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  1. How are we all doing? One week down 🤣
  2. If you’ve only had one view are you out of the game? 😪
  3. Yes we’ve had views now. So the analysing starts 😂😂😂😂Pink and White is it worth emailing to check? I was hoping they would all be viewed by now to get results out but I suppose they didn’t say when in June. It could be late June x
  4. Anybody else trying to work out 2nd views, 1 view, which video, how long? 😂 Not long until June x
  5. My niece is a JEP and she said there’s around 14 people on zoom I just assumed they were from her centre alone not sure if they’re from the other centres too.
  6. I think the JEP students would form a class of new Year 5 on their own. It would be odd for them to be selected for that programme, train for a year and then say no to them.
  7. We’re Birmingham Year 5. Hopefully next week for us then.
  8. Still no views for us...trying not to worry about it. Discounted by photos?
  9. So, what do we think, mid June for results? Anybody still waiting for views?
  10. How have people heard about in person auditions from teachers? Do RBS send out correspondence to the dance schools we put down on the application?
  11. My stomach went over when I saw April. It would be great to know either way by then. I just wish there was feedback from auditions as my dd decided to do it again but I’ve got no idea why they would choose her this year when they didn’t last time. What if it was based on her body type??? She can’t change that??? Oh well it will make her resilient if nothing else!
  12. Does anybody know when the results might be out? I wouldn’t have thought a week would knock that out. I wonder whether some children might be called to audition in May????
  13. Didn’t somebody on here say it was video audition only?
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