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  1. Yes I did thank you! I was in Group 3. Some of the steps I hadn’t really learnt but I gave them my best shot, however while overall I wasn’t worried about my technique that much, I did have a bit of trouble remembering the exercises. I’m really not expecting anything but I loved the Ballet Mistress and I was able to see a friend I met at OPES so I’m just happy for an extra class! Hopefully your dd will make it to finals! It would be amazing if I did. I saw on Instagram that it would be the 5th of March, which feels like ages!
  2. Hi! Does anyone know what size the photos have to be for the Elmhurst Senior Summer School application form?
  3. Oh and I’m not expecting anything, I’m just going to take the opportunity for a great masterclass in some lovely studios and if anything come of it then that’s an added bonus!
  4. Ok thank you! That’s reassuring! My tactic is just to stretch my legs, point my feet, smile and show them how much I love to dance! 🙂 Thanks again
  5. Thank you so much for your help! I’m thinking that I will bring them with me and see how big the studio is/how many people are in my group, as at least I will have them as a reassurance. Do you know if I were to bring them into the class, if they were not needed, I could put them by my water and pointe shoes? I did watch some of the ‘lives’ on their Instagram from London so I may watch over them again. Sorry to be asking so many questions, but do you know what standard the 14 (15 in June) year olds class will be at? Only because I think I’m a bit behind for my age (RAD Intermediate) so i would like to know before I go in and panic! Thank you so much once again, I really appreciate it! PS. Good luck to your dd!
  6. Hi! I am auditioning for NYB in Birmingham on Sunday. I was just wondering if you could answer a few queries I had? 1. I wear glasses but never for normal class (I manage fine most of the time). I have tried getting contact lenses but as I live in quite a rural area there are no appointments for a long time. Has anyone or their children got in to NYB (or made it to the final) wearing glasses? Or should I just not wear them like normal and squint a bit? 2. Following on from that point, would I be at a disadvantage if I asked the teacher to repeat a step/sequence/exercise? 3. Finally, do you know if the preliminary auditions include pointe work? Thank you for any help you can give me, I really appreciate it. 😊
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