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  1. Tickets for 2nd have gone. D5 & 6 for 20th are still available.
  2. I'm selling all e tickets £6 each 20/12 eve D5,6,7 2/1 D30,31,32 Message me if interested Anna
  3. Bumping this one up in the hope .....
  4. In addition to those already mentioned I think Harrison Lee Harris Bell Stanislaw Wegrzyn Aiden O’Brien Joshua Junker Davide Lorricho Joonhyuk Jun Taisuke Nakao
  5. Most impressive of all was 1st soloist William Bracewell, what great control he has. The second rehearsal was the Nutcracker pdd : Fumi Kaneko and William Bracewell coached by Lesley Collier and Gary Avis. It was a terrific event although I agree with Alison about the acoustics.
  6. Thank you Irmgard for taking the time to write such a detailed and fascinating review please keep them coming, I really enjoy reading them and then seeing the casts !
  7. Interesting ...... because I actually prefer them (either individually or together) in those ballets where they don't need to act; there is not a trace of tension in their execution of the steps, they just show us how technically superb they are.
  8. If anyone has a spare SCS please message me. Thank you
  9. I have messaged you Stellar. Anna
  10. Apologies if this has already been mentioned somewhere, but I just noticed on the RoH website that Hay has been replaced by Sambe for his scheduled performances in Nutcracker - towards the end of the run. Wondering if this means he won't be dancing in Patineurs too