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  1. I have 2 Amphi tickets for Dec 18th matinee (13.30). C79 and C80 £12 each. Pm me if you're interested. Thanks Jacky
  2. I'm looking for one SCS or similar for either of these dates (only after 2 earlier posters have found theirs for Dec 7th). Thanks Jacky
  3. Could I have Feb 7th, please? I'll send a pm. Thanks!
  4. I have SCS D29 for sale - £9. Cast Takada, Campbell, Hay. Send a pm if you’re interested. Thanks Jacky
  5. At the last minute I can’t use this ticket - SCS D16 £9. It’s an e-ticket. Let me know if you’d like it. Jacky
  6. You’re right - sorry I wasn’t clear. I wanted to exchange it, as there are still tickets for sale in the Amphi. Thank you for telling me, though. Jacky
  7. I didn't realise that you have to return tickets to the BO three days prior to the performance even if it's an e-tcket, so I find myself with an Amphi ticket that I now can't use on Wednesday evening, cast Morera/Bonelli. Would anyone like it? It's M67, cost £18 but to be honest I'm sadly going to lose that money anyway. So any offers accepted! Jacky
  8. I have SCS D37 for this performance - £9. Cast Morera/Bonelli. PM me if you're interested. Thanks. Jacky
  9. Ticket probably sold - am waiting to hear back. Thanks.
  10. I have SCS D17 for sale for Sat Oct 12th eve 7.30, £9. Cast Nunes/Bolle. It's an e-ticket. PM me if you'd like it. Thanks Jacky
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