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  1. Apologies, I can see that link didn't work https://www.kommersant.ru/doc/4031844 Can be translated with Google translate
  2. The tough Moscow critic, Tatyana Kuznetsova, has a lot of praise for Akram Khan's Giselle https://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?depth=1&hl=en&prev=search&rurl=translate.google.com&sl=ru&sp=nmt4&u=https://www.kommersant.ru/doc/4031844&xid=25657,15700023,15700186,15700190,15700256,15700259,15700262&usg=ALkJrhg0hZ_kIAi5RRdWWVJL0po4yXBZaQ
  3. There are a number of interesting Manons but they are generally not with a Des Grieux I find appealing. Morera/Bonelli is an exception and their short partnership has produced some of the most memorable performances of the last few years. I guess we aren’t likely to see them together for much longer. But I would also consider Cuthbertson/Ball. He is interesting, often surprising: his Mayerling debut was brilliant and the partnership w Cuthbertson worked superbly in Marguerite & Armand.
  4. It says View obstructed by tier ledge, steep / narrow stairs, high view point £11 e ticket. Please message me if interested. Anna
  5. Maybe what Osipova says is more interesting than the film documentary but unless someone puts up some subtitles I'll never know !
  6. If anyone has a ticket they can't use I would like to buy it. Anna
  7. I went to see this yesterday afternoon. I hadn't planned to because I diliked The Wind and Run Mary Run but the Osipova film intrigued me so I booked a ticket offer. The hall was only about 2/3 full so I was able to move up and sit close to the stage. I thought it was a very powerful, raw, intense and clever piece of dance theatre with strongly committed performances from Osipova and Goddard. The Arts Desk & Telegraph reviews capture the essence of it very well. I hope it will return, I'd definitely go and see it again.
  8. Please keep posting Naomi I love to read about performances in Japan. The nicknames are popular and you’re not the first person to be scolded for using them
  9. I am not sure about this yet, there is more to being a principal dancer than a virtuoso technique .......
  10. I've seen him dance quite a few times at ENB this season including Emerging Dancer. I think he has great potential, certainly already a very good technique but I also feel that he could easily go down the slippery slope of the "look at me" dancers which would be a pity. James is an interesting role for him because it doesn't just require the dancer to show (not show off) his technique, the presentation of the character is important too.
  11. I went to see this film which is still showing at the Curzon. Osipova talks at length (in english) about her ballet journey and what drives her - she is charming, smart and funny. There are plenty of sequences of ballet and dance rehearsal - Bayadere and contemporary. Highly recommended even if you are not particularly an Osipova fan.
  12. My highlights (in order ! ) Corrales/Hayward (RB)- 3rd Romeo & Juliet, one of the greatest performances Morera/Bonelli Mayerling (RB)- very fine portrayls from these exceptional artists Cojocaru/Caley ENB Manon - Alina, Alina, Alina Muntagirov in Winter Dreams & Month in the Country (RB) - he was simply magnificent and I held my breath. Cao/Arrieta ENB Swan Lake - a beautiful production, a fine orchestra and conductor, a well rehearsed corps de ballet and central performances full of nuance, pathos and melancholy Shklyarov/Yevseyeva Don Q (St Petersburg Mariinsky) - fun and pizzazz in spades La Sylphide (St Petersburg Mikhailovsky) a rare opportunity to see the still great Sarafanov Ratmansky Shostakovich Trilogy (San Francisco Balle) for the brilliance of the choreography Ratmansky Bayadere in Berlin for the spectacle
  13. Indeed. A marvellous Month cast with an exceptional performance from Muntagirov. What an extraordinary artist, how lucky are we to have him in London
  14. I didn't look at my watch last night but judging by what time I got home I don't think it finished much after 10.30 ........
  15. Naomi - I hope you are going and will be able to report back to us. Wow - I would really like to see that R & J pdd and Muntagirov in Winter Dreams - what a treat !
  16. Well I wish him good luck. I saw quite a number of his performances over the years and I never really thought he was a good fit for the company. I have also enjoyed his character roles recently but I think the RB is well provided with very fine character artists and if the way forward is to allow existing principals a shot at what might be classed as character roles - thinking here Ball as Tybalt then maybe there simply isn't room for him.
  17. So I am guessing you didn't see his Romeo either .... especially the last one, not sure how much more artistic presence it would have been possible to show.
  18. I also so hope so re Corrales. Perhaps it depends who, if anyone (other than Soares), is leaving the principal ranks this year. Sambe timing was presumably because of Japan.
  19. So BBB must be right, oh dear. How embarrassing.
  20. I wondered if it was done because of the tour ? But then I guess why announce it in the paper ......
  21. I agree with you and I don’t think he used to do this. It seems to me that some dancers develop this way (McRae springs to mind) and it’s not wrong, it’s just not something I like but I’m perfectly happy that others don’t have any problem with it.
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