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  1. Dante Project, Saturday 16th, 1pm matinee SCS D12 & D13 £7 each If interested, please send me a message. Carol
  2. Royal Ballet, Romeo & Juliet Wednesday 13th October, 7.30pm Yasmine Naghdi & Vadim Muntagirov Stalls Circle Standing D45 & D48 @ £10 each I will be returning these to the box office about 1pm on Tuesday. Carol
  3. Please may I buy Friday 7th Osipova cast ticket . I have sent you a message. Carol
  4. 12.15pm stage level A14 is available again, due to illness. eticket. please message me if interested. should you already have my number, please send a text direct instead.
  5. Hi balletyas, yes , you could have Stage B49 for 1.35pm rehearsal. i will send you a message. Carol
  6. Only one ticket remains available, 1.35pm Stage level B49 Carol
  7. I’d love an RB Onegin 7/2 or 12/2 SCS or Balcony standing Row D, should anyone have a spare, please. Carol
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