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Found 11 results

  1. Hi all, I am not acquainted with the dance world at all. My Dd just got accepted as a JA at RBS, so I've got all these questions swirling in my head and I'm hoping you can help me out. Assuming she is still interested in ballet in the next few years, would we then apply for vocational schools for her in y7? Are these boarding schools, since we have none very local to us. I'm also not keen to let her go at such a tender age. Could she have a career in ballet without going to a vocational school? Sending her for ballet training will be a big sacrifice for us as a family - time, and effort, and finances. I know it's a decision only I can make, but what kinds of career paths would this lead to? And what sort of salary? Ultimately I am struggling to answer my question- is it worth it? (I sincerely don't want to offend anyone here, I am just in need of wisdom from experienced parents). Thank you so much for your time to answer my questions!
  2. Hello My 8yo's ballet teacher has told us that our daughter should try the RBS's auditions as Junior Associate. I don't know anything about the dancing world. I've combed the RBS website and see the insight day was last year but the application for the audition is this Feb to start in Sep 22. My question is, is it worth it to apply for my daughter this year? We don't know what the auditions entail. Does everyone generally attend the insight day first the year before? It seems like a long time between the insight day and the actual auditions for an 8yo to remember what is to be expected of her.. Thankful for your responses!
  3. Hello, I am new here. My daughter is booked onto the London JA insight day in half term and I was just wondering if anyone has any experience of it that they can share. Is it genuinely just a chance to have a go or do they look out for potential talent? I assume you don't get any feedback? Many thanks!
  4. My daughter is auditioning for the JA's this year. My sister previously auditioned and was asked to demonstrate her flexibility. Box splits etc. Has anyone else's child experienced the audition? I was just wondering what sort of things they will be asked to do.
  5. Can anyone help? I'm getting desperate. The lady who I asked to make my daughter's skirt is now unable to and I'm stuck. I can't find anyone locally and have tried phoning the recommended service however the lovely chap says the worst case scenario is 3 weeks to make the skirt and my daughter starts on the 9th Sept. Does anyone please please have a skirt for sale? My DD is 8, and 21"-ish waist. Even if someone has one they could kindly and trustingly lend me until I can get one made and I will then send it back.
  6. My little girl has just been accepted into The Royal Ballet as a junior associate. Am awaiting further info but just wondered if anyone knows how it all works? Do they get invited back after each term or are they there for the duration of they are happy etc? Also anyone know what date term starts in Sept? Or where you get the uniform?? So many questions... hope someone can help!
  7. I am delighted to announce that on Sunday 2nd April 2017 BBA will be holding auditions for entry in to the Ballet Boost Associate programme in September 2017. Sunday April 2nd 2017 Rambert School in Twickenham Apply via www.balletboost.com - online application form with Photo requirements. OR email emmanorthmore@yahoo.com for queries. Ages 7/8 to 19 across at least 4 levels which will possibly be expanding for September 17. Vocational level classes with a strong thread of anatomy. Please be aware this is a scheme for those dedicated to achieving a high level of training working alongside their current classes. Running on alternate Sundays (with a weekly option from September.) www.balletboost.com for more detailed information 07958 725862 for worried/confused parents!! Feedback and assessments will be given. Fantastic Teachers Amazing Studios Wonderful Pianists International Vocational Level Training - Exciting times for the future of Ballet
  8. Hi, first time posting, although I have been following threads on here for a while. Please excuse my rambling..! My DD's ballet teacher suggested she might be suitable to apply for JAs a year ago; unfortunately we soon found out that she was too young (Year 2), but neither of us had any idea about it really. Went a bit mad finding out about all of it last year, esp what they 'apparently' look for, but that was of no consequence really as she couldn't apply. Really it just served to make me question whether it was the right thing to do, but I had a year to wait before she was eligible and would think about it seriously then... Have just sent off the application form for this year (didn't do much more thinking!), after many taking and re-taking of photographs and re-sizing them - which involved the ridiculous task of emailing them to my iPhone then sending from my iPhone in a smaller size to my Mac = massive headache and equally massive glass of wine required! ;-) Now in a panic, what if the ********** photos didn't actually upload?! Etc.. etc.. DD has done a JA experience lesson, which she loved and I know she is excited about the prospect of auditioning, but as her Mum there are a few questions I'm sure more experienced people might be able to answer... There are 4 audition days in London as opposed to max 2 elsewhere - obviously this is because more will apply in London, but do they actually offer more classes in London so similar chance of getting in? Any idea how many apply for how many places? I know this shouldn't be important...! Are they really just looking for a certain body type/ potential body type, despite ability? If you get in, do they actually assess every year and could potentially assess you out for whatever reason? (what reason?!) I suppose I just want to know as a Mum the potential pitfalls so I can be prepared as much as possible if we're extremely lucky and she even gets offered a place and equally if she doesn't. Thanks for reading if you got to the end haha!
  9. Hi all, I'm new to this so please excuse me if I'm overlooking something. My daughter is only 6 but she is ballet obsessed and proving talented at it so we will be applying for junior associate schemes next year for when she turns 8. We can afford the junior associate schemes but my concern is we wouldn't be able to afford standard fees if she was lucky enough to progress into full time vocational training most likely at Elmhurst (if possible) and I'm confused about who's eligible for what funding. Our household income is relatively low at around £33k per year. Looking on websites Seems we'd be eligible for funding (I fully appreciate this is only if she was lucky enough to get through auditions) but I'm confused about bursarys and DaDa eligibility etc etc. I know my question is well advanced considering her age currently but she is wanting to do extra ballet lessons and start Pilates to build up further skill and strength in preparation. So I guess what I'm saying is is it worth us putting all the extra money and time Into her dancing with a view of a future in it if we arnt going to be able to afford vocational training in the future. Thank you for any help xx
  10. Hi Just wondered if there are any other parents on here that are about to start their child's new JA journey in Covent Garden in September? Would be lovely to know in advance!
  11. Hi Just wanted to know if anyone has knowledge of the chance of getting a place off swl - dd has swl for yr 6 London. I can't imagine places hardly ever become available which is fine, we are happy with swl and her current associates programme. But wondered if anyone knew realistically what the chances were. Thanks!
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