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  1. Did anyone write of David Dawson's ballet? I may be wrong but I don't remember anyone mentioning it.....?
  2. I was speaking really of RB dancers/staff those who worked with her rather than audience members.
  3. Yes I agree Sim - Claire Calvert paid tribute to her on Instagram - the only one I've noticed so far.....
  4. You may believe you are not 'really knowledgeable' but I for one love to read reviews about how the performance made you feel, your opinion wether it was good or bad. And I certainly appreciate your humour!
  5. Oh yes I agree. Their pdd was definitely the highlight for me. They danced so beautifully together. I hope we get to see more of them together. And I've said it before - like many others - Campbell is obviously dancing really well and his technical ability is a given - why wasn't he cast as Romeo? All very puzzling 🙄
  6. Remember those old black & white musicals where the chorus line/understudy is unexpectantly thrown into the starring role? When I think of the artists, 1st artists, soloists - there are certain dancers who immediately spring to mind who I know without a shadow of doubt would be able to not only carry the show but undoubtedly shine in the unexpected opportunity. Romany Padjak is such a dancer. She is always beautiful and her opportunity is long overdue. Although I would be SO pleased if Padjak were promoted I think it will probably be Sambe, Kaneko or Stix-Brunell to principal or O'Sullivan & Clarke to 1st Soloist. I think that Joseph Sissens should definitely be promoted to Soloist - along with Gasparini and of course the lovely Romany Padjak.
  7. I spoke with Ed Watson last week and he said he would be back performing in June....😁
  8. I'm really hoping to get time off work to get down to see some of this. After seeing them in SF last year I can highly recommend Snowblind by Cathy Marsden, another dramatic masterpiece with an especially gorgeous scene for the corps representing the snow blizzard. And David Dawson's Amina Animus is amazing, memorable for the not only the choreography and Dawson's expansive use of space and light but the unforgettable presence of Sofiane Sylve. A wonderful ballerina in an equally wonderful ballet.
  9. Sorry to disagree with you all - but I just hate this 'ballet' - it doesn't amuse me at all, I find it predictable and cringe worthy.
  10. I seem to remember reading that he was at La Scala before Bolshoi - so wouldn't he be familiar with Macmillan's R&J from there?
  11. I enjoyed Within The Golden Hour, all the dancers performed well but Sarah Lamb and Alexander Campbell were the standout couple. I didn't like Medusa, it looked so amateurish - especially being the centre piece in tonight's program. My friend thought it just looked under rehearsed. The singers were beautiful, in fact all the musicians and singers were incredible tonight. My understanding of this myth was not what I saw tonight, but it was not what was in the program notes either. I thought Medusa's glance could turn you to stone? - yet throughout the pdd Ball continued to look at Osipova. The costumes were silly too especially the transparent boiler suits the men wore. The apparent violent meeting of Medusa and Poseidon, to my eye's didn't appear so violent. Just a pdd with Ryoichi Hirano for some reason wearing what looked like a grey skirt and a black line painted on him? So yes, not very good. And all I could think was why oh why would you pay for this when you - KoH - could hire Cathy Marston for example to choreograph something amazing for the company? Anyway the dancers were committed especially Osipova, who in the final solo danced her heart out. Flight Pattern is what I wanted to see as I missed it last time. And I was not disappointed. Firstly I loved the atmospheric lighting, and the music was perfect, and I was struck yet again at how small simple moves, such as rocking in place can be so powerful when structured by someone like Pite. I loved it. And all the dancers without exception were amazing. It made me cry.
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