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  1. He played Eric Fenby in Delius, A Song of Summer not Percy Grainger. Fenby was the amanuensis of Delius in his last years. I can still remember watching this even after so many years. I also saw him as Ferdinand in The Tempest at Stratford. The only time I ever saw him dance was some time after he left the Royal Ballet when he returned to partner Lynn Seymour in the final Pas de deux from The Two Pigeons at a gala. Seeing them together in that is one of those moments I shall never forget.
  2. I agree Two Pigeons that I also would have expected the first cast to be on on the Saturday evening. Like you I also have two performances booked with the Parma/Maslen cast and would like to have seen both casts. As I’m having to travel to B’ham for the Saturday evening I may book for the matinee to see the other cast.
  3. The casting is now on BRB’s website for the triple bill in B’ham and Hobson’s Choice In B’ham and London. https://www.brb.org.uk/whats-on/event/unleashed https://www.brb.org.uk/whats-on/event/hobsons-choice Only two casts for Hobson’s - Samara Downs with Lachlan Monaghan and Beatrice Parma with Max Maslen.
  4. Choreographer Kate Prince, artistic director of ZooNation, has been made an MBE for services to dance.
  5. They do have all their cast sheets on the website going back to March 2017. You need to find search and type in Cast Sheets to get at them. At least, I haven’t found a better way so far. Also the Birmingham Hippodrome Archive has a list of programmes in their collection which goes back to when the company was SWRB but this only seems to be a selection and not complete. Also they don’t always list which ballets were performed and no casts. https://birminghamhippodromeheritage.com/?s=Birmingham+Royal+ballet&format=Programme
  6. Not performance related but Jersey Post Office has released a set of stamps to commemorate Fonteyn’s 100th birth anniversary. https://www.jerseystamps.com/en/Shop/Detail?c=1906&r=%2F
  7. I think Miss Novikova actually said “premiere run” as, if you look on the Bolshoi website this was actually the last performance in the run and the premiere was on 20th November last year. I found it interesting and I liked the women’s costumes but missed the bustle of the fair and the individual characters you get in the Fokine version and why were men in fur coats being dragged across the floor to the music when the bear comes on? I think seeing this just emphasises how clever Diaghilev was at combining all the elements of a ballet to form a complete whole. Parts of this worked and parts didn’t for me. I was interested to see it and although I wouldn’t avoid seeing it again I wouldn’t be seeking it out either.
  8. There’s the option at the top of the page to change the language to English. Apologies, I’ve just realised that that only takes you to the 2018/19 lists.
  9. If you haven’t ready booked for it, or are a V & A member, it’s now completely sold out so you won’t be able to. It’s already been extended from July to September and that has sold out as well.
  10. Thanks for this Sophoife, I’m amazed to find that this is being broadcast from my nearest cinema in Newtown.
  11. I also have wondered that over the years. I remember first spotting her when she won the silver medal in the Genee competition when it was held in Birmingham (this was the year in which Joe Caley and Alex Campbell won bronze medals). I thought then what a beautiful quality her dancing had, very understated but more impressive to me than the showy dancing of some of the other candidates. I have always been disappointed that she just disappeared into the ranks with just the occasional featured role.
  12. I don’t normally watch this but it got left on last night and had Wayne Sleep and companions visiting Buenos Aires. There was quite a lot about tango dancing but of more interest a short section where Wayne Sleep visited the Opera House and watched part of a rehearsal of a pas de deux from The Merry Widow and told of how he never performed on the stage there when the Royal Ballet were supposed to have visited in the 1970’s. He finally got to stand on the stage and dance a few steps. Worth a watch to see the interior of the Opera House and the small amount of ballet. Available on iPlayer.
  13. “Have any dancers ever alternated these roles?” Yes LinMM Margaret Barbieri, who danced the Gipsy Girl at her graduation performance, alternated in both roles in the 1970’s or 1980’s with SWRB. Fantastic she was in both roles as well. There may have been others but none that I can remember.
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