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  1. As far as we are aware they are all reverting to Saturday.
  2. Thank you - yes a place was offered - it was in Junk and as we hadn’t mentioned it they didn’t know to look. Everyone we know has a place this year. Looks like it might have been a good year to apply if overseas students are concerned about travel.
  3. So one of DC’s friends has a place but the other hasn’t said yet and we don’t want to ask - wondering how any places were available and if there was is a wait list.
  4. In previous years there have been very few day students attending but yes it may open out even a few more places.
  5. Has anyone who applied the other week heard back yet with the offer of a place (or otherwise)?
  6. The first ENBS deadline for accepting places has not yet passed.
  7. If DDs have black dance tights they could pull them on on top of leotards. Not sure about boys but if they have shorts on and have tights they could do the same.
  8. There are usually only have five or six maximum each year but some do seem to go to those entering later years and not just Year 7.
  9. There are likely as many, if not more, DCs who decide to leave vocational school, for whatever reason, as get assessed out. We all have choices to make and ourselves as parents and the schools make the right decision on the day and we all have our part to play in taking that forward to do the best for our DC. All the best to everyone starting this journey and to those already on the path well trodden.
  10. When DDs friend started at Elmhurst a few years ago there were around 28: definitely more girls than boys. The year above had a more even split.
  11. There may have been recent changes but a friend of DDs who went to Elmhurst was assessed out and she has another who has been on their warning list where they have to pass elements of their assessments and have if they don't they have time to improve. These are DDs words so I will leave it up to someone with inside knowledge of their assessment system to correct me. The Tring MDS scholarship policy is on their web site and clearly states that if the MDS is removed they can stay if funding is found to pay fees. I have no idea if they have ever assessed out but I understand that this policy has only really be implemented since the new Dance Directors have been in post. My DD doesn't know anyone not an MDS so we have no information as to whether or not those without an MDS are treated differently in terms of their assessments and assessing out but they all go through the same assessments and feedback sessions. As with other schools there will be overseas pupils who are not eligible for the MDS.
  12. Has anyone heard if ENB will run their intensive at half-term? It's getting late in the day but the web site notice implies they will run but yet to open up for applications.
  13. Up until an hour ago you could still buy tickets! That’s a sudden change.
  14. To be accurate you can go back into a boarding school but after 14 days of self isolation. The situation may also change in the next four weeks.
  15. As RBS is residential they will have to abide by the rules associated with boarding schools. My nephew is having a friend from Asia stay at Easter as if he goes home he will not be allowed back to sit GCSEs. ENB Easter Course have written to say that any students who live in or have visited the listed countries are asked not to attend.
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