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  1. I have SCS D39 for sale for tomorrow matinee (13.30) £9. It's an e-ticket so I can send it. Let me know if anyone would like it. Thanks Jacky
  2. Sorry, everyone - I've just got one for Feb 8th on the ROH website! So thanks anyway. Jacky
  3. I'm looking for one SCS for any of the above dates (Nunes/Hirano cast). (to clarify - Jan 21st, Feb 8th, Feb 27th) Let me know if anyone has a spare. Thanks! Jacky
  4. Vadim was a superb Lensky, and the choreography for that role seemed to suit him so well. It would have been interesting to see him as Onegin, but Lensky was such a good fit for him IMHO.
  5. I’m looking for one SCS for Jan 18th matinee. I’m also hoping for one for Tues 21st. I know it’s early to ask, but just thought I’d try! Many thanks Jacky
  6. When I was late for one performance and had to watch in the Crush Room the staff were asking people without tickets to leave.
  7. I’m looking for a SCS ticket for Sat Jan 4th evening. Let me know if you have a spare. In addition I’m also looking for a cheap seat..... more or less anywhere.... for the same performance. Many thanks Jacky
  8. Thank you Sim and all the moderators - this is a wonderful forum that brings me great pleasure and enhances my ballet watching. Your work is very much appreciated! Merry Christmas, everyone, and very best wishes for 2020. Jacky
  9. I have 2 Amphi tickets for Dec 18th matinee (13.30). C79 and C80 £12 each. Pm me if you're interested. Thanks Jacky
  10. I'm looking for one SCS or similar for either of these dates (only after 2 earlier posters have found theirs for Dec 7th). Thanks Jacky
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