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  1. Leaving aside the RB/Prix comment I find Mark Monahan's review interesting and worth reading. I'm not sure why you conclude he is prejudiced, pedantic fault-finding and nit-picking ? He's just giving his opinion so what does it matter if he isn't as enthusiastic as some of the audience ? I saw the Naghdi/Hay/Kaneko Pigeons this afternoon and I'm in the (small) camp of those who weren't bowled over by Naghdi's Young Girl. Her portrayal had its good moments but in places I found her exaggerated, not all her details were as sharp as Takada and I have also seen better comic timing. Kaneko's Gypsy Girl was terrific but I agree with Monahan when he says "she lacked the lip-smacking, lock-up-your-husbands quality that Laura Morera brought" Very happy to see the oh so elegant Hay's pitch perfect Young Man and Yudes mighty fine Gypsy Boy. The attractions of The Cunning Young Vixen just passed me by. It would have been better in the school end of year show. Disappointing to see so many empty seats in the stalls.
  2. Yep, me too. Far too much money invested in a mediocre choreographic talent which has been masked by expensive, lavish productions. Hopefully, the dire ticket sales for this revival of Frankenstein will at least ensure that doesn't see the light of day again.
  3. Couldn’t agree more. I found the first half was so dispiriting I couldn’t even bring myself to go back in after the interval. The choreography for all three pieces felt as though it should never have made it out of the rehearsal studio. I was standing at the circle level and the view was great but it was airless and stifling - I only hope they have aircon in the summer.
  4. I really enjoyed this terrific selection yesterday evening. I didn't buy a programme so this is taken from the handout and info is incomplete - apologies. Uchenna Dance - The Head Wrap Diaries: Fierce and Free - the ladies were all great movers although I thought the choreography could have been more interesting. Mavin Koo - Odessi solo with live music, indian style dance and music. Semperoper Ballett - Diamonds pdd : IMO perhaps not the best choice of classical dance piece for this event and I didn't feel the dancers looked entirely comfortable in it. Rambert2 - Killer Pig. I had no idea what to expect with that title but it blew me away, what an incredible group of dancers, the highlight of the evening for me and the rest of the audience judging by the reception. Patricia Guerrero - Proceso Eterno. Flamenco dancer having a dialogue with a sole drummer and then with a soulful traditional spanish singer. Fabulous. Richard Alston - Brahms Hungarian excerpt. I'm a huge fan of RA and this was right up there. The music is gorgeous and his choreographic response to it just divine. Semperoper Ballett - Bach Duet. The shortest piece of the evening, I enjoyed this very much and thought the dancers looked much more at home than they did in the Diamonds pdd. Birdgang - What is Bird Gang ? Indeed what is it - I had no idea, hip hop in masks - fantastic !
  5. Absolutely, couldn't agree more ! Surely he deserved a Romeo, after all it's a long run and a number of other Romeos have multiple performances. It would have been amazing if he could have been Takada's Romeo, ever since their first Two Pigeons and then their stellar Sleeping Beauty I have thought how much they complement each other. They seem to hear the music at the same time and their styles are similar. You never know though, whilst I sincerely hope Corrales recovers in time for his Romeo there must be some doubt about that ......
  6. Oh yes well said Such a lovely partnership with Akane Takada, both utterly delightful this evening. Such a pity he is not cast with her more often.
  7. Totally agree, why why why couldn't Ball do it w Osipova ? Really disappointing when there are only 3 casts to find that one is taken by a guest. Interesting to see Bracewell cast w Nunez for the first time ? Nitpicking I know but is he tall enough for her ?
  8. I'm not sure it's fair to call it a poor review. I always thought of LW as having a contemporary dance bias when she was reviewing for the Evening Standard so I'm not surprised she isn't so fond of 2 Pigeons. Personally, I love it but I can equally well see a valid argument that it is twee and dated. I think it's worth reading reviews even if you don't agree with them unless they are plain wrong and in this case I don't think she is.
  9. For me it was another superb performance for ENB to bring to a close this run of Manon. That the company still looks so fresh and committed after such a long run at the Coliseum is a huge credit to everyone on stage. And off stage the starry line up of guest repetiteurs (Dowell, Durante, Gruzdyev, Harris, Mukhamedov) should be congratulating themselves. I didn't expect to enjoy these performances as much as I have because in the last run of the RB Manon I found much of the ballet outside the pdd bordering on the tedious but I could quite happily watch every cast again next week. I am wondering if part of this is down to the music. The orchestra under Gavin Sutherland have been superb and the score seems to have much more life than it often does down the road, maybe the tempo is slightly quicker, maybe the acoustics are better at the Coliseum. I don't have a single negative comment about any of today's cast: Cojocaru, Caley, Cirio, Khaniukova, Streeter. Cojocaru just gets better and better - her performance was full of her own small additions and details that made me constantly catch my breath. Caley matched her all the way - he was outstanding and the denouement simply heartbreaking. The huge ovation today - many people standing in the stalls - was so deserved.
  10. Irmgard - very very grateful to you for this, it does indeed bring back memories of that wonderful Thursday evening and the remarkable performances. As you've said elsewhere, so sad this cast had only a single London performance.
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