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Found 66 results

  1. If anyone has a spare ticket for any of the sold out song prize heats, especially on Sunday 16th or Monday 17th of June I would be glad to have them. Thank you.
  2. Looking for R&J SCS ticket for June 1st Evening please (Osipova/Hallberg)
  3. If anyone has a spare ticket please DM me. thanks Peter
  4. Please PM me if you have a spare ticket. Thanks
  5. Please let me know if you have a spare ticket or 2! Thank you
  6. Does anyone have a ticket they no longer want? Thanks
  7. My friend would love to join me for the Saturday evening performance of Romeo & Juliet. Looking for one SCS ticket. Many thanks, Alice
  8. I would love a ticket for the 12.15pm rehearsal on May 10th, please. Carol
  9. If anyone has a single spare ticket for this friends rehearsal tomorrow morning please pm me. Thank you.
  10. ENB: She Persisted on Sat 13th April, at 7.30pm I'd like a fairly inexpensive ticket for this, please. Carol
  11. If anyone has a spare ticket to ROH Clore studio class for tomorrow morning I would love it please.
  12. Looking for a stalls circle standing ticket for Kaneko/Bracewell (formerly Kaneko/Corrales) on Wednesday 27th February. Please contact me if you have a spare to sell, I would be very grateful!
  13. In case anyone has two tickets for this rehearsal (preferably stalls circle or balcony) I would be very happy to take them. Thanks.
  14. If anyone has a ticket with good view for the Les Patineurs friends rehearsal on 18 Dec, I’d love to take it off your hands.
  15. Saturday, 22nd December at 12.30pm RB Nutcracker Very keen to find a relatively inexpensive (up to £30) seat, perhaps Amphitheatre sides, or a standing place to enable a friend to join us for this Christmas treat. Please message me if you have a spare seat or standing place. It would be helpful if you would also post here. Thanks Carol
  16. Looking for portable practise flooring. One or two metres square that can be used on top of carpet. Just seeing if anyone has before I buy new!
  17. Looking for an inexpensive ticket for this performance. Standing with good view preferred. Thanks.
  18. Looking for one SCS ticket for Unknown Soldier triple bill Monday please
  19. I will be over from New York this week Thursday and Friday and am looking for 2 Stalls Circle Standing tickets each for Thursday 8th and Friday 9th November. They can be separate, even auditorium left and right is perfectly fine. Thank you in advance for any leads, Silke btw, do Stall Circle Standing tickets go on sale for Friends or Public at all anymore?
  20. Looking for a ticket for Monday morning’s rehearsal if anyone is looking to sell one. Thank you.
  21. Hiya! A tad early but looking for one cheap ticket for this sold out performance. PM if you are able to help! :) Thanks in advance, Linda.
  22. I'm after a copy of the latest ISTD Dance Magazine. I ordered one from them but it's sold out 😥 Teacher's copy has not arrived yet either. My daughter should be featured in it so I'm really keen to see it- even if it's just a photo of the relevant pages that you could send. Fingers crossed one of you can help! Thanks for reading x
  23. Is anyone selling Tring Park CBA Sweatshirts? I need one for my 7 year old daughter and one for my 9 year old son. Thank you. X
  24. Am looking for a Stalls Circle Standing for 21st June if anyone hears of one or has one to sell. Thank you! Dee
  25. Very keen to purchase a stalls circle standing ticket for the Royal Ballet’s evening performance of Swan Lake on Friday 15th June (Takada/Bracewell). Please do get in touch if you have a spare. Thank you!
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