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Found 3 results

  1. So geesh, apparently I have followed enough studios that Instagram spams me with ballet posts. But here is what I just cannot believe… I see so many school posts where the entire student body has extreme hyper extension. We are talking 8 and 9 year olds whose feet are 10cm off the floor when sitting with their legs straight and extended. Same with turnout. The entire class of little ones has 180 degree turnout….and demonstrates it with absolutely no effort. I know ‘Instagram vs Reality,’ but are there really schools that are this selective? I always thought extreme hyper extension and full turnout were quite rare. And if this really is a genetic gift, it seems quite improper to highlight these children while peddling stretches that claim to deliver the same results. Ha! If I am confused, I’m never letting my little dancer on Instagram to get ballet spam. I cannot think of a quicker way to disenfranchise her love of ballet.
  2. I had intended to get this up straightaway once the new anti-coronavirus measures were announced, but life has got in the way. Thank you to everyone else who has posted relevant material in the meantime. We knew it was inevitable that more stringent measures would have to be taken, so with no live theatre, concerts, plays, and dance for the foreseeable future, what can we do, arts-wise, to help us pass the next few months? We already have a thread going on online streaming in the opera and classical music world here:
  3. Stella Abrera's Instagram alerted me to this account https://instagram.com/albertcoblegit?igshid=upuhrx1kdf6r Former Royal Ballet principal Albert Cob is making a comeback, and documenting it https://instagram.com/dyingswanseries?igshid=5yku4wdsakym Fun 😂
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