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Found 5 results

  1. Hi everyone I am a mature adult working on my ISTS intermediate ballet during lockdown! I have various health issues and my teacher has been so supportive and helpful during this difficult time. She’s working so hard I wanted to get her a gift but something special. I don’t know too much about her personal life so it’s a bit difficult. Most ideas online seem to be for kids to give their teachers so I thought I would ask you guys for your help. Much appreciated xx
  2. My mum has been making stunning ballet skirts for my 15 year old daughter to support her training, and now has her own web page as they are so popular with her friends. They are the most beautiful fabrics and things of beauty, and she is making new ones all the time! Please visit her page as they would make lovely Christmas gifts for any dancer. www.patsballetskirts.co.uk or etsy.com PatsBalletSkirts Thank you!
  3. I just happened to be ordering a new leotard - DD version of an Easter egg! Firstly - I found Sansha UK have big sales and over 150 items for £2 including jazz trainers clothes etc... time to get some early presents at those prices! Secondly as dd starts performing arts school in sept - any recommended items as must haves??? In addition to basic uniform..
  4. Hellloooo! Can anyone help? Just decorating DS's bedroom and he'd like a big print of a male ballet star. I know of Carlos Acosta, Sergei Polunin and Steven McCrae but I'm struggling to find one in print. whatever happened to that poster shop, Athena in the 1980's???? 😂😂😂😂 xxx
  5. Christmas. Sorry to start so early, but DD has her birthday 4 days before Christmas, and then I have to buy presents on behalf of relations that have no clue what to get her, so I end up needing four or five times as many ideas as I can reasonably think of if I leave it till December. DD will be 11 this year. She recently moved from a very laid-back dance school to a much keener one and is now doing 8 classes a week minimum, because she needs to catch up. She is absolutely loving it (rather more than I am loving spending my life driving her about tbh, but I'm making a lot of progress with my crochet which is one present sorted at least). She needs more uniform, as it's constantly in the wash, but that's hardly a present, is it? There are, of course, lots of "little girl" dance-related things I could buy her: gimmicky stuff - but she's not a little girl any more and she hates pink. What can I get for her that will be genuinely useful or nice to have at this stage? Any online shops good for this sort of thing?
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