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  1. I remember buying full size copies of RB promo posters for their rep at the old ROH shop for the bargain price of £3 - It wasn’t so long ago really (less than 10 years ago - - DD had a fabulous Nutcracker one on her bedroom door for years!) What a pity they have stopped doing those!
  2. I believe Laine do classes and courses for children in a range of styles.
  3. Many thanks to everyone for your really helpful replies - hopefully we can get stup 1 completed before the audition process gets fully underway! We really do appreciate people taking the time to share their experiences and insights - I truly am clueless and not just about ballet! 😉
  4. Many thanks Ruth that is really very helpful advice! I wonder if ‘citizenship pending’ would be something that she could put on her applications - the criteria is pretty straightforward so no issue of being rejected but the timescale looks very tight!
  5. Thank you Alison for your welcome and your experience. Yes, please no politics - I don’t want to cause controversy with my first post! 😉
  6. Following a discussion on a currently hidden thread about the possible impact of Brexit on job opportunities, I was wondering if anyone has any insight, opinion or experience on the merits of dual citizenship? My dd, about to enter her graduate year, is entitled to claim Irish citizenship. This is a fairly long and not inexpensive process, but in the current climate, especially with the delays and uncertainties surrounding Brexit, would it be worth exploring? I would be especially interested to hear from people who have been through the company audition process this year. Thank you in advance to anyone able to comment, whether that be on here or via direct message. I understand it might be an impossible question to answer!
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