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  1. Congratulations to Reece. He is always a pleasure to watch. Thrilled for him. 👍
  2. Thanks for this Rob, so interesting! I didn't know S.Wicks & M.Welford were the owners of that often mentioned florist.
  3. I totally agree! It was awful. Bad choreography, terrible costumes - a waste of the talent on the stage. Didn't know if to laugh or cry??? Best thing about was the music - to enjoy with your eyes closed!
  4. For me the deepest impression was Yasmine Naghdi in The Sleeping Beauty. She was utterly beautiful. And although I will never forget it - I wish it had been filmed.
  5. As mentioned it was just a rehash of clips most of us have seen before. 😴 But, I was reminded of how much I dislike 'Alice'. That I still miss Ed Watson - (& didn't Mara Galeazzi have lovely feet). And I will never get enough of Symphonic Variations. It was an ok programme - but hardly "essential".
  6. I was sitting on the benches at the side in the stalls circle last night - not only were I and the 2 people to the left of me squashed because someone was taking more room than they should, but the couple to the right of me kept leaning forward therefore blocking my view. I couldn't lean forward otherwise I'd of blocked my neighbour's view. In the end I just had to ask them to sit back. And they didn't like that, especially the female - if looks could kill. Hated the seat and will definitely avoid in future. The ache between my shoulders isn't worth it - neither was being squashed for an expensive ticket!
  7. This news made me cry. I am so very happy for him. So well deserved. And I can't wait to see his future creations... Congratulations!
  8. I do miss her, such an exceptionally lovely ballerina especially in Ashton - her beautiful port de bras......
  9. Mayerling, La Bayadere, Winter Dreams, Don Quixote, The Firebird. I'm sorry if I've forgotten any, but did Yasmine Naghdi debut and then be amazing in all these roles?
  10. I couldn't write last night I was so overwhelmed. I witnessed greatness on that stage. Yasmine Naghdi is undoubtedly the Aurora of this generation, as Sim said. We all know that she has an amazing, assured technique so much so that it is almost taken for granted because she makes it look easy. But for me what was wonderful to see last night was how she totally embraced and lived this role. She was Aurora, from the pleased excited look on her face at her first entrance to the confident, unrushed balances in the rose adagio. You believed she was a young princess, Yasmine danced like she was. I want to mention her beautiful port de bras throughout, her hands, her arched and pointed feet but most of all the beauty and artistry of this very special ballerina. I shall never forget this performance the last time I was so moved watching SB was when I saw Viviana Durante. I never saw Fonteyn live, but I like to believe that she was smiling down and nodding in approval at last night's performance. I'm aware that this review has only mentioned Yasmine - and that is not a critique of the company because all the dancers were fantastic, special mention to Romany Pajdak. But the show belonged to Yasmine Naghdi.
  11. Approximately 10 in our cinema tonight, I think, worrying. I loved the show, another opportunity to see this marvelous programme. The whole cast of Concerto were fantastic but the performance belonged to Yasmine Naghdi - what more can be said of this wonderful ballerina? Her musicality, her artistry and her phenomenal technique is always a pleasure to see. Enigma Variations was a showcase of the acting ability of the RB. I was so pleased to see Romany Pajdak again, she is perfect in this role it really suits her calm, romantic persona. In fact Romany was gorgeous in every ballet tonight , I can't wait to see her in more solo opportunities, it was exciting to see her partnered with Cesare Corrales in Raymonda. Another notable performance came from Hannah Grennell in Concerto & Raymonda. And Reece Clarke was excellent in Raymonda. The whole cast of Raymonda were brilliant though, especially Vadim Muntagirov as usual. One moment I thought was particularly lovely when the camera caught Isabella Gasparini with a big smile on her face as she watched Osipova in her solo. Just magic.
  12. Just catching up on WBD, and it was great to see Kirill - the boy from the Vaganova documentary who Tsiskaridze disliked, taking part. I really hope he does well.
  13. Or that beautiful Act 2 solo by Ashton in the Sleeping Beauty......
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