, they are going ahead.
  14. Did they not ask those attending to respond with regards to travel plans? They will have made this decision off the back of this and other advice. Other Easter intensives may now follow their example.
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