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  1. Sorry no - he is not close to NYB per se - his links are through arts management.
  2. Here is the web page https://nationalyouthballet.org/take-part/dancers/ and the direct link https://nationalyouthballet.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/2020-Season-FAQs-V1.0.pdf
  3. I did find the brief and it didn't sound like there would be big changes and the direction of travel is most likely linked to tapping into available funding by developing their outreach activities and by running additional money earning ventures. So it's past 5 o'clock - I take it we will not know today?
  4. You would have thought so. As @Newdancermum noted in her post Sadler's Wells is already booked on the usual Sundays in August/September. We have been looking at summer schools and there isn't much time between their senior and junior courses for NYB to go in there. I would need to check last year's diary to see if the days are the same. Looks liek we may be seeing some changes.
  5. I was forwarded this recently https://dancingopportunities.com/national-youth-ballet-executive-director-manager/ Unfortunately the link with the brief is no longer available. My friend and I have had a "reading between the lines" conversation on this and came to any number of conclusions as the what the outcome might be. Anyone have any further insight?
  6. I can understand why RBS associates might be encouraged to apply but not full-time students unless perhaps they feel they need additional work over the summer. I recall the year the Easter course started there were those who applied for both and had places on both, those who applied for both and had a yes for one and a wait list for the other. We didn't personally know of anyone with a yes and a no or a waitlist of a no but suppose that may happen. Not sure if they did it this year but you could prioritise one over the other - not sure how much that mattered as one of DD's friends prioritised summer and had an offer of both and another prioritised Easter and had an Easter offer and a Summer waitlist, with an eventual place. Unfortunately, with the numbers who apply there must be an element of luck as I am sure there are hundreds of lovely dancers who just never get an offer or even a waitlist.
  7. One thing to add is that those offered places have about five weeks from the time of an offer to pay the fees. This is a time that a few may drop out due to the overall cost when they factor in travel and overnights/stays in London. Others may drop out due to injury or other commitments over the coming months so there is always the chance of a place. However the waitlists don't appear to be very short. DD personally knew of at least 10 in her age group with a waitlist for last summer.
  8. Just a quick update on NYB from a friend who works in the industry. He told me that they advertised back in the summer for someone to undertake a three month review, starting in October, to look at their strategy and prepare a report to inform a business plan for some new ways of working (his words from what he remembered of the original advert). This ties in with the information from NYB when they said there will be news come mid-January. Looks like there might be some changes afoot.
  9. A few years back I was told by one of the course administrators that they review the waitlisted DC before offering places out and as @Peanut68 says they fill the places of those who decline or pull out with DC from the same age group. I have not heard of a place from a Spring waitlist but this is a relatively new course. DD's friend was offered a place from waitlist for a Summer school around May one year. I understand that when they get closer to the date they don't offer places when people drop out.
  10. I thought this was interim for the 2019 season. She has recently taken the post of Artistic Director with LCB so made the assumption she wasn't doing NYB.
  11. I contacted them a month ago to ask when audition dates would be available and was told it will be into the new year. Sorry this doesn't answer your question. I got the impression they were not as far ahead in planning than previous years. Have they appointed a new Director yet? I haven't seen anything.
  12. I don't know exactly how many get finals but they look to choose around seven from each age group. That said the oldest girls are age 14 and boys 16 so this does vary. It also depends on the parts and relative height and technical ability. As with everything in the world of dance a no is not always a reflection on ability. Well done to those who have finals and good luck with the audition.
  13. I looked at this also and found their tickets were generally more expensive than booking with the theatre. I have also had this issue with ENB tickets.
  14. Yes it would be part of your adage.
  15. Any of the SD shoes in B width are good for narrow feet. Off topic but DD sometimes goes up a half size and gets the B - don't know why but it works for her.
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