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  1. I am 19 years old and have always wanted to go into professional training however financial reasons meant that I was unable to follow that path. If I am to pursue a career in ballet, I will have to pay for my own training. After doing my A levels, I was hoping to start a BA honours degree in ballet&contemporary as I was able to get a student loan and support myself to do this. Unfortunately just before my auditions were coming up, I fell ill with glandular fever and an enlarged spleen. I was devastated that I had to wait a year to reapply. Lockdown has made me realise even more just how much I am dedicated towards a dance performance path. I reapplied for places although was minimal with my choices due to the high cost of audition fees (on paper I do not apply for a bursary as it goes by household income, although I am not getting help from my parents). I was rejected after my first stage audition for central school of ballet and was recently rejected from my second stage audition at Rambert. I am absolutely devastated and feel as if my future is ruined and there is nothing left for me. I am worried as I am 19 that I am getting too old to be accepted for full time training. Due to lack of money and opportunities/experience I feel as if no place will give me a chance as they select those who have already had good training and opportunities. I am extremely passionate, dedicated and hard-working and there is nothing I love more than ballet; I have so much more potential to give but just somewhere to give me an opportunity. I really am hoping to start somewhere in September whether it’s a 1 year diploma/foundation course or a 3 year BA degree (as long as it can be funded by a student loan). I have emailed some places such as Trinity Laban although I have already missed the deadlines and am worried they won’t accept late auditions. I have also come across the European school of dance in London which offers both 1 year and 3 year courses but have never heard of this place before. I would appreciate it so so much if anybody had any advice for me. thank you .
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