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  1. That’s exactly what I’ve been thinking, even go back 2 weeks early to go the 14 day isolation, easier for upper school I agree, especially those living independently, just isolate with house mates
  2. Yep, mantelpiece is the barre, rug rolled up and as we have a lounge/ diner, OH working at the dining table in the background whilst I work upstairs !
  3. She took the exam in Glasgow, yes she got a distinction which she is extremely happy about, thanks
  4. My dd did her adv 2 on 13/ 3 and her school called her with the result on Friday last week. HTH
  5. She did thank you, it was a couple of years ago now.
  6. My dd received the full senior scholarship and apart from having her photo taken on audition day and having to complete an email questionnaire about her ballet experience there was no extra expectation, in fact, I’m fairly sure it wasn’t mentioned during rehearsals at all.
  7. Yes it’s very frustrating my dd did not audition for any dada/ level 6 as we could not afford the rent/ living costs on top of the dada cost , apart from Elmhurst as she could have lived at home. re how you find out, everywhere dd looked at it was made clear on the website if it was degree funded via student finance. Or part funded as pictures says if a private institution and if you needed a levels/ BTEC or GCSE
  8. That’s incorrect my dd is at vocational school, started at 16 doing a BA ballet degree and has full degree funding via student finance, you do not need to be 18 they just need to be studying a degree that is recognised for student funding. Obviously not all upper schools offer a degree. HTH
  9. My dd hasn’t done summer school but did audition for full time, and we looked around liberty living, every few rooms share a kitchen and also it is right in the centre of Glasgow so plenty of places to eat.
  10. Annette Nicholson of Nicholson School of dance in Birmingham is an amazing teacher, ex brb dancer and is royal mid associates teacher, she does fortnightly associate classes on a Sunday from age 10, might be worth a look. I’m fairly sure she will also do a one off assessment of potential.
  11. We are doing the same, my husband is Irish, so my dd although born here is automatically an Irish citizen, we currently have the passports form completed just waiting to be witnessed and sent, we think this is all that is needed along with my husbands birth certificate and our marriage certificate, in this scenario for dd’s Irish passport. My dd has just finished 1st year of us, so not looking for jobs yet, but I have looked at some adverts and they say, entitled to work in the EU, I’m presuming after Brexit this won’t apply to British Citizens , but I’m not sure, presumably it will require some sort of visa, suspect this will form part of any withdrawal agreement.
  12. My dd also went to open days at Elmhurst and RCS, both in the autumn term and advertised on the school website, both of them you had to book a place. The Elmhurst one was called an experience day, we booked through Eventbrite it was £50 and was in the October. They got to take part in a class set up as a mock audition, parents got a school tour and a talk. RCS was also through event brite, was early November and you got a tour, to watch 3 classes and a tour of the accomadation. HTH
  13. I agree with every single word of this, my dd is 16 , studying a dance degree, living independently 400 miles away and loves every minute and couldn’t be happier, I ask her often if she wishes she was doing a levels and I get a resounding no in reply, even though this was very much on her radar. That does not mean I don’t question often if we have done the right thing in letting her go, I could never stop her trying to live her dream.
  14. I know of 2 non vocational offered 6.1 and both took up offers elsewhere
  15. My Dd's audition consisted of her taking part in one of the classes, before they started the formal auditions. However I think the audition runs like a normal class. I can tell you a class consists of barre work, then centre work, groups of 3 or 4 from the corner doing combinations of exercises and then in lines where the front line is rotated, this was the same for auditions for upper school. The class is very focused on technique . i doubt there is pointe work as the preliminary audition for upper school doesnt include pointe work.
  16. Malvern Ballet Seminars are excellent, running in the summer this year for the first time, normally just at Easter . @BadBallerina, I think you know my dd,( think we’ve had this discussion previously), she has been to the Easter one if you want to know more and has been taught by Olivia Pickford a lot.
  17. Hi My dd did 3 or 4 years in Elmhurst Ext ass, and finished last year in year 11 as she went to a vocational school. She loved the lessons and found them technically very useful. She had taken RAD adv 1 but I would say the general standard was intermediate. Most people auditioned for Elmhurst Upper School. HTH
  18. My dd is at a vocational school and a lot of them wear convertible tights, but roll them up to the ankle, never actually asked her why ?! Would you be able to do this ? Like this
  19. Dd will not wear theatrical pink as they are too pink ! She prefers Bloch and have to say she’s been at voc school since sept with I think around 6/7 pairs and I’ve miraculosly not been asked to buy any more yet !
  20. This is still the same, the chalets are all 1st years but they don’t accomdate them all, some 1st years live in the village. It’s all self catering etc
  21. Rcs is not boarding either, students have to find their own accomadation but their are strong links with liberty living student accomadation, but they are living independnatly and not on site.
  22. My dd applied to RCS, from memory her personal statement included, dance experience, styles, exams taken, ass courses, summer/ Easter courses, eyb experience, nyb experience, her dance ambitions and why she wanted to join rcs. She has just started at Ballet west so happy to answer questions about that.
  23. My dd was an Elmhurst Extended young dancer and did the audition day, it was even the teacher she normally has and she still found it useful. They explained about numbers and how you would be placed at the barre, then each exercise was ran through and the teacher explained what they would be looking for and how they would be expected to stand and where etc. They did explain it may not be exactly the same exercises on the day but dd said it was more or less. Dd saw it also as an extra opportunity to be seen, show your interest etc, but I doubt it would effect your chances of a place. Dd knows a girl who got a place and did not attend hth
  24. So sorry to hear about your son, I’ve signed, verified and shared on Facebook xx
  25. Yes it’s approx 10 mins from new street to Elmhurst although if around rush around would take a bit longer as it’s a main commuter road into and out of Birmingham and again a 10 minute taxi back into the Crescent.
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