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  1. If anyone is selling could you kindly pm me please
  2. Once schools open i am very optimistic, plus we are hopefully moving into the next phase soon with shops etc opening. For those that can offer it without boarding and limit numbers I feel they should certainly give it a good go!
  3. Anyone know of any ballet summer schools still going ahead? Im hoping come July we may have a chance?
  4. I was surprised to learn vs are still expecting full fees paid too even if don’t return for the entire summer term
  5. There are less places at Birmingham so depends which centre is waiting for a place at
  6. Have all the results been sent out?
  7. Back to the question-Has any had any positive experiences of their vs helping them to find a job? I’ve been very disappointed in what I’ve heard lately and the lack of care or interest Some schools have .
  8. Hi I’ve just seen this, and logged on- you commented on my post where I was asking people to let me know. Can you pm me
  9. Could you please let me know if selling an Xs YUMIKO and attach photo, thank you!
  10. They do allow you to take them early on occasions, my dc did
  11. Yes I did but they never bothered to even read my question properly. We will give it a miss!
  12. Totally agree with you, easy for some people to say! Hmm really not needed !
  13. Has anyone received any replies from them yet?
  14. It’s a lot of money to pay so personally I would be expecting the music as soon as I have paid!
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