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  1. Maybe I’ve got it wrong but I thought that when Mats Ek retired he also retired all his ballets. Can anyone clarify? Thanks!
  2. I was at both performances yesterday. It was the first time I'd seen this ballet, and I agree with KyleCheng that on first viewing the music was a little distracting. However, in the evening, when I was more familiar with what to expect, I found I could ignore that and concentrate on the dancing - which was superb. Both casts gave it their all. Not having seen the full version, I found the minimal staging very clean, and the story very clear. I have enjoyed a lot of what Northern Ballet offer - particularly Jane Eyre - and they are such a strong company dramatically. But it was just such a pleasure to see a live performance again - I'm still on a bit of a high!
  3. Totally agree, Sim, and let's hope we get the chance to give her a really good send-off on the ROH stage.
  4. It doesn’t say when her last performance will be. It would be good to know that to make a point of being there. I have such great memories of all her performances, but particularly Juliet which was outstanding.
  5. Thanks, BBB - I had that email too, but when I tried to get extra tickets it still said 'you've reached your ticket limit'. So maybe it's taking time to get that onto the website.
  6. It was a really enjoyable evening, and very emotional. Also great value for money at only £16! I've watched it again on the replay, and it packs the same punch.
  7. So no more information about making a donation then ... Ah - I've just found a JustGiving page for her, and the charity is 'Acting for Others'. Could that be the one?
  8. It is a great achievement. Does anyone know if there is a way of donating something to the fund for those (like me) who can't get there? It would be nice to be able to contribute something to the effort.
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