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  1. Hi! For the application photos in first and second position, does anyone know if the arms are in first and second? Or bras bas? Thanks xx
  2. Hi! Thanks for that! What she an associate there then? Do you know what grade she was? Thanks for you help xx
  3. Oh ok! Sorry, but I won’t be buying it☹️ Xxx
  4. What style is the wear moi size s in Pacific?
  5. Hi! I know I’m a bit older but does anyone know what standard someone applying for yr 11 entry would have to be? Or if there might be any places? Are places for yr 11 associates ever given? I’m not sure if I should apply or not as I don’t want to use up money for petrol or the application fee. Good luck to anyone applying! Xx
  6. Thank you! Yes, my mum saw the email while she was at work. It’s for the senior one! Good luck to your DC!
  7. Hi! I know this isn’t really a question but I just wanted to thank you all for your help with my Elmhurst SS application because my mum just rang and said that I have a place! It’s such a relief after being turned down by RBS and NYB! I’m just sad I might not be able to go to OPES (I know the name is different😊) again this year! Thanks again xxx
  8. Try doing extensions on your back on the floor so you can focus on exactly where your hips are without having to focus of other parts of your body just yet. Hope this helps, I used to have the same problem. Also, congratulations on your place at Moorland! 😊💙
  9. That’s great! I hope everything goes well for her!
  10. I hope that your DD’s audition has gone well! I’ve never auditioned for this scheme but it looks great! Xxx
  11. I think that Shannon and Peter are running a course at Ranby House again called https://www.psinternationalballet.com/ if it’s any thing like OPES it will be great!
  12. I was in that class too! Thank you and you are definitely right so for the time being I will just enjoy the ride!
  13. Congratulations to your dd! What group was she in? Sorry I keep asking but I would like to see which girls or boys got a recall from my group so I can strive to be as good as them (if that makes sense!?)
  14. I’m not sure how far away RAD HQ is from you but it appears that they offer non-syllabus classes from Grade 3 onwards,which depending on the grade of your dd could be something to think about for the future. However, I’m not sure how good they are because I have no personal experience. Good luck to your dd! 😊
  15. You’re welcome! Yes I think that will make it easier and I can work on some things I struggled on. That’s a shame, I’m sure she was great! What group was she in (if you don’t mind me asking)? They do say third time lucky! Yes, there definitely is. Thank you very much and good luck to your dd in the future!
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