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  1. Thanks, JNC - that’s a really detailed answer. What you’ve said backs up my own thoughts - I guess it was just that as my friend is a ‘first-timer’ and doesn’t want to spend much I thought I’d just ask here. I got a great deal on Manon at the ENB when they were at the Coliseum. Thanks again, Jacky
  2. As Manon doesn't seem to be selling very well, do people think that there might be offers nearer the time? I'm trying to decide whether to buy seats for a friend now, or wait and see what comes up! Jacky
  3. So sorry to hear this - he was a lovely man, and will be missed. Condolences to his family.
  4. I'll return these to the BO this afternoon if no-one wants them. All the performances are sold out, so I'm sure they'll re-sell them! Thanks Jacky
  5. I have 2 tickets for the Matthew Bourne R + J matinee (2.30) on Sat Aug 10th. They're £8 each - Second Circle O6 and 7. The only thing is that they are senior reductions (over 65) , and the tickets have to be collected from the BO with proof of age (!). Sadlers Wells are rather particular about these reductions! If anyone would like them, send me a pm and I'll contact the BO with your details for you to collect the tickets on the day. Thanks Jacky
  6. Onegin Theme and Variations and I am looking forward to Manon - sorry!
  7. I have enjoyed his performances and wish him all the very best for the future. I am sorry he is leaving.
  8. It must have been the cinema experience putting you off! The other cinema was full with a very well-behaved appreciative audience, although they did bring the odd glass of wine in with them. No food though!
  9. Very ironic! I was in the Arts Picturehouse. I agree about the entrances and exits - characters just kind of materialised on stage out of the gloom, and so it didn't always make sense. Lord Capulet on the stairs at the end of Act 2 is a case in point as Lady Capulet was just gesturing into the blackness.
  10. Hi - I"m now looking for a SCS for Friday, having just discovered that it's Kish's last performance. Is there one out there? Hoping so, Thanks Jacky (If only they'd announced it sooner!)
  11. That's true, Dave, but you can usually make out a slight movement as they go through!! Last night there was just blackness ..... and also times when the dancers disappeared into the dimness at the sides of the stage until re-emerging into the spotlight ....and it wasn't intentional! It didn't matter for me, but I'm sure that others less familiar with the ballet might have missed quite a lot!
  12. Just a question - did anyone else find the cinema stream very dark? I was in Cambridge and even though I knew what to look for the whole stage was so dark that for example the monks entering the tomb were completely invisible, so no chance of seeing Romeo at all. It was the same all through - Tybalt’s entrance down the steps in Act 2 was almost impossible to see if you didn’t know where to look. Even some of the market scenes were hard to see. I’d love a DVD but don’t know whether this would be a problem or whether it was just a transmission issue.
  13. Ah - thanks. I just remember that first performance, and it was very emotional. Didn’t realise it was so long ago!
  14. Wasn’t Yanowsky’s Manon with Kenneth Greve? I was there and I agree it was quite something!
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