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  1. Just bumping this up, will return to BO if no takers.
  2. It's an ticket, please message me if interested.
  3. I agree entirely BeauxArts. Quite exceptional chemistry between the leads.
  4. Terrible. I only discovered this great little company a few years ago, the performances I saw lit up every dance going year. It was a terrific company with a brilliant rep made on a small budget. Just a tragedy that pieces like An Italian in Madrid, Carnaval, Mazur and Gypsy Mixture will presumably not be danced again - it makes me feel particularly bitter when I look at some of the high budget rubbish the RoH has produced (and revived) in recent years.
  5. Maybe it’s about suitability, not just height ? Personally I really can’t see Campbell as Rudolf ...... likewise Muntagirov.
  6. Hi yes Amelia I have sent you a PM
  7. Bumping this up D49 still available for Monday eve.
  8. D48 is yours Ryo. I replied to your message. D49 still available.
  9. £9 each. E tickets. Message me if interested.
  10. annamk

    For sale RB Mayerling

    Thank you have sent you a pm.
  11. annamk

    For sale RB Mayerling

    Can I have it please ! Will pm you
  12. I went to see this today. It felt like a missed opportunity in that it neither attempts to get under the skin of the man and explore the complexities of his personality, nor does it convey much sense of his astonishing charisma. It really only tells the outline of his story which anyone interested in ballet will know already and most of the footage it uses of Nureyev himself can be found on YT. It includes plenty of non ballet footage of the period it covers which maybe places him in the context of his time but for myself I didn't feel this added anything. Maliphant has choreographed a number of scenes for contemporary dancers representing either Nureyev family members or friends which sit really oddly. Another irritation is that the background music is often so intrusive it's difficult to hear what the interviewees are saying. The second half is better than the first but it's hard to recommend as a film for knowledgable ballet lovers, maybe that isn't their intended audience.
  13. I am returning to the box office later today.
  14. In the Clore studio etickets D36 & 37 £17 each message me if interested. Anna