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Found 5 results

  1. Casting appears to be up on the individual pages for each date, as accessed via the old-school calendar at https://www.roh.org.uk/evebts/calendar/2020/january and so on.
  2. I was just disappointed with the poor choice of seats left. It also shows there is a distinct need for more matinees!! Seems all the priority bookers got there first. I think they need to look at the whole booking system because Joe Public is not getting a fair crack at the whip. I got 1 DonQ where I wanted and I had to book a cheap seat for Les Patineurs which will do, but it really is not where I wanted. Thankfully I got an Insight ticket for DonQ. As I had wanted to see 5 DonQs and 2 Les Pats due to the high prices and lack of seat choices I ended up with only 1 of each. It seems ROH got its wish to exile regulars. Meanwhile I will now use the time and money to patronise other companies elsewhere.
  3. Very longwinded booking today, possibly due partly to having to cross-check the castings. I suddenly realised I only had 3 minutes to complete my booking, and was only partway through Two Pigeons, so paid for that lot, then realised I hadn't marked off which 2Ps I'd already booked, and my new purchases weren't yet showing up in my account, so I couldn't double-check! Pretty much turned my nose up at Don Q, apart from a couple of not at all good standings - sorry, Powers that Be, but if you seriously think I'm going to pay £19 for a seat with a 60% viewing restriction you've got another think coming! But can someone tell me, since for once I actually got in at 9 am on the dot, no queuing: given that the ROH has to hold back 20% of tickets for the general public, how it can be that there is only 1 ticket left in Stalls Circle for the first night of Les Patineurs at 9 am? I assumed the 20% was distributed evenly throughout the house. Oh, and the "sorry, that ticket is no longer available" box seemed to be oddly difficult to get rid of this morning!
  4. Hiya, Just wondered if any of your DC are auditioning for panto season?? I wasn't that keen, it taking up the whole of Christmas but DS is fancying a go. Any experience greatly appreciated. Rate he's going, he'll be a professional auditioner!! 😂😂😂 😂😂😂 xx
  5. I have pencilled in that, in the normal way of things, we could be receiving casting details for the Winter season in a couple of week's time, including of course the Xmas performances of Sleeping Beauty. However given the delays in casting announcements that seem to be becoming the norm, I fear that's probably overly optimistic? General Booking for the Autumn season doesn't open till the 19th July, so, although they overlap in December, I suppose any announcement re the Winter Season will await that and probably beyond! Unfortunately unlike the Ballet World, the rest of the performing arts are now booking 12-18 months ahead and one can't afford to wait. One can only hope that with the recent promotions, Mr O'Hare et al now feel they know their dancers' strengths well enough to make earlier commitments to the programme they have announced! EDIT: My apologies for there not actually being any casting information in this thread as yet, but the Autumn thread was starting to run into Winter too, and I thought it better to start a separate thread. Alison
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