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  1. Bumping up - D34 still available.
  2. I messaged you. D45 is yours.
  3. I have 2 tickets to the sold out NFT showing of the film Bolshoi plus a Q & A with the director Valery Todorovsky. It's this Friday at 8.30 pm and the seating is unallocated. The tickets are £16 each and I could post them. Message me if interested.
  4. £5 - it's an e-ticket, message me if interested.
  5. I enjoyed The Illustrated Farewell. The first half of the pdd for McRae/Lamb was terrifically exciting with plenty of opportunity for them to show off their tricks. The second part had to be quieter, if nothing else to give them a chance to recover, but I felt it flagged (I had an involuntary shopping list moment) and the transition to the original piece might have worked better if other dancers had been introduced earlier. I thought the second part showed off the RB dancers very well, they looked fabulous dancing the interesting Tharp choreography - I agree that Sissens and Magri stood out although I was impressed with the other five soloists too. At times there was so much going on on stage it was sometimes difficult to know where to look. The Wind - well on the positive side the music was evocative , the staging and lighting created some memorable images but the choreography could have been made by a child. What a waste of talented dancers especially Osipova thrashing around at the end for far too long. The characters were caricatures none more so than Tom Whitehead strutting around as Wirt Roddy which brings me neatly by biggest issue - why oh why, in this day and age, do male choreographers think it's still ok to depict abuse against women on stage ?
  6. Interesting that the RB feels the need to invite 2 male guest principals ..... Bolle, talent though he was, at 42 is surely past his prime for a role like Des Grieux ?
  7. Thank you for posting this review Angela - very interesting to read and I would never have found it myself.
  8. I can no longer make this insight so I'm selling C9 for £17. I can leave it at the box office. PM me if interested. Anna