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  1. Newdancermum

    Royal Ballet School - spring intensive and summer school 2019

    Good to hear I didn't imagine it. The 2073 applications were for the summer school in 2017 (British 768 EU 754 Rest of the World 551) which was the first year they extended the summer school to fours weeks. It said there were the highest number of dancers from 36 countries but I could see how many actually attended. For the 2016 two week summer school there were 1716 applications (British 488 EU 696 Rest of the World 532) out of which 314 students from 61 countries were offered places. It is difficult to compare data from one year to the next as the RBS Annual Reports do not seem to be presented in the same format. Data on the 2018 spring and summer courses will be in the 2017/18 Annual Report. Yes whatever way you look at it places are few and far between.
  2. Newdancermum

    Royal Ballet School - spring intensive and summer school 2019

    A Facebook or Instagram post from someone in either Australia or New Zealand - saw it last week and now can't find it - announced their place at the RBS Spring Intensive in London. It said that there were over 10,000 auditioning for places. Surely this is incorrect and that applications can't have jumped from around 2,000 a year and is it not just photographs? This reminds me of the thread a while back about over-egging competition/festival results. It made me look at the annual reports and while the first report that will give data on spring applications has yet to be published it was interesting to look at the number of applicants for the previous summer intensives from overseas. It is not surprising that they accept so many from overseas when they receive such a high proportion of applications from outwith the UK. Well done to all those who have spring offers and good luck to those waiting for summer places.
  3. Me too - I have been distracted enough by the Forum this lunchtime without starting to sing the whole of the Cats' score this afternoon!
  4. Newdancermum

    RBS Statement on Ballet Competition Culture

    An interesting not-unrelated article: http://www.danceaustralia.com.au/expertise/international-competitions-are-they-worth-it The mother of the dancer mentioned above is quoted in this.
  5. Newdancermum

    Christmas present ideas 2018

    How about this? https://uk.harlequinfloors.com/en/harlequin-shop/harlequin-home-practice/
  6. Newdancermum

    London Children’s Ballet: Ballet Shoes

    Sorry to come back to this but it looked more than the two a term. There are several Sundays - it is all of the dates listed not just the ones with Easter Holiday Rehearsal etc along side. This is what we were told so unless they have said anything different to anyone else.
  7. Newdancermum

    London Children’s Ballet: Ballet Shoes

    There are a number of Sunday rehearsals showing on the schedule on the web site https://www.londonchildrensballet.com/files/7915/3183/8417/Rehearsal_Schedule_2018.pdf and virtually all will clash with CBA and most of the later ones with BBA. The touring company dates used to be separate from what I know from DD's friend and depended on which tour you were in however with the later show date not sure anyone would have an insight into dates. This year there are over 700 auditionees with over 120 in each of the younger age categories so good luck to everyone.
  8. Newdancermum

    London Children’s Ballet: Ballet Shoes

    Thank you - we made it there on time found parking on the street (not nearly as busy in this part of London as I expected on a Sunday) and then got thoroughly drenched!
  9. Newdancermum

    London Children’s Ballet: Ballet Shoes

    Last minute panic! What is parking like at Herbal Hill? Thank you. 😬
  10. Newdancermum

    London Children’s Ballet: Ballet Shoes

    Thank you - I must have missed this link. Have they increased the number of tours this year? I thought they did two groups and it is now four. Do they rehearse at the same time? Also is 60 a smaller main company? I know it was different in 2017 when they didn't use the Peacock so maybe I am just losing track. Sorry for all the questions but DD really keen to try this year as we couldn't make the audition dates before. It doesn't say which age group is which date but going on previous years I think we can do it!
  11. Newdancermum

    London Children’s Ballet: Ballet Shoes

    I understand that they are changing the rehearsal schedule this year. Does anyone have details?
  12. Yes it is running, unless you have heard something recently - they were still accepting applications.
  13. Newdancermum

    National Youth Ballet Final Auditions 2018

    Congratulations to your DD. It will be her first time - she is 11.
  14. Check you have picked the correct seating area and price as it worked for me on the £60.50 Dress Circle seats.
  15. First Direct have been sponsoring Northern Ballet for several years now. Those will accounts can take advantage of their 2-4-1 offers! https://www1.firstdirect.com/1/2/uncovered/partnerships/northern-ballet