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  1. I actually quite like Anastasia, especially the music. But what I'd really look forward to is La Fille with McRae and Osipova. More Ashton please!
  2. I feel like I read somewhere that said they are staying up for 14 days. Not sure where I read that from though. My memory is failing me. Ha
  3. Even when watching my favorite dancers on screen, I become disengaged very quickly. It might just be my brain though -- watching anything via screen loses the palpable energy/magic one feels when sharing the same physical surroundings as those performing.
  4. Can we all just respectfully disagree with each other? I'm not sure why anyone is getting personally offended by any of the comments made from both sides of the discussion.
  5. Not dumb at all! Normally, when I click on non-English interviews, I immediately get a notification from Google translate on the top right of my phone/laptop screen that asks me if I want to translate it into English. Sometimes, it doesn't pop up so I have to click out and re-enter the page until I get the notification. But I will say it is much easier to get the whole thing translated by Google translate on my laptop. Sometimes, it lags on my phone.
  6. Not sure if I should attach a link for the sake of protocol or practicality, but I just read a recent Russian interview with Osipova that suggested O'Hare is intending to bring back the likes of Dante's Inferno and Swan Lake next season since the audience/dancers/artists involved missed out on them. She also talks about her life post-quarantine if that interests anybody, and how all of the rest of the company are coping with company-led classes they do in the morning together spearheaded by instructors like Brian. Edit: I'll just go ahead and attach the link: https://www.kommersan
  7. Instead of La Bayadere, I reckon we might see Don Quixote (which I'm admittedly hoping for if the live cinema is with Osipova and Clarke).
  8. Perhaps not for the cinema showings though, which is unfortunate. But I'm done speculating!
  9. That's what I was thinking. But I wonder if they are releasing past broadcasts that we've probably already seen (hence free?). Either way, unfortunate for the company and dancers who wanted to dance SL so badly.
  10. To be honest, as long as she isn't given the Nunez treatment after this season (which means overly-featuring a dancer in almost every big classic in back-to-back-to-back seasons), I'm fine (for now) with her being given the two big cinema screenings this upcoming season. She tends to be injury-prone and is already in her mid 30s. So, she doesn't have that much time left to wait and wait to dance these big classics in the cinemas. The time is now, especially with the younger three principal dancers on her heels. I will also add that I think it's a shame that a thread was dedicated
  11. Also, Hayward recently performed in the Despertares event and danced in Tarantella. If you want to see, just go to 2:27 in the link below. https://youtu.be/uT6VsUf-cX0
  12. I can actually identify with Hayward's sentiments. I'm half-Turkish and half-black-American. But I identify primarily with Turkish culture, and never identified myself by my skin color or saw myself as a color. That's what having a Turkish mother will do to you! Ha. Turks don't care much for ethnic differences given the heterogeneous population in Turkey but rather culture given their very culturally-based nationalistic sentiments. In fact, in Turkey, even if only one of your parents is Turkish you will still be accepted as a Turk. Can't say the same for America who adheres to the one-drop r
  13. I lied! I'll say one last thing....if he is never going to be shown in the cinema showings as the male lead in the classics, why did KOH ever promote him in the first place given his age? Seems odd. I honestly don't know how some of these dancers stay motivated in the face of what looks like "favoritsm" (same goes for those who are hardly featured this season, particularly the two dancers that have already been mentioned by others). Good thing I'm not a dancer! Lol
  14. Regarding Hirano, I should have clarified (ha!), what I meant was like in Don Quixote, Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, Giselle....things of that nature. I've always thought he had a nice regal presence on stage. Oh well...seems I'll just have to accept that Muntagirov will likely keep dominating the screenings. Would love more diversity on the male part (although perhaps KOH feels that there aren't that many options as I suggested earlier?) Oh well...won't continue to harp on it further.
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