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  1. I've been informed that Sofiane will both dance and be ballet mistress. Phew!
  2. Does that mean Sofiane Sylve is retiring, or will she both dance and teach? I can't imagine her not dancing.....well maybe I just don't want her to stop dancing 😭
  3. Loved this film. Thank you @meetmeatthebarre for bringing it to my attention. Call me sentimental but the scene with Nishu dancing for the patients in the hospital brought a tear to my eye. A lovely film and such a positive change from all the violent murder films we're saturated in. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  4. Have enjoyed watching the first day of Prix. So happy I'm off work for a few days. Lovely to see Jaimie Persson (nee Tapper) & Zenaida Yanowsky on the jury - and also catching Christopher Powney & Daria Klimentova sitting on the side closely watching the dancers. No-one jumping out yet but a couple of Japanese girls have caught my eye. 🙄 This year I'm going to try and guess who will end up at either the RB or RBS.
  5. Loved this clip. How fantastic is James Hay? Perfect! Enjoyed seeing Romany Pajdak too. I did wonder though why the men were wearing shorts & t.shirts, while the women were all in matching purple leotards and tutus? Is it like this throughout the dvd or just in this particular clip?
  6. Thanks @Darlex - I admit I enjoyed my stroll down memory lane - even if it did remind me how old I am 🙄
  7. My most enduring memory from LFB's rep in the 80's was L'Arlessienne with Mireille Bourgeois & Peter Schaufuss. Brilliant, moving performances from all but these two in particular. So I would love to see this ballet a lot more. And I can never get enough of Etudes - especially when I was fortunate to see so many performances led by Patricia Ruanne/ Trinidad Sevillano and P.Dupond, P.Armand, Maurizio Bellezza, Matz Skoog. Unforgettable! I also enjoyed Carmen - absolutely loving it when danced by Dominique Khalfouni & Denys Ganio - who were so much better (right?) than Alessandra Ferri & P. Schaufuss. God the brilliant guests that would turn up with LFB in Liverpool..... I'd love to see Graduation Ball again which I last saw live in 1980 🥴 I saw Petrouchka & Scheherazade live for the first time with this company and I was memorised by the drama, the music and the colours. I really wish these wonderful -& important, ballet's were performed and toured on a regular basis.
  8. Congratulations to Reece. He is always a pleasure to watch. Thrilled for him. 👍
  9. Thanks for this Rob, so interesting! I didn't know S.Wicks & M.Welford were the owners of that often mentioned florist.
  10. I totally agree! It was awful. Bad choreography, terrible costumes - a waste of the talent on the stage. Didn't know if to laugh or cry??? Best thing about was the music - to enjoy with your eyes closed!
  11. For me the deepest impression was Yasmine Naghdi in The Sleeping Beauty. She was utterly beautiful. And although I will never forget it - I wish it had been filmed.
  12. As mentioned it was just a rehash of clips most of us have seen before. 😴 But, I was reminded of how much I dislike 'Alice'. That I still miss Ed Watson - (& didn't Mara Galeazzi have lovely feet). And I will never get enough of Symphonic Variations. It was an ok programme - but hardly "essential".
  13. I was sitting on the benches at the side in the stalls circle last night - not only were I and the 2 people to the left of me squashed because someone was taking more room than they should, but the couple to the right of me kept leaning forward therefore blocking my view. I couldn't lean forward otherwise I'd of blocked my neighbour's view. In the end I just had to ask them to sit back. And they didn't like that, especially the female - if looks could kill. Hated the seat and will definitely avoid in future. The ache between my shoulders isn't worth it - neither was being squashed for an expensive ticket!
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