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  1. Hi Shauna, definitely try The Brighton Academy, my dd is currently in 3rd year of a BA ballet, the teachers and principals are all great, friendly and approachable and there are definitely students on the course who are 19/20. As others have said it’s degree funded by student finance. I’m sure if you call them or email they will give you more information.
  2. My dd graduates this year and unlike some has an idea of what she wants to do if she cannot get a dance job, she has a passion for history and it came down to the wire whether it was dance or history and chose dance as it’s more age/ time constrictive. I’m sure she would happily now do a history degree but has no a levels and has already used her degree funding. She will be qualified as a RAD teacher this summer so that is something . She wants to do contemporary rather than ballet but don’t think that path is any easier
  3. Has you DD tried The Brighton Acadamy, not many of heard of them as more musical Theatre/ performing Arts, but they have started a BA in ballet, my dd is in 3rd year and is very impressed with the quality of the teachers and teaching and she has been on most summer courses/ intensives and been taught previously by ex Birmingham Royal Ballet and Royal Ballet teachers. If not might be worth a look. They also do contemporary and jazz.
  4. My dd also graduates this year, her school however are looking at the possibility of a 4th year due to lack of practical training as an option. She is also fortunate to have an Irish passport as her Dad is Irish and we applied last year, it came fairly quickly. I'm also encouraging her to look at MA's, encouraging her interest in photography and she will qualify as a RAD teacher this summer, think its a case of exploring all income streams possible and all options out there, but its so hard. We have had lots of "what's the point " conversations. Can see us funding her in some way for at
  5. I don't seem to be able to post a link, but its theBrightonAcademy.com, site is black background with purple/ blue logo, also known as TBA, let me know if you still can't find it.
  6. My dd is in 3rd year at The Brighton Academy having transferred from another school as mentioned below, she is doing the BA Ballet degree which has full student funding. The teachers are amazing ex royal ballet, Matthew Bourne etc, and its a small and very friendly and welcoming school. Whilst ballet is the main focus they do contemporary and jazz and the school also has great contacts and patrons. They are taking into 1st year in Sept 21.
  7. That’s exactly what I’ve been thinking, even go back 2 weeks early to go the 14 day isolation, easier for upper school I agree, especially those living independently, just isolate with house mates
  8. Yep, mantelpiece is the barre, rug rolled up and as we have a lounge/ diner, OH working at the dining table in the background whilst I work upstairs !
  9. She took the exam in Glasgow, yes she got a distinction which she is extremely happy about, thanks
  10. My dd did her adv 2 on 13/ 3 and her school called her with the result on Friday last week. HTH
  11. She did thank you, it was a couple of years ago now.
  12. My dd received the full senior scholarship and apart from having her photo taken on audition day and having to complete an email questionnaire about her ballet experience there was no extra expectation, in fact, I’m fairly sure it wasn’t mentioned during rehearsals at all.
  13. Yes it’s very frustrating my dd did not audition for any dada/ level 6 as we could not afford the rent/ living costs on top of the dada cost , apart from Elmhurst as she could have lived at home. re how you find out, everywhere dd looked at it was made clear on the website if it was degree funded via student finance. Or part funded as pictures says if a private institution and if you needed a levels/ BTEC or GCSE
  14. That’s incorrect my dd is at vocational school, started at 16 doing a BA ballet degree and has full degree funding via student finance, you do not need to be 18 they just need to be studying a degree that is recognised for student funding. Obviously not all upper schools offer a degree. HTH
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