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  1. Bruce, maybe I misunderstand your post, anyway Carla Fracci's 80th birthday happily occurred back in 2016 (the messages are from that year). She would have been 85 this year.
  2. and viceversa... :-( let's hope things could improve in one month time, let's hope things will improve in general...
  3. for those who are starting mssing her, Alina Cojocaru will dance Giselle opposite Timofej Andrijashenko (Teatro alla Scala) in Palermo (Sicily) on the 29th and 30th of July. The event is part of the summer season of the teatro massimo, held in the open air Teatro di Verdura. Tickets on sale (as single seat, double or triple in order to keep social distancing) from today on Ticketone (with an amzing top price of 30 euros!) https://www.ticketone.it/en/city/palermo-223/teatro-58/balletto-classico-e-moderno-1070/ The theatre Summer season inludes also a ballet gala (Italian dancers for paris Opera) on the 1st of August, and alos operas and concets in vaious dates Who is coming? πŸ˜‰
  4. yes, I wrote "for me" because I went to Hamburg for the fist time in 2009. Another dancer of the previous glorious time that I love is Lloyd Riggins: every moment he is still spending on stage is a gem, to me. I think the company has slightly improved from a recent period when Jung, Revazov, Trusch and the previous version of Evans were dancing almost everything. I am sure you are delighted as I was πŸ˜‚ to know that Jung was recently on stage with Alessandra Ferri, so he is still around. Cojocaru may be the only light, but, even if she is always a pleasure to watch, not always Neumeier gives her the chance to really shine as she can (or as I know I can expect from her). I am not sure that the splendid Die Glassmanagerie he created for her and with her is enough for me to forgive him for some obnoxious casting ...😫 If I remember well, you didn't see Die Glassmanagerie in the previous run: If you can, do not miss it this year!
  5. Just a curiosity for most of us, I am afraid (considering the ticket selling strategy and pricing), anyway here the link to the program of the double Nijinsky Gala in Hamburg, on June 25th: https://www.hamburgballett.de/en/news/nijinsky_gala_2021.php to be noted that Alina Cojocaru should dance excerpt from The Glass Managerie and I think this should be her return on stage, after the many things that happened to all of us and her espscially (the birth of her second daughter πŸ™‚ ) since the 23rd of February 2020... Other guests, including the lovely Ida Praetorius, are coming from the Royal Danish Ballet.
  6. A rich season, but with very few shows for each ballet: it seems there are 3 casts rehearsing for Sylvia and just 4 shows in September (3 more the next year), only 3 shows for Winter's Tale... I wonder if dancers will have have enough space to try different things. I'd love to see Riabko more on stage, but also some younger are interesting: Bellussi, Evans (3 years ago I would have never expected to inlcude his name in my list), Frola, Martinez, Paquet...I heard good things about the new Kilpinen and I hope Azatyan will be still in the company and in good health! Among the women, Azzoni has now a different role, but she is still the artistic top for me; I hope to see againg Heylmann fireworks of enthusiasm and among the young, I'd love to see if Larzelere will confirm herself; not very young but I had very good reports about Yun-Su Park. And Cojocaru 😍, of course (but not at any "cast-cost"). So, not a Golden Age, as I was writing in the other post, but a company that seems to have ist quality on the rise again. Still some Neumeier's casting strategies are very very far from my taste, so at the moment the only thing I am really looking forward with full confidence to not come out with a post show gastritis is Die Glassmanagerie first cast πŸ˜„
  7. oooohhhh, I miss so much Thiago Bordin!!! Wonderful artist and lovely person. He and Riabko were for me the Golden Age of the company, what a personal tragedy I had when he moved to The Netherlands. πŸ™‚ I saw him dancing Midsummer Night's Dream with Bouchet and Cojocaru (yes, it was exactly 10 years ago february 28th 2011, Alina made her debut -her first Neumeier full lenght- the year before in Copnehagen with Royal Danish Ballet): a marvelous Theseus/Oberon, but I rememember also his Armand and Othello, and he still is my favourite Lensky (sure you have seen many other great ones in this role πŸ™‚ ).
  8. As requested by Beppe Sala, Mayor of Milan, the "Carla Fracci" tram is ready https://www.milanotoday.it/attualita/il-tram-di-milano-che-ricorda-carla-fracci.html
  9. Carla Fracci was a constant presence and leaves now a huge void in Italian culture and art. Italian television (RAI1) is broadcasting right now live her funeral. Here below a video of ATM (Azienta Traporti Milanese) paying respect opposite La Scala Theatre, yesterday, during the wake. Her father was a tram driver and she was proud of it. The Major asked to have a total white tram dedicated to this great daughter of Milan. https://www.milanotoday.it/video/carla-fracci-tram.html
  10. Cojocaru was promoted in 2001, not yet 20, and left in 2013 at 32... more than 12 years (and in the prime) seem quite a lot in dancer career: I would not compare Cojocaru's departure to the Polunin badly managed temper tantrums of January 2012.
  11. Great to have the Ballett-Tage back, even if I suspect it will not be easy to have tickets (I suppose the theatre capacity will be reduced)...and the prices raised horribly (up to 232 euros for the Nijinsky Galas!). In addition, even if I was lucky to have my second dose of vaccine a couple of weeks ago, I don't know if it's possible to travel to Germany in June from abroad without quarantine? Is it? A pity to not have Midsummer Night's Dream DVD with Cojocaru, especially because the clip on Hamburg website seems excellent and, being wise, they could have recorded a full Cojocaru-Evans performance. @Angela, have you seen her in this ballet or you were hoping it "on trust" πŸ™‚ ? She is obviously excellent as Hippolyta, but I especially enjoy her surprising Titania: a casting against Alina's most common types and peculiar movements that she makes her own in an outstanding way (she is truly fearless!). I've never seen Anna Laudere in this and I would expect her to be a good Titania...isn't she maybe a little too tall for the choreography? IMO Edvin Revazov is (was?) a better Oberon than Christopher Evans, on the other hand, Evans is much better as Theseus and his stage presence was finally improving a lot and in a very promising way before the theatres closure. I'd have loved to have Sascha Ryabko, but anyway great to have Karen Azatyan as Demetrius: he was retiring due to injury...in his case maybe the pandemic helped a recovery! He is a good contrast to Jacopo Bellussi poetry as Lysander. I've been spoiled by artist as Alban Lendorf and Sascha Ryabko and definitely I cannot buy Alexander Trusch as Philostrat/Puck... (I am afraid probably I would skip him in everything, but here I definitely found him at the same time annoying and insipid:...but who knows? maybe he has improved from September 2019...) I hope i'll be able to travel again to Hamburg soon...
  12. I am happy to have survived to it (live in Hamburg), somehow. πŸ™‚ I am sorry for Aleix Martinez, a great Artist, IMO, but NEVER again thanks .
  13. Thank you. Everything apparently still ok in my neighborhood.
  14. "Stay positive with us!" ...I'd rather not! 😁 I am not sure if it's meant to be ironic or it's just an odd choice of words...
  15. Coronavirus update: Following government advice, all Sadler’s Wells performances have been cancelled for a period of up to 12 weeks, effective 16 March 2020. Read more
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