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  1. Thinking back, it might be that it was some sort of special school bursary but only available to someone in that borough, but I don’t think it was. I think it was a council thing. Pupil definitely did not apply to any of the main dance schools.
  2. I know of someone who was funded by their council - Hammersmith and Fulham, I think - for a lower school place. It was for Arts Ed, Chiswick, so not one of the main schools and no government funding, I think. This was quite a few years ago. There was only one piece of funding available - and it wasn’t just for dance - maybe it was for any type of specialist education - so there was stiff competition and stringent eligibility criteria. I don’t know if funding was available for just that school or if such a scheme still exists. Nor do I know if it was fully funded or topped up with other bursaries etc.
  3. It has already created problems for those I know auditioning this year, because (some?) auditions have been cancelled this spring. So that means whenever things get back to normal-ish again, there could be two years’ worth of dancers looking for jobs.
  4. In case some might not know, there is a large set of watchable archive programmes here. You can use the menu to sort by Collections. There are some very interesting programmes. https://www.bbc.co.uk/archive
  5. Cancellations in TV. Filming of EastEnders, Casualty, Holby City and Doctors has ceased. Broadcast episodes now decrease from four to two days a week using footage already filmed. That will leave considerable gaps in the schedules, especially if added to the televised sport that is no longer going ahead.
  6. The change regarding the BBC licence fee for the over-75s has been suspended for a while. A small plus there. (I do not work for the BBC.)
  7. Just the political issues relating to it or the medical aspects of it on some parts of the forum, I think.
  8. This may help. 1923 to 2009 Radio Times listings with fairly comprehensive details about the programme. https://genome.ch.bbc.co.uk/
  9. In addition, community and amateur arts organisations are closing. My local community choir shut down yesterday, along with its twin choir nearby, and our concert cancelled. Community groups can restart later, but our choirmaster is a professional musician paid by the choirs he teaches.
  10. We have been asked several times not to talk about the political and medical aspects of Coronavirus. Those of us living directly with the effects and life-threatening knock-on side-effects of it, who know some actual verified facts, will beg to differ on whether it is “collective hysteria” or a “whimper of victimhood”. I could say much, much more, but we have ALL been requested not to talk about this on this ballet forum.
  11. Possibly not as simple as it sounds. The BBC doesn’t necessarily own the programmes it holds in its archives, or have the rights to show them.
  12. The Stage is listing minute-by-minute updates over theatres, cancellations of shows, procedures they are putting in place for staff and theatregoers, etc. At the moment the West End stays open. https://www.thestage.co.uk/features/promoted/2020/coronavirus-breaking-news-and-live-updates-as-the-theatre-industry-responds/
  13. Some TV shows have cancelled their live studio audiences. The Jeremy Vine Show in the U.K. and several in the US.
  14. My DD’s company abroad has cancelled all performances, the theatre is closed, and its tours have been cancelled/postponed. As a relatively large company, it’s probably financially better protected than many, but I know of dancers elsewhere being sent home. Mine is hanging in there for now, waiting for news.
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