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  1. Bumping this in the hope of a response. Tried Friday Rush today but couldn’t get anything that was up to my standards...
  2. I’m sure a mod will spot this and move it into the Doing Dance sub-forum, where it will get more relevant attention.
  3. Yes, by the time I arrived at the ROH on Wednesday, the website had finally been updated for that night *and* for tomorrow.
  4. I think with any new device you have to enter your user credentials the first time.
  5. Nope, but this 2012 post from my long-defunct blog supports your experience! https://croceedeliziaalcor.wordpress.com/2012/10/31/extraordinary-in-part/
  6. Last Saturday matinee, having seen this ballet many many times and on several occasions been watching for it specially, I FINALLY spotted the moment when he comes in! It's when the two Courtesans are dancing and have ended up on stage right (auditorium left), a sweeping waltz theme comes in in the music, and some men come forward in a row. Then Des Grieux enters stage left behind them, looking down at his book. Now I've noticed it once I don't think I'll ever un-notice. But I agree with Sim that the applause on Wednesday was entirely inappropriate!
  7. Looking for one SCS or central Balcony Standing ticket for the 25th October performance of the Concerto/Enigma/Raymonda mixed bill, if anyone has one to spare. A swap for my existing ticket for the performance on 28th October would also be considered in lieu of payment - trying to rearrange my diary to resolve a clash... Thank you!
  8. Am I right in thinking @ArucariaBallerina is a current first-year sixth form student there? She might be able to provide some up-to-date information.
  9. Back in 2012-14 I went through a phase of more-than-occasionally treating myself to quite expensive seats (before I increased my mortgage, since which I’ve been almost entirely relegated to Stalls Circle Standing). I sat in B7 for my first-ever Giselle - Osipova’s first with the RB - and it was utterly ruined by the man in front of me leaning to the right. I couldn’t see a thing throughout Act 1. House management reseated me in the interval to Row A of the Stalls Circle. To he fair, I’ve had a lovely view from the equivalent aisle seat in Row E, and it’s opposite number, on a couple of occasions.
  10. Somebody in the rear stalls lit the entire house up by taking a flash photo just as the curtain was descending at the end, too.
  11. Many of the Balcony seats also offer poor value for money because of the insufficient rake. There are however some excellent ones - the central block of row A (though this is expensive) and at mid-price, the loose seats in row B (B25-30 on the left and B57-62 on the right) which can be removed to create wheelchair spaces. The latter are great value for money and it’s almost impossible for the people in front to obstruct the view. They also have the advantage of not being released for sale until the ROH has finished dealing with priority wheelchair bookings, so are an excellent option if you missed the day the performance first opened for booking.
  12. It’s a relevant point, though. Rows B to E in the Orchestra Stalls are to be avoided as the rake begins at row F.
  13. I assume you mean C rather than D, as D is standing (and has a perfectly good view).
  14. Unless you and your companion are very tall, I would suggest the Amphitheatre seats. The centre of Stalls Circle row C, while being expensive, is poorly raked, so you can very easily find yourself with an unadvertised restricted view even if there is quite an average-sized person sitting in front of you. As long as you are OK with heights, and not really unusually wide in dimension (the Amphi seats are a little narrow and not separated by armrests) I think you'll get more satisfaction in the Amphitheatre seats.
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