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  1. In this run? It seems highly unlikely, given that that was the last scheduled Osipova/Clarke performance, and we have no reason (that I know of) to believe that any other scheduled Onegin or Tatyana is ill or injured.
  2. That said, one thing that bothers me is the lack of "seconds" at the duel...
  3. I am reminded of my comment on the very first page of this thread, over six months ago: That rumour was Nunez/Bolle. Apparently I spoke too soon...
  4. No, though there would be no reason why a director couldn't include it.
  5. You're right about the first part, though it's in the past tense; Onegin has been bored stiff by sitting at his uncle's deathbed, but the uncle is now dead. There's no later reference in the opera to Tatyana and Gremin's children; Gremin simply tells Onegin that they have been married two years.
  6. Indeed. With the exception of the absence of the opera's Act 1, Scene 3 (when Onegin rejects Tatyana), the scenes of the ballet cover the same material in the same order. Even the opera's dance set pieces are closely mirrored in the structure of the ballet.
  7. In general I believe one should avoid the sides of the upper tiers, and the back row of the side stalls.
  8. That's OK - I've now got the ticket Carol had previously!
  9. It would be helpful if you gave the seat number, the sightlines in the Linbury being what they are.
  10. Do you need both of them, Carol? Only I posted an hour ago looking for one...
  11. The cast change has increased my interest in this performance - do let me know if you've got a suitable ticket needing a good home!
  12. And he attends both ballet and opera... and seems to like the same singers I do
  13. If this is somebody new this season, as Geoff suggests, then it isn't the individual who's been doing similar for years (who is very distinctive in appearance and I would be happy to point out to Geoff sometime!)
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