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  1. Thank you all. I’m going to take your advice and literally just work on the turn out. Keep it to what we know and keep it simple and like you said @Pups_mumeach adjudicator will see it differently. Yes @valentina she is only grade 1. Feel like I know what I’m doing now. Thank you x
  2. I’m totally confused now... there are so many different versions now I’m not sure what to tell my daughter. I suppose it will be subjective to each adjudicator as to whether she’s doing it right?!
  3. Hello All, thank you so much for replying and trying to help me with this step. Just to clarify I wasn’t asked by the teacher to practise this...sorry I didn’t make myself clear. We were given some feedback from a festival a few months ago and it asked us to work on turn out in the polka step so I’m trying to help my daughter out as once they learn the dance there isn’t a lot of time to return to it during dance sessions. Funnily enough the above video of the lady is the video we’ve used to try and improve the step. It’s just so hard to combine rhythm, turn out and to actually get the step right!
  4. Thank you Valentina. I’ll break that down for her. You’re right, she’s got the rhythm and the ‘lightness’ of step but i know as soon as I start going on about turn out she’ll lose that. It’s a fine balance! Thank you again x
  5. Thank you so much for your comments. Due to circumstances I don’t get to see the ballet teacher as I often pick up late. I’ve looked for polka online before but I can’t find good examples. Thank you Dr Dance for the description that’s really helpful. I’m not a dancer so I’m going to google some of the terminology! If anyone can recommend a good video or any other advice I would be very thankful.
  6. Hi Everyone, I've been asked to work on turn out in a ballet polka step and, although I've scoured the internet, I can't find any good examples to show my child. Can anyone help with any tips or suggested photos? Many thanks, Isabella x
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