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  1. I have SCS D28 for sale for the matinee on Sat May 25th at 13.30 - cast Stix-Brunel/Hirano. £11. Let me know if you'd like it. It's an e-ticket. Thanks Jacky
  2. Have sent pm - I’d love both tickets please. Many thanks Jacky
  3. E34 has gone. C80 still available. I'll return it to the BO on Monday. Thanks Jacky
  4. I was just about to return these tickets to the BO, then wondered if anyone here might be interested in them even though they're not ballet. It's Tosca on Monday May 27th at 7.30. Two Amphi tickets - not together but cheapish (for opera!). I'd like to think they're going to a good home! Amphi C80 Amphi E34 Each ticket £44. Officially restricted view, but actually rather good. I'd rather sell both tickets at the same time if possible. Let me know. I'll return them to the BO on Monday if no-one is interested. Many thanks Jacky
  5. I have Amphi E34 for £21 for the matinee performance (13.30) on June 1st - cast Naghdi and Ball. It's on the side, officially restricted view but actually pretty good. It's an e-ticket. Send me a pm if you'd like it. Thanks Jacky
  6. Hi - I have Amphi E34 for £21 if you're interested. It's on the side, officially restricted view but not very. It's an e-ticket. You might prefer to wait to see if you can get a SCS - I saw one yesterday at the last minute on the ROH site for Beatriz last night, so they do come up. Let me know. Thanks Jacky
  7. Sim - I’ve tried to send you a pm, but can’t. I just get a note to say you can’t receive messages.
  8. So with the Tybalt casting, if anyone does hear anything it’d be great to share!
  9. Thanks. I went to the second performance of Hamilton and Andrijashenko specifically to see him, but he didn’t do it. So I was hoping for another chance.
  10. I guess that's for two people, Sim ...??? The visa is about 125 for one person, I think - plus a little for expenses ...
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