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Found 13 results

  1. My daughter recently auditioned for LJB based at Arts ED and got in. It is every Sunday and seems to be a great programme for children wanting to improve. Has anyone had experience of it?
  2. Can anyone tell me anything about these? My daughter is in junior foundation. I am wondering whether she is likely to be moved up a level (she needs a new leotard which I am reluctant to buy if it will only be for one term). Also, what do parents receive and do they get told straight after the assessments in a few weeks or are they made to wait until the end of the summer term? Thanks
  3. Hello everyone! Sorry, I keep asking similar things! What I really would like to know (from anyone with experience of both) is which is the better associate programme, LJB or YDA? DD is at one and we have been offered the other. I want to make sure we are making the right decision if we change. She is 10, auditioning for vocational school next year. Would any of you advise doing both? (I don't think this is an option financially, but wondered what thoughts you experienced parents may have). Thank you all in advance :-).
  4. Hello all Was just wondering if anybody who has experience of Associate classes at both LSB/LJB and Central could give me some insight into how they compare? Thank you in advance.
  5. my DS successfully auditioned for London Junior Ballet. In the paperwork that has followed he has a compulsory ballet lesson for 2 hours and then a 45 minute break and then repertoire starting in September. The repertoire class is optional but I was wondering if anyone knows if everyone does the class? As he is only 8 I was wondering if it was frowned open to start with the lesson and then follow with the repertoire class in the spring term. sorry if this doesn't make sense - I'm confusing myself! Thanks Con
  6. Hi all just looking at other associate programmes for my DD and wondering about London Junior Ballet as they have an audition date coming up in September. Has anyone got experience of their DCs auditioning - is it v difficult to get into?
  7. Can anyone tell me which teacher from the faculty teaches the Junior Foundation Classes at London Junior Ballet? Or perhaps they have different teachers on a rotation? Thanks
  8. My DD will be auditioning for LJB in September. We are new to the whole 'Associate' concept and this will be her first audition. Interested in hearing from others with more experience about what we should expect from the audition, whether LJB is a good junior programme and any others we should consider. We are London based do thinking Tring CBA, YDA and RBS JA would be worth looking at.
  9. Not sure if anyone else is here today but if you are good luck! The studios are amazing!!
  10. My 7yr old (just 7)DS's ballet teacher has recommended that he audition for this in September. I am totally new to this type of thing and wonder if anyone has any feedback on the audition process and London Junior ballet itself? We don't live in London so if by some miracle he is offered a place it will be a huge undertaking for the whole family. Thanks in advance Coniger
  11. Just wondered if London Junior and Senior Ballet will still be at ARTS in September as have noticed Stinson Stage Academy is moving there in September offering roughly the same classes?
  12. Does anyone know the difference between these two Saturday programmes and how they compare? How difficult are they to get in? I'm new to the ballet world but have a dance mad daughter. We did not apply for the RBS JA's as two ballet teachers said that my daughter wouldn't get in. Any comments gratefully received.
  13. Has anyone got experience of the LJb ....can anyone give advice on their audition.. what they are looking for, how many get accepted etc...thank you !
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