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  1. possibly interested in both for a friend. have sent you a text. Carol
  2. Thanks to Bluebird, I now have a ticket. Carol
  3. I would love a ticket for the 12.15pm rehearsal on May 10th, please. Carol
  4. ENB: She Persisted on Sat 13th April, at 7.30pm I'd like a fairly inexpensive ticket for this, please. Carol
  5. RB Frankenstein: Bonelli, Morera, Kish on Wednesday, 20th March, tomorrow at 7.30pm. Stalls Circle Standing D13, D14, D15 at £9 each. Can be either etickets or hard copy. Also a friend has SCS D49 and D50 available as hard tickets. My friend also has two tickets for the Juan Diego Florez gala at the Royal Festival Hall on Friday 29th March at 7.30pm Balcony Row L at £15 each.
  6. I have now bought a ticket direct from ROH, as I feared Thalia had probably beaten me to the evening tickets. Carol
  7. Bruce has bought D13. D12 is still available. It is an e-ticket.
  8. Don Quixote on Friday 22nd February at 7.30pm Lauren Cuthbertson & Matthew Ball 2 Stalls Circle Standing @ £10 each D12 & D13 If interested, please send me a message. It is helpful if you would also post here. Carol
  9. Saturday, 23rd February at 7pm A friend is desperate to join me for this performance. Ideally a SCS or Row D Balcony, but other inexpensive places considered. Please send me a message if you have a spare ticket. Carol
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