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  1. Well, from their initial posts about leaving, there is no comment about a sabbatical.
  2. I can tell you that that this was not the agreement at all.
  3. The inaugaural season of ‘Zurich Dance Theater’ has finally arrived. Interesting about the new joiners, Ksenia joins as one of many female principals and Jonah Cook only as a Solo.
  4. @alison and Stevie, If you have all your files on your computer I think the best option and simplest option is to buy a cheap device to stream your files to your TV. Like chromecast for £35 or Apple TV. (There are lots of options just google stream to TV) all you you need is a tv with a hdmi cable (no need to retune your channels) and a WiFi network. its a very small device that you can put in and take out easily without any need for retuning or messing your tv up. You can also stream YouTube, and lots of other video streams from the internet to your TV. if you have any technical questions you can PM me.
  5. Works with Apple TV so can stream direct on TV or Beamer, with 14 day free trial too. I have freed myself a weekend next month to having a ballet-binge
  6. It seems the etymology is more usually from the German ‘Meister’ predating the UK or US terms. the roles of this person can be found in the wiki page too. From Wikipedia :https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Concertmaster The concertmaster (from the GermanKonzertmeister) in the U.S. and Canada is the leader of the first violin section in an orchestra (or clarinet in a concert band) and the instrument-playing leader of the orchestra. After the conductor, the concertmaster is the second-most significant leader in an orchestra, symphonic band or other musical ensemble. Another common term in the U.S. is "First Chair." In the U.K., Australia and elsewhere in the English-speaking world, the term commonly used is "leader."
  7. Boston Ballet have announced they will tour their new William Forsythe world premiere that builds on the ENB premiere (playlist tracks 1,2) called Playlist (EP) along with Forsythe’s Pas/Parts and Kylian’s Wings of Wax in Paris April 9-11th. They will be performing at the Theater Champs Elysees. Photos and videos from social media show that the new playlist extension has female variations and pdds building on the all-male ensemble ENB playlist hip hop fun. I am excited to be attending. https://www.theatrechampselysees.fr/en/season/dance/boston-ballet-mikko-nissinen-en
  8. Wouldn’t this forum be a perfect place to find people willing to each buy a print for 30 pounds? You could use an internet cash raising program to ensure all pay, then every fan could put theirs in a nice frame. Drawing straws for order of preference of which print to select. With Christmas around the corner it would make a great gift.
  9. Its a long road and of course there will be many opportunities in the future to see them when they are ‘quite there’ 😊
  10. @Dear Angela, I am afraid I have no idea. I have seen that she is joining a new company but cannot say where. It is a real shame, but understandable considering the repertoire in the company under Spuck. I hope whereever she goes her talents will be noticed and appreciated, she really is kind and beautiful ballerina. I am not sure it is a secret, I guess the use of ‘cannot say’ on social media is more that the new company will announce it. Any way I will miss her as will a lot of the audience in Zurich. I have heard lots of stories And so it is a surprise and shame that his contract is lengthened. So many dancers also leaving the company, and lots of unhappy dancers. But I guess such a small theatre of 1,000 seats is easy to fill, and so the issues are not readily noticed.
  11. Yes, it is a great piece of work. Because of the beautiful Odile/Odette, the only shining light in the repertoire, the only one...
  12. Sorry to say Vanartus, Zurich do not score higher points at all. I would rant if I wasn’t feeling so downtrodden by such a depressing black repertoire each Spuck season. Its like a poor imitation of NDT unfortunately, with only one classical performance each season.
  13. As fifa is based in Switzerland. Viktorina Kapitonova and Elena Vostrotina featured in their magazine. Great photos of ‘Footballet’ https://www.fifa.com/mm/Document/AF-Magazine/FIFA1904/02/92/46/23/12_EN_2017_LowRES_12_Neutral.pdf
  14. A friendly reminder that this is a thread about Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
  15. The whole thread agrees that people have their favorite dancers and people can wax lyrical about their favorite dancers, I don’t mind at all. That you go from a lighthearted moo to worrying about freedom of expression is a bit of a stretch. Everyone is free to go crazy about their favorite dancers, but they also need to be balanced about replying if people do not share their own views. It is actually usually those who have these ‘sacred cows’ that complain and act so defensively if people don’t share their views as I expressed in my first paragraph. Edited to add: also reacted so strongly to light -hearted comments. I could have cried Xenophopia about being a Swiss cow-lover, but I take it with a sense of fun.
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