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  1. As has second cast Dancer: Sarah Lamb Dancer: Mayara Magri Dancer: Meaghan Grace Hinkis Dancer: Anna Rose O'Sullivan Dancer: Tierney Heap Dancer: Marcelino Sambé Dancer: Nicol Edmonds Dancer: Reece Clarke Dancer: Benjamin Ella Dancer: James Hay
  2. Brandon Lawrence? I know it doesn’t qualify for this year’s awards but his performance as Albrecht in Giselle is one of the best I’ve seen, along with Celine Gittens, but of course he didn’t perform it in London and the critics very rarely bother to travel out of London so it won’t be considered in next years awards either. As already stated these awards would mean far more if they were nominated and voted for by the public.
  3. At the matinee yesterday a woman sitting in the row in front of me in the Amphitheatre was looking at her phone all through Kaneko’s solo in the first act. Luckily it wasn’t too bright, although still distracting, but I did wonder why she had come to the performance.
  4. The dancers down for Dr Coppelius are now Gary Avis, Bennet Gartside, Philip Mosley and Thomas Whitehead apart from the first performance, which is a school’s matinee, when Jonathan Howells is still listed.
  5. The casting for BRB’s Nutcracker at the Birmingham Hippodrome is now out. So far only the casts for the Sugar Plum Fairy, Prince and Clara have been announced. https://www.brb.org.uk/whats-on/event/nutcracker-2019
  6. Five tickets have appeared for the 9pm performance on Thursday 10 October of the Cross Currents triple in the Linbury.
  7. Roberta Sue Ficker became Suzanne Farrell. Also Hilda Munnings who became Lydia Sokolova. An English dancer who lived at at a time when only Russian names were acceptable in ballet, although I think with that name she would have changed it anyway.
  8. Well I was straight on to that bill when booking opened at 9 and there was still a Buy button by the earlier performance on the Friday but when I clicked on it it came up with no tickets available. The other performances were already showing Sold Out.
  9. Opera magazine? Quite small in size, used to be available at the ROH but I don’t think they sell magazines any more. I have seen it at some branches of WH Smith. Don’t know if they do personal ads though.
  10. Also at Birmingham Hippodrome in November, which I’ve also booked for.
  11. I found the following cast sheet and synopsis on the Empire Cinemas website. It was obviously supplied for the screening so why the cinemas could’t have printed them off I don’t know. https://www.empirecinemas.co.uk/_uploads/media/1862_The Northern Ballet - Victoria Handout.pdf
  12. He played Eric Fenby in Delius, A Song of Summer not Percy Grainger. Fenby was the amanuensis of Delius in his last years. I can still remember watching this even after so many years. I also saw him as Ferdinand in The Tempest at Stratford. The only time I ever saw him dance was some time after he left the Royal Ballet when he returned to partner Lynn Seymour in the final Pas de deux from The Two Pigeons at a gala. Seeing them together in that is one of those moments I shall never forget.
  13. I agree Two Pigeons that I also would have expected the first cast to be on on the Saturday evening. Like you I also have two performances booked with the Parma/Maslen cast and would like to have seen both casts. As I’m having to travel to B’ham for the Saturday evening I may book for the matinee to see the other cast.
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