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  1. Could you please let me know if selling an Xs YUMIKO and attach photo, thank you!
  2. They do allow you to take them early on occasions, my dc did
  3. Yes I did but they never bothered to even read my question properly. We will give it a miss!
  4. Totally agree with you, easy for some people to say! Hmm really not needed !
  5. Has anyone received any replies from them yet?
  6. It’s a lot of money to pay so personally I would be expecting the music as soon as I have paid!
  7. I looked on the website for this but unable to see anything?
  8. My dc did them whilst at school, a few of them took them for each other
  9. Over the moon for my dc who has a place! Good luck to those on wait list!
  10. Anyone else still waiting?
  11. They are on the way out
  12. Central courses are only up to y11 sadly
  13. Many thanks, not holding out hope but just want to know now!
  14. Hi, does anyone know when we can expect to hear from rbs with regards to summer school places? Thanks
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