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  1. Hi there, I am going to be competing the Aurora/Eos/Dawn variation from Awakening of Flora at YAGP this year, but I cannot find a usable version of the music ANYWHERE. My teachers do not have it and I am at the end of my rope from searching 😣 If anyone has any ideas, tips, or knowledge of where to find it, I will be forever in debt to you. Thanks, -Zo
  2. Hi everyone. Just wondering if anyone has a used barre from either Harlequin or the Barre, before I order a new one. I can collect in London or within M4. Thank you!
  3. Hi, I'm looking to purchase a Giselle or peasant style ballet costume. Colour not important for the right style. Hoping you can help 😊, RichieN
  4. I am looking for one or two tickets for the Beauty mixed bill matinee on Sun 11th July if anyone can assist. Many thanks.
  5. Hi, I'm looking for a non-expensive ticket for Sunday 11th July, please. Would love to be there for Beatriz's farewell performance and see Yasmine in Beauty. Many thanks, Silke
  6. Am very keen to get a ticket for the Christmas Eve performance as it’s been a tradition for many years. Hopefully someone can help me... thanks
  7. Hi, I’m looking for the Move Dance Long Black Rehearsal Skirt in a size S/M If anyone is selling this skirt please pm me
  8. If anyone has a spare SCS ticket for Swan Lake on Sunday 22nd March, now or closer to the performance I’d love to buy it. thanks Peter
  9. Hi everyone. If anyone has a spare SCS for this performance please can I buy it? Kind regards
  10. Hi everyone if anyone can help please that will be awesome. Kind regards
  11. I’d like a ticket for this if anyone has one once Northern Dancer has found his. Thanks
  12. I'm looking a for Stall Circle Standing or central Balcony Standing ticket for both Swan Lake 5th and 12th March. Thanks, Silke
  13. I'd really appreciate the opportunity to see this bill from rather closer up than the amphitheatre, so if anyone has a stalls circle standing or other cheap ticket going spare, please let me know by PM. Many thanks.
  14. Hi everyone if anyone can help please that will be fab. Kind regards
  15. Hi everyone. Looking for a SCS for both performances please. Kind regards
  16. Hi everyone. I would gladly give a good home to a spare SCS for Onegin this Thursday. Kind regards
  17. If anyone has a spare for 12/02 I'd love it please. thanks Peter
  18. I’d love an RB Onegin 7/2 or 12/2 SCS or Balcony standing Row D, should anyone have a spare, please. Carol
  19. If anyone has a spare decent SCS or central Balcony Standing ticket for this Friday's performance, I would be very pleased to hear from you.
  20. If anyone has a spare SCS ticket for The Cellist on 17th February I’d love to buy it. leave a message here and DM me if you can help 😊 thanks Peter
  21. Hi everyone. If anyone has a spare SCS for Friday please can I buy it?
  22. Hi everyone. I’m looking for a SCS for both Weds 15 Jan and Thurs 16 Jan performances please.
  23. Please PM me and leave a message here if you can help. Thanks
  24. Does anyone have an Aubergine leotard for sale, size Adult small, for Tring CBA, Group 4?
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