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  1. That's why I rarely post my reviews on performances, especially by some of the deemed "favorites" of the forum (ex: Takada, Lamb, Campbell, Nunez, Muntagirov), as some of the performances I've seen as of late (Giselle, Mayerling, Don Quixote, Manon etc.) weren't as satisfactory and I know there will be some unhappy respondents if I criticize their performances, technique, port de bras, or artistry. But I do like to read reviews by other ballet-goers on here! So, it'll suffice.
  2. I question even Nunez and Muntagirov's pull as their Marguerite and Armand triple bills didn't sell out this past run (although that whole triple bill run in general was quite slow in terms of sales). So, I imagine Frankenstein would be no different. Conversely, Osipova's and Shklyarov's Marguerite and Armand performances for the triple bill were the only ones that sold out if I remember correctly, and I imagine having them headline the triple bill performances for their dates is the very reason those performances sold out. Though, I'm not suggesting the RB goes out and tries to import overseas stars. I'm just saying I think on an international level, many of the dancers at the RB are less well-known (or not as great "pullers") than we would like to think (let alone in Britain). And that could be attributed to poor marketing! But to be honest, Frankenstein has been poorly publicized and marketed in general. So, who knows what would have happened otherwise. *And I'm only making the connection between the M&A triple bill and Frankenstein because triple bills tend to be slow-sellers (as is happening with Frankenstein even though it is not attached to a triple bill).
  3. I didn't attend the performance but I wonder if Osipova struggled tonight because she didn't have enough rehearsal time? (given her busy schedule with a recent project of hers).
  4. Obviously I would be glad to see Hallberg and Osipova together in something like Romeo and Juliet, but I cannot help but think Corrales and Osipova would make a great match as well. Both exuberant and youthful looking (If that's the most apt word?) Osipova is a mature artist, but I've always felt she has that uncanny ability to transform into a teenage girl when necessary. So, they (in my opinion) could be something special. Though, weirdly enough, I'm not so convinced about their partnership in La Bayadere. Only time will tell!
  5. I have a feeling that if the Royal Ballet ever releases a DVD of this production in 2020 (as that should be when they revive swan lake again), it'll most likely be of Takada/McRae. If not, probably Lamb/Hirano. I'm hoping Takada as I would like to see them feature some of the newest female principals in these great roles. Though, I wish Hirano would be granted that opportunity since he tends to be overlooked. He is definitely one of my favorite male principals.
  6. While I'm at it...Here is another review by New York Times dance critic Alastair Macaulay on David Hallberg and Natalia Osipova's performance of Giselle, as well as the rest of the run with Sarah Lane and Misty Copeland starring as Giselle. Very interesting and enlightening remarks! Beautiful pictures as well. Link: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/05/20/arts/dance/giselle-natalia-osipova-american-ballet-theater.html
  7. https://balletomanehk.com/2018/05/20/giselle-natalia-david/ Here is another beautifully-written review of Hallberg and Osipova by a "regular ballet-goer." Interesting how I often prefer reading commentary from audience members more so than "real critics." The reviews even on this forum are so much more detailed and substantial.
  8. Interestingly, I would love to see Ball and Osipova together in Don Quixote, too. I really think Ball would make a great Basilio. Their dynamic would be different from the Vasiliev partnership but more like that of Osipova and Leonid Sarafanov, another partnership I love.
  9. I agree! This is how I feel about Maria Alexandrova's, too. They are the only Gamzattis I have ever empathized with.
  10. It'll be interesting to see which combo proves more satisfactory: Nunez as Nikiya and Osipova as Gamzatti or Osipova as Nikiya and Nunez as Gamzatti? I'm sure both will be great, though. Osipova's Nikiya at the Bolshoi is among my favorites and Nunez's Gamzatti as well.
  11. Just wondering, when does casting for the winter season usually come out? I'm really curious to see which cast will be shown in the cinemas for Don Quixote. I'm hoping I can see Corrales, but I don't know if they would broadcast a first soloist in the main lead?
  12. On a brighter note: Was just looking at videos of Vadim as Solor, and came across this gem of Natalia as Gamzatti. Wow. Can't wait to see them together in this, plus Nunez. (*Her solo is at 5:44).
  13. All classical roles are not the same. Even if one excels as Aurora (and fits the role), they may not be suited for Swan Lake or La Bayadere, for instance. I find that to be the case for Hayward. But I think all of the RB's principal dancers are beautiful (including Hayward!). They each have something to offer. * Just in case my comments get misconstrued, I only mentioned Hayward because others brought her up. My intentions were not to disparage her or question her abilities, etc.
  14. I was thinking the same. I feel like there will be quite a few debuts. Definitely Corrales, and given how he is paired with Osipova in Bayadere, it makes sense he would be paired with her again. I imagine Ball and Sambe will debut, as well. I'm hoping Magri will get a chance. She would make a perfect Kitri.
  15. I was hoping they would record a dvd of Osipova as Nikiya and Vadim as Solor but it doesn't look like it. Quite disappointed. But overall, great casts.
  16. I've always thought Laura Morera would be a great Kitri. I sincerely hope she gets her chance. I also agree that Hallberg will probably be back to dance Romeo and Juliet with Osipova
  17. I'm still trying to think of potential couples for Don Quixote that actually work. We already know Vadim and Nunez will most likely be paired. I hope Kevin doesn't just put random principals together. I don't think casting worked all that well last time around. I also think I read somewhere that Carlos made changes to ACT II?
  18. It would be a mistake not to cast him. He has the bravado for it! In fact, I would like to see him with Takada. I feel like they would work together well.
  19. Actually, I totally forgot about Hirano. I think he would surprise us if he got the chance. I imagine if Shklyarov does guest, the other two would be Hirano and Vadim. But if not, then replace Shklyarov with Bonelli. * That is if there are only three casts.
  20. Is it for certain that Shklyarov will be guesting next season? Other than Vadim, I really wouldn't know who to cast as Solor (among the principals).
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