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  1. Streaming of "Giselle" with Natalia Osipova and Nikita Chetverikov from Perm Opera and Ballet Theatre - Thanks for posting this, Amelia! Do you know who Myrthe is, please? Jacky
  2. After Northerndancer has their ticket, I too am looking for a SCS for Monday March 2nd. Thanks Jacky
  3. I'm going to return this to the BO. Thanks anyway! Jacky
  4. I can't claim to be any kind of expert, but to me 'The Cellist' was lacking in actual dancing. Sorry!! I have only seen it once, and that was last night in the cinema so I may have got the wrong impression, but there seemed to be a lot of lifting and 'flailing' and less what I would describe as dancing. That maybe unfair, and maybe it was just the contrast with DAAG, but I didn't find it very moving for that reason. To me the lifting was distracting, though it could have been the angle of the camera which at times was just too close. I probably need to see it again in the theatre, and I might find it more engaging if I can see the whole stage all the time. I found Sambe's performance outstanding, though - at times I really did believe he was a cello!! DAAG was sublime - I could have watched it again and again all the evening.
  5. I have Balcony C28 for sale for Thursday - tall loose seat, officially partial view. Cast Nunes/Hirano/Takada/Edmonds. Cost £25. I shall return it to the Box Office this evening if no-one would like it. It's an e-ticket. Thanks Jacky
  6. I completely agree, Jenny - Thiago has always been my favourite Onegin for the very reason that his characterisation is so nuanced and 'layered'. He brings so much to it. Next Saturday will certainly be very emotional! I shall miss him.
  7. It was so moving last night - I loved it too!
  8. Bumping again as I missed the Friday Rush yesterday .....
  9. I am looking for a SCS for Feb 27th (having enjoyed last night's performance very much and now wanting to see that cast again!) Let me know if anyone has a spare. Many thanks Jacky
  10. Thank you, Silke - I’ve replied. Much appreciated! Jacky
  11. I have SCS D49 for sale for Saturday - £9. Cast Nunes/Hirano. It's an e-ticket. PM me if you'd like it. Thanks Jacky
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