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  1. £9 each. They are e tickets - message me if interested.
  2. I agree I’m sure he said “debut in this production”
  3. I thought it was a bit of a mixed bag yesterday evening. I liked Akane Takada very much: she combines excellent technique with a vulnerability and fragility that works for the white act but she is equally convincing playing the vamp in the black act. Unusually for him, Federico Bonelli seemed initially rather bland and subdued, he looked washed out in the costume. He is still a reliable partner even if he is now past the heyday of his solo virtuosity. He wisely chose to execute a more modest version of the black act solo than Vadim Muntigirov but even so, he seemed strained. However, it all came together in the last act; for me there is still no one who runs on to the stage with the depth of yearning that Bonelli can convey. This partnership was at it's best in the final pdd and I appreciated the beauty of Scarlett's additions considerably more than I did on the opening night. Nonetheless, the final moments where Siegfried disappears to gather the body of the dead princess still sits uncomfortably with the music. These days nothing James Hay does is less than sublime in my eyes and his Benno was no exception. He has a beautiful classical line, so the costume which unfortunately tended to make others look like the Nutcracker, is more flattering on Hay. His dancing was superb; IMO he is the only man in the company whose classical technique rivals Muntagirov in its brilliance. His characterisation had an appropriate warmth and dignity. From my vantage point (stalls circle standing) the corps seemed slightly ragged - but frankly with the sheer number of shows and stage calls they must be exhausted.
  4. I am just bumping this up in hope .....
  5. He just posted on twitter that he's looking forward to making his debut as Benno this evening
  6. Drifting off topic a bit but although Naghdi/Ball have made some great debuts and dance well together, I don't feel the chemistry the way many on this forum do and of all the partners I've seen Ball with so far I actually loved him most with Lauren Cuthbertson in Marguerite and Armand. I could see them looking great in Romeo and Juliet. I'm looking forward to seeing Ball with Osipova in Swan Lake.
  7. If anyone has a spare please message me.
  8. It’s a very interesting read thanks for posting the link & I hope you don’t stop permanently !
  9. I wondered about the "I swear" because I didn't notice it at either the rehearsal or last night. It's slightly awkward if it's not there because Rothbart refers to it so specifically in Act 3 but I guess I'm straying into nit-picking territory
  10. I also share all the extremely positive comments & like Sim I was a Scarlett doubter but he & Macfarlane have made a marvellous production. I look forward to seeing other casts but the memory of that Muntagirov variation will linger long. There were many xcellent performances but my particular standouts were Takada, Magri's big swan and Kaneko (in the same role at the rehearsal). The national dances in Act 3 were so refreshing since over the years these have become something to get through while waiting for the main event. The only less than enthusiastic response I had was to Act 4 where I share Bruce's reservation. it may just be that it gets a while to get used to different choreography - I think I'm correct in saying that this act is the most changed musically and choreographically ? Is anyone very familiar with the score who can tell me what was dropped and what added - this new version is more true to the original Tchaikovsky?
  11. It’s an e ticket. Message me if interested.
  12. Disappointed that yet again an unexpected opportunity hasn’t gone to James Hay especially since, as you say Sim, he and Akane Takada danced that fabulous Beauty together.