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  1. Exactly - although Jean Rhys cleverly intertwines her novel's plot with that of Jane Eyre there are some discrepancies between the narratives. All this said, looking forward to another NB production - loved Mermaid!
  2. I would agree that you are correct in your supposition relating to slavery in Bronte's Jane Eyre but it is definitely written about in Wide Sargasso Sea where both families had been involved in the slave trade. The opening of the Wide Sargasso Sea take place after the abolition of the slave trade and Bronte wrote Jane Eyre some years after that and although didn't write directly about the socio-political agendas of the day the language of slavery is used in the novel. However you need to take into account that critics have said that in the past that authors would often shy away from the shameful truths of the British history whereas at the time that Jean Rhys was writing things had moved on.
  3. National youth ballet 2017

    Thanks I will contact them as the girls may, as I suspected, be in different groups.
  4. National youth ballet 2017

    Thanks Yrosered, at least I know there is nothing I can do until the week of the audition. We are too late to back out of the exam and anyway she will need the extra session so what will be will be.
  5. National youth ballet 2017

    Thank you tattielashes, what age is your DC? I assume they audition each age group separately. DD's friend's Mum has now asked if we can take her DD as she has to work that day. As I haven't told DD there might be a problem they have assumed we will be going. I am now thinking that even if we can make it her friend may not be at the same time. How approachable are the NYB staff?
  6. National youth ballet 2017

    How will audition days work? Can anyone enlighten on the possible timings? Found out yesterday that DD has exam prep on the audition day so want to know if we can now fit both in?
  7. Prix de Lausanne 2018

    Delightedly to see 407 is through. 😊
  8. RBS Spring Intensive 2018

    Assuming there are three WL pupils and three Associates in each year at SS looking at the average number of UK dancers offered places that would leave around 12 places for non RBS dancers in each year group. At 20% odds are not that great! Would love to be corrected if anyone else’s intelligence can give a more accurate analysis. As noted on the RBS SS course post hopefully this has opened out the opportunity for those who applied for Easter although I understand there is only one group per year as against two at SS. Hope those going at Easter have a wonderful time and fingers crosssed for those waiting for SS offers.
  9. RBS Summer School

    It understand that it can vary from group to group but from the information I was able to find out recently around 60% are overseas. Of those from the UK many are Associates and some train at RBS full-time. This may have been different before they changed the format. The new Easter one may also affect this - hopefully in favour of the UK dancers.
  10. RBS Spring Intensive 2018

    A recent post on a SS topic was saying that in the past WL pupils were give priority. Is this not the case then? I know that Associates were encouraged last year but don’t think all who applied were offered places.
  11. What warm-ups / extras do the cool tweens wear?

    It's Sports Direct or TKMax for us - thank goodness DD is too busy dancing to go shopping in Hollister, Pink or Top Shop!
  12. Juggling timetables!

    Every-time DD makes a school team I despair as although matches should finish in time to get back before the end of school they inevitably over run and/or the coach gets stuck in traffic and then there is the rush to dance class not to mention the risk of injury. Thankfully she managed exams last term without injury and the bruises could be covered by make-up!
  13. What warm-ups / extras do the cool tweens wear?

    DD just wears a pair of too short sweat pants (I have offered her a new pair I promise!) or sports leggings and hoodies
  14. RB Nutcracker 10th Jan

    Last minute shout out for a ticket for this evening - please PM your number. I will be at the ROH around 7pm to see if I can get a return. Thanks.
  15. RB Nutcracker 10th Jan

    Sorry I have just seen this - am I too late for us to get this sorted for this evening?