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  1. I had already decided I was only staying until the second interval, thankfully! I was dead on my feet, and also was ready to commit murder thanks to the audience member in the Balcony whose hearing aid screeched for several minutes, spoiling the middle of Month in the Country...
  2. I have just received a notification from the Royal Opera House's Facebook page that World Ballet Day 2019 will take place on Wednesday 23rd October.
  3. It was a stunner, wasn't it? I saw the previous performance. Great old-school exciting singing. I was, however, struck by the anachronism that was the use of pointe shoes in the Act 1 ballet sequence, for a aristocratic party entertainment set in the 1780s!
  4. LinMM, I believe Shade is referring to the new pasteis de nata place on Russell Street, next to the ROH box office, where the preparation kitchen has a window onto the street. https://www.coventgarden.london/cafes/santa-nata
  5. Indeed - I couldn't be there either, and reading the reports on this thread, this is the single item I'm wishing I had got to see.
  6. https://www.everybodyballet.com/ Never tried them myself (they seem very expensive compared with other London adult ballet opportunities) but I know Bennet Gartside teaches a lot of them, and a couple of people I see regularly in the RB audience sometimes attend his Beginner classes.
  7. https://checkout.timeout.com/london/54-off-cinderella-at-the-royal-albert-hall-58039 The seats are in the Circle, and presumably not front row of the Circle which, due to sightlines, is the only part of the Circle I could be persuaded to sit in for an in-the-round performance. But I thought some of you may be interested!
  8. Does the RB's estimated running time include the scheduled applause and curtain calls, I wonder? I realise this wouldn't account for eight whole minutes, but it would make a difference. I remember wondering the same thing the last time I noted the running time of the last act of the Royal Opera's Traviata was shown in the cast sheet as 40min, when I think of it as a 35min act even without the small cut the Royal Opera always do.
  9. I suspected this would be the case when I looked at the individual running times! I'll have had an 18-hour day by the time I get home tonight...
  10. I think the justification behind most of these route changes is that since the Hopper fare was introduced (meaning a journey can consist of more than one bus without paying a second fare), usage patterns have changed and the routes in question can be covered by other combinations of route. For example, the 381 takes a similar (but not the same) route from Tower Bridge to Waterloo, and there are then other onward connections across the bridge. Edited to add: and as nice as the RV1 route is/was - and I know it well, as I used to work on Southwark Bridge Road years ago and use it to get to the ROH - it was not the most direct of routes, nor the most reliable or regular.
  11. There are a number of other changes to routes in the Covent Garden area too - the one which will affect me personally being the fact that the 171, which goes past the end of my road, will terminate at Elephant & Castle, no longer serving Waterloo, Aldwych and Holborn. Changes also to the 172 and 341 routes if anyone wants to investigate those further.
  12. Hi Anna, I've sent you a PM. Edited to add: ...and withdrawn my request as I realized I had misread the date. Ticket still available as far as I know!
  13. Hi Ryo, Sending you a PM regarding tomorrow, 04/06, as I can now help. You'll need to keep looking re the one on the 13th.
  14. I'm a total Manon addict, I'm afraid. Only the fact that I'm rather busy with other things during the upcoming run will keep my visits down to a reasonable 2 or 3. (When ENB did it recently, I went to see it six times in five days...)
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