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  1. Yet another brilliant performance by this my favourite American company. This company has definitely been the best during this lockdown, in my opinion, with the range and variety of performances they have posted on YouTube. From full length ballet's like Tomasson's Romeo and Juliet, to one act ballet's, I particularly enjoyed Tomasson's Concerto Grosso, which I think would be a great piece for the young male dancers of RB or BRB. It was also fantastic to get another opportunity to see they're 2018 Bound festival works. Of the gala I was amazed, again, by Yuan Yuan Tan. But the highlight of the show was the Swan Lake pdd by David Dawson, I love his choreography and this performance from his full length ballet that the Scottish Ballet premiered here in Liverpool in 2016, brought back good memories of that performance however this time we had the amazing Sofiane Sylve dancing the swan. Sofiane Sylve is a wonderful dancer and I enjoy her every performance. She was partnered by the talented Carlo Di Lanno and I look forward to seeing them perform - once Dresden is able. I'm so happy Sofiane is back on Europe!
  2. I love this! Yes it is slightly reminiscent of Bejart, but this is so much better because it is not so regimented the dancers are free and relaxed. It was so great to see all the dancers together again - sort of. I enjoyed this so much - a lot more than than I did the MacGregor pdd from ROH the other night. Well done Christopher Wheeldon and well done all the musicians and dancers who participated.
  3. Just found this 1979 (I think) version on YouTube. Curiously introduced by Jim Dale, who interviews Mason & Collier between acts & later on Shaw & Rencher. Starring the wonderful Lesley Collier and Anthony Dowell. They are just gorgeous. It also stars lots of old favourites like Monica Mason, Merle Park, Vergie Derman, Wayne Sleep, and Shaw & Rencher as the ugly sisters. But I was particularly happy to see Jennifer Penney. It's not the greatest quality, far from it, but I'm just really happy to see this performance again, I know I watched it on TV in 1979. Anyway thank you whoever put it on YouTube. Hope it doesn't get taken down too soon. Also sorry if this has already been discussed.
  4. It's been many years since I saw this version - and I just didn't really enjoy it. The balcony pdd was such a let down. Not romantic at all. It's all really about Romeo isn't it? I had just finished a 12hr shift - so that didn't help I know, but I just couldn't get into it, and I thought the orchestra sounded terrible!
  5. I've just discovered this programme on BBC iPlayer. "Diaghilev" a 1968 Omnibus production with the wonderful Peter Ustinov. I loved it, so great to see Karsavina, Rambert, Massine Beaton, and so many more. I've never seen this before, so interesting. Sorry if this has already been discussed.
  6. I loved Edward Liang's ballet - specifically because it featured my favourite, Sofiane Sylve in a wonderful pdd with the strong reliable Tiits Helimets. She displayed yet again why she is so admired. It was a refreshing and light hearted piece - enjoyable in the fact that no deep thinking or analysis was necessary. You could just sit back and enjoy the beautiful dancing. I particularly loved the quirky ending with Yuan Yuan Tan. I will definitely watch this again.
  7. This was going to be my highlight of the summer, maybe even the year. I was so looking forward to seeing them. But it's totally understandable why the tour has been cancelled. Hopefully we will see them perform here in the future.
  8. Anima Animus: It really is a fantastic ballet - I attended the premiere in San Francisco and it was so utterly beautiful I cried. But watching Sofiane Sylve live again and in a David Dawson ballet was not to be missed. She has always been one of my favourite ballerina's - and I'm so pleased she's returning to Europe, I plan on travelling to Germany - lots! Hopefully this brilliant ballet will encourage people to check out David Dawson's ballet's it future. One our most talented artists along with Cathy Marston, and I hope to see lots more of his amazing ballet's.
  9. I've been informed that Sofiane will both dance and be ballet mistress. Phew!
  10. Does that mean Sofiane Sylve is retiring, or will she both dance and teach? I can't imagine her not dancing.....well maybe I just don't want her to stop dancing 😭
  11. Loved this film. Thank you @meetmeatthebarre for bringing it to my attention. Call me sentimental but the scene with Nishu dancing for the patients in the hospital brought a tear to my eye. A lovely film and such a positive change from all the violent murder films we're saturated in. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  12. Have enjoyed watching the first day of Prix. So happy I'm off work for a few days. Lovely to see Jaimie Persson (nee Tapper) & Zenaida Yanowsky on the jury - and also catching Christopher Powney & Daria Klimentova sitting on the side closely watching the dancers. No-one jumping out yet but a couple of Japanese girls have caught my eye. 🙄 This year I'm going to try and guess who will end up at either the RB or RBS.
  13. Loved this clip. How fantastic is James Hay? Perfect! Enjoyed seeing Romany Pajdak too. I did wonder though why the men were wearing shorts & t.shirts, while the women were all in matching purple leotards and tutus? Is it like this throughout the dvd or just in this particular clip?
  14. Thanks @Darlex - I admit I enjoyed my stroll down memory lane - even if it did remind me how old I am 🙄
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