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  1. I have a conductor friend who, if I check into a ballet on Facebook, will often ask me how the conducting was, especially if the conductor is a friend of hers (she has one particular friend who quite regularly conducts bits of RB mixed bills) and when she gets round to going to a ballet herself, always sits where she can see the conductor. And I never have a clue. In opera or concerts the conducting is much more part of the things I will notice about a performance than in ballet, where I typically only notice the conductor if they do something badly!
  2. Surely there's going to be an element of preference expressed by the parent. If they have a very long distance to travel, other children, pre-existing extracurricular activities etc, surely some people will *want* a slightly lower time commitment?
  3. The BBC have had a change of heart. Last night's heat had a delayed broadcast in full at 22:05 on BBC4, as will tonight's. This was only announced yesterday.
  4. Surely, for the sake of one rehearsal, you could find an acquaintance who’s already a Friend who might be able to book an extra ticket and take you with them?
  5. One *could* suggest that as a Principal she should be given precedence over Melissa Hamilton. I'm not suggesting I would agree with this approach particularly, as I like Hamilton in Macmillan.
  6. Yes, and she (inexplicably, to me) isn't scheduled to do so in the next revival, either!
  7. It might just be my browser, but despite appearances, clicking on the above link doesn't actually take me to the "take part" tab - it takes me to the parent page for the production ("overview") and there's then a "take part" link which leads to the masterclass listing.
  8. For the last few competitions, the content broadcast on UK-wide terrestrial television (BBC4) has been so heavily edited that it's been totally useless in terms of being able to judge contestants on their whole balanced programme. If the remaining heats are being broadcast in full on BBC2 Wales (watchable live or on demand anywhere in the UK via iPlayer) that is a significantly better option than perfunctory highlights on BBC4, so quite honestly I don't mind having to go looking for it! I'm off to the final on Saturday.
  9. I had already decided I was only staying until the second interval, thankfully! I was dead on my feet, and also was ready to commit murder thanks to the audience member in the Balcony whose hearing aid screeched for several minutes, spoiling the middle of Month in the Country...
  10. I have just received a notification from the Royal Opera House's Facebook page that World Ballet Day 2019 will take place on Wednesday 23rd October.
  11. It was a stunner, wasn't it? I saw the previous performance. Great old-school exciting singing. I was, however, struck by the anachronism that was the use of pointe shoes in the Act 1 ballet sequence, for a aristocratic party entertainment set in the 1780s!
  12. LinMM, I believe Shade is referring to the new pasteis de nata place on Russell Street, next to the ROH box office, where the preparation kitchen has a window onto the street. https://www.coventgarden.london/cafes/santa-nata
  13. Indeed - I couldn't be there either, and reading the reports on this thread, this is the single item I'm wishing I had got to see.
  14. https://www.everybodyballet.com/ Never tried them myself (they seem very expensive compared with other London adult ballet opportunities) but I know Bennet Gartside teaches a lot of them, and a couple of people I see regularly in the RB audience sometimes attend his Beginner classes.
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