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  1. I am happy to have survived to it (live in Hamburg), somehow. ๐Ÿ™‚ I am sorry for Aleix Martinez, a great Artist, IMO, but NEVER again thanks .
  2. Thank you. Everything apparently still ok in my neighborhood.
  3. "Stay positive with us!" ...I'd rather not! ๐Ÿ˜ I am not sure if it's meant to be ironic or it's just an odd choice of words...
  4. Coronavirus update: Following government advice, all Sadlerโ€™s Wells performances have been cancelled for a period of up to 12 weeks, effective 16 March 2020. Read more
  5. Dancers and staff have the right to protect their health too. Naples Teatro di San Carlo launched #stageathome and will stream some archive performances https://www.teatrosancarlo.it/it/pages/stage-at-home.html
  6. La Scala dancers at home ๐Ÿ˜Šhttps://www.facebook.com/1617128171/posts/10219497139851941/
  7. 83 more in UK since yesterday... Enjoy your shows tonight but also the Italian numbers. I am not try to scare you, I care of you. (The global positives are in the secon last column.) https://github.com/pcm-dpc/COVID-19/blob/master/dati-andamento-nazionale/dpc-covid19-ita-andamento-nazionale.csv
  8. Lombardy has a very efficient health care system, but of the usual 900 intensive care unit beds, 466 as today are occupied by Covid-19 patients only. More have been put in place but if the number of critical patients increases they would not be enough for Covid-19 patients and all the others requiring this kind of assistance. The whole Italy has around 5000 beds and at the moment 877 patients: if other regions will reach the number of patients of Lombardy, the system would collapse. This is the reason why Germany and France are already closing their theatres.
  9. I think that Italian experience (and maybe mistakes) should be treasured. I am surprised by the reports from UK. Not by the numbers, but by the way the positive patients are spread all around the Country: this is a respiratory virus, it travels from person to person. All the other countries have one or two points of origin and then a diffusion. The increase is exponential. I hope the results are real and reflects the actual diffusion of the virus in UK, but honestly I feel safer at home here in Milan than in theatre in any part of Europe. I hope my fear is unjustified, but stay safe, friends ๐Ÿ™‚
  10. Public buildings (post offices, outpatient ambulatory services, administrative offices etc) are not closed, only schools/universities and "cultural" ones.
  11. It's a new virus, so still under investigation (of course everything is always under investigation, but here all the data are new and more needed). We don't have a vaccine (in Italy flu vaccine is recommended and given for free to risk categories, as people older than 65). We don't know if we already have antiviral drugs effective on this virus: attempts are made, but as part of an emergency situation. For these reasons it better to not spread it, as often happens with normal flu when some "heros" go to the office feeling unwell because in their absence the world could collapse...and the week after, half of the other employees are at home ill. Currently it seems that 80% of people get rid of the virus without symptoms or very mild ones, 15% need medical aid (maybe also hospitalization), 5% need intensive care unit and of this 2-3% can die, mainly elder people with co morbidities that usually are protected from normal flu by vaccination (in some cases more investigations have to be done to identify the actual primary cause of death); pulmonary complications in people younger than 65 (not pediatric) are rare but more frequent than with normal flu (primary viral pneumonia, not secondary bacterial pneumonia as with flu). At the moment 11 small cities/villages, in Lombardy and Veneto, are quarantined; in Milan places where people stay in close contacts for a long time, as theatres or stadiums or museums, are closed and reopening is under discussion (the Duomo is planned to reopen on Monday), schools and universities were closed this week (it is half a week for schools, having Carnival holidays: in Milan carnival ends today, we are peculiar...Ambrosian rite) at probably also the next week, bars had to close at 6 PM, now they can stay open but only with service at the table (people cannot gather at the bar), public transport, shops and restaurants are open as usual. It's interesting to know that a member of La Scala chorus fell ill on February 13th, having sung in Il Trovatore on the 12th: he isolated himself also from his family, staying at home in his room, thinking to have a normal flu he didn't want to spread. He resulted positive to Coronavirus several days after his voluntary isolation: this means he fell ill before Italian patient 1 and until yesterday nobody else in La Scala has been reported to be positive (this after the 14 days considered the maximum time of incubation). I have the feeling that many people around the world have already had Coronovirus infection without knowing or confusing it with seasonal flu....time will say.
  12. In the whole Milan district (more than 3 million people) there are at the moment 15 (fifteen) POSITIVE (so not necessarily ill) subjects. Italy did more than 10.000 tests (when Germany barely was at 1000) and most of the positives are totally asymptomatic (in the most impacted areas probably they are testing also cats and dogs). All the deads were having important comorbidities and were mainly over 80, so an extremely fragile population. A lady was tested post mortem, occurred for myocardial infarction, because she presented also pneumonia: she resulted positive and added to the count (maybe they will review all the cases at the end of the epidemic). I wonder if this is happening in every country. Here below a map updated quite frequently. Btw, I am well ๐Ÿ˜„ https://www.repubblica.it/cronaca/2020/02/22/news/coronavirus_in_italia_aggiornamento_ora_per_ora-249241616/
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