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  1. Newdancermum

    London Children’s Ballet: Ballet Shoes

    Thank you - I must have missed this link. Have they increased the number of tours this year? I thought they did two groups and it is now four. Do they rehearse at the same time? Also is 60 a smaller main company? I know it was different in 2017 when they didn't use the Peacock so maybe I am just losing track. Sorry for all the questions but DD really keen to try this year as we couldn't make the audition dates before. It doesn't say which age group is which date but going on previous years I think we can do it!
  2. Newdancermum

    London Children’s Ballet: Ballet Shoes

    I understand that they are changing the rehearsal schedule this year. Does anyone have details?
  3. Yes it is running, unless you have heard something recently - they were still accepting applications.
  4. Newdancermum

    National Youth Ballet Final Auditions 2018

    Congratulations to your DD. It will be her first time - she is 11.
  5. Check you have picked the correct seating area and price as it worked for me on the £60.50 Dress Circle seats.
  6. First Direct have been sponsoring Northern Ballet for several years now. Those will accounts can take advantage of their 2-4-1 offers! https://www1.firstdirect.com/1/2/uncovered/partnerships/northern-ballet
  7. You can either drag or pick them from a folder and then it is possible to move them to the actual post which will hopefully get over the file size issue. I am not aware that it is possible to take them and directly input into the post as you would with some Apps. Hope his helps.
  8. Newdancermum

    Opinions on Ballet Boost Associates?

    I had read this differently so yes thank you for making it clear. I had thought you were saying that it is the same people who attend who also go to other associates. It does appear that the same DCs attend a number of schemes - there must be a lots of juggling going on!
  9. Newdancermum

    Dance physiotherapist for evaluation

    Perhaps @Annasophia can comment more as she used her in 2017. I could suggest an evaluation by a "good" teacher, perhaps someone who teaches on a top associates but have no idea how you would go about it. DD's friend's Mum met an ex top level professional through their dance school who was able to help in a very general way but wasn't prepared to say too much as a lot is down to the work put in and the development of the dancer into teenage years. You do have to bear in mind that each programme and school is looking for something different and just because you don't tick the boxes for one place does mean you wont make it elsewhere. Potential problems should be picked up by good teachers but as we heard already in another post things are not always picked up. Sorry if this is ramble and not helpful but I feel this links to potential which is something we all wonder about for our DC.
  10. Newdancermum

    Dance physiotherapist for evaluation

    This was posted last year - is it of any help?
  11. Newdancermum

    YBSS application 2018

    I too would be interested in hearing about class sizes and what is optimal, not just for summer schools but any class, in order for DC to receive an appropriate amount of "personal" attention for corrections and comment. Sorry I know this is going off the topic of specifically YBSS but is of relevance in terms of what is the benefit of a "good" (as in an auditioned for, pictures submitted) summer school if the class sizes are big. After two years I still feel very new to this and would like to know I am throwing my money in the right direction. As a relatively late starter DD is still some way behind her peers and while I know there are a few years to work on catching-up we need to know that any summer schools and intensives are providing a good opportunity for progression, as I am sure we all do when we are spending our hard earned pennies. Okay so that should have said hundred of pounds!
  12. Newdancermum

    YBSS application 2018

    I've heard that some who went to the recent intensive have already been informed if they have a place. DD was upset that I said she was too young to go and then she found out that dancers her age had been allowed to attend. Does anyone know anything about their day courses and rules for attendance? Do you have to be an exceptional dancer to attend? Doesn't bode well for us getting a place on the summer course!
  13. Newdancermum

    Help with hair please!

    Pinning pleats defeats me - bun anytime.
  14. Newdancermum

    Help with hair please!

    I agree with @Harwelwith some practice most DD can do it. If she can do the ponytail bit then twist the hair before creating the bun then add a few pins before putting round a hair net, add some more pins and spray with some water. It wont be right first time but hopefully her teacher wont mind helping add a few pins if they came out. Be prepared for quite a few torn hair nets until she gets better. Good luck!
  15. Newdancermum

    Birthday/Christmas pressies

    Well done to those who successfully managed to place orders. My first attempt was for one half price item, not low value, that by the end was more expensive than I can buy it elsewhere and the second attempt so slow that I gave up. DD then said I don't really like anything . Had another look for some essentials and given up! Reinforces just how much I hate on-line shopping! Covent Garden here we come! Good excuse for a day trip to London.