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  1. Looking for a SCS for the last Corrales/Hayward if anyone has a spare or can't make it. Please message me. Anna
  2. To the extent there were any minor imperfections at the Saturday matinee with this same cast (thinking Corrales slightly falling out of turns in the masks pd3 and Ball dropping his sword) these were ironed out this evening and it was a sublime performance with a charismatic and exciting young cast who danced and acted their roles exceptionally well. It is years since I've seen the masks pd 3 danced with such precise timing and control. I disagree with Bruce above that Ball had been talked out of his Saturday matinee Tybalt interpretation, rather I thought he had retained much of that but added a touch of extra aggression - he was superb. His Tybalt has opened my eyes to his versatility - I thought he was a Lensky but he is definitely already an Onegin too For me, the leads were simply sublime: wonderful acting, dancing and most importantly sensational chemistry between them, I couldn't ask for more.
  3. Let's hope so - would be nice to have some new Manons and Des Grieux. Very happy that the Ratmansky 24 Preludes is being revived. Will be interesting to see how he reworks it and with which dancers given that many of the original cast have left.
  4. I wondered what Tissi was doing in London ...... I don't think he has this version in his rep ?
  5. I think when you are Romeo AND you have been off stage for many months you need to be very careful to pace yourself, rather than trying to dance full throttle from the outset. I would love to have seen James Hay as Romeo but with the MacMillan partnering I am resigned to it never happening. I loved your entire review Irmgard and I was as captivated by the leads as you were. I was particularly interested in your comments about some of the ensemble dancing and the orchestra. I wasn't watching MacMillan's Romeo before the 1990s so I cannot compare and I have never seen Nureyev's version but I will track down some DVDs. Maestro Sutherland is a treasure ! I liked Ball's interpretation of Tybalt but I can also see that he did not appear to be seething as you say.
  6. Totally agree with you Sim. Only a little to say ...... Corrales is an astonishingly talented young man: 22 years old, just back from a major injury, dancing one of the most demanding male roles in ballet, his first principal role in a MacMillan ballet and he has the skill and confidence not simply to dance the solos beautifully, and to partner commendably but to act out a committed, credible and deeply passionate Romeo. Ball is turning out to be a remarkably versatile dancer. His Tybalt was powerful and convincing. Sambe and Hay were both terrific and ideally matched with Corrales : the masks pd3, so often sloppy, was almost a masterclass.
  7. D46 & 47 e tickets message me in interested.
  8. I second Sim's recommendation for Alexander House. The restaurant there will stay open until very late so you can eat after the ballet and the food is excellent. I suggest for taxis that you download Yandex app, it is like Uber and we found it cheap and very reliable. The Mikhailovsky is a jewel box of a theatre with a lovely cafe serving delicious cakes, I highly recommend the chocolate eclairs. In Sarafanov and Lebedev they have 2 of the best male dancers in Russia so it would be an extra treat to see them. The tickets are considerably cheaper than those at the Mariinsky. Finally, with regard to the obtaining of visas it really is worth checking the visa processing centre website for holiday closures so you can save yourself a wasted trip for example when they shut May 1st to 5th for Russian holidays
  9. I would love to see Vogel in this role, I hope you are going Angela and will be able to give us your impressions !
  10. I’m not tall so I avoid the stalls and only go for the front row in the dress circle. I think the stalls boxes front row are generally ok but possibly you can also be unlucky if you have a tall person in front of you in the last row of the stalls. This is for the historic stage for the new stage view is good everywhere but dress circle is much further from the stage.
  11. At long last Andrei Yermakov has been promoted to Principal. Congratulations to him
  12. Wonderful photos. I was thinking about her performance again the other day and how she was completely natural - not an iota of affectation.
  13. I've finally watched this online and gosh it is absolutely superb you can tell that this ballet is part of the company's DNA. Not only the characterisations that are so good. It's a dream to see all the tricky partnering executed so masterfully, (seamless mirror and final pdd) rather than a series of individual steps and lifts, all without breaking sweat ! Really have to try to see Vogel live in this.
  14. I check the links less than I used to and i hadn’t really thought why that is until now. Partly maybe that I pick some direct from Twitter links eg Dance Tabs, New York Times, partly when I want to read ENB or RB reviews I google them myself, partly I’m less interested in the off mainstream items in the links - the stuff in the bottom half. It’s a great service though and I know a lot of effort goes into it.
  15. Yes fearless is exactly it. I've not seen a mirror pdd since that has come even close to those of Cojocaru/Kobborg.
  16. We were posting at the same time. I can't remember exactly whether I saw her debut, very likely since I went to everything she & Kobborg danced at that time. I certainly saw one of her early performances and as I said above she has a rare ability to do everything. Of course the unsurpassed partnership with Johan Kobborg was a major factor in the power of those performances. I found this review https://www.theguardian.com/stage/2001/nov/29/dance.artsfeatures which interestingly talks about Tatiana being a role for a mature dancer.
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