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  1. I have one Balcony standing ticket for sale for tomorrow. Sat 1st 7pm performance for sale. 11 pounds only. I will be at the theatre for both performances tomorrow, making my treck from the north. (I have upgraded to sit for the evening. ) I can therefore meet up to give you the ticket. Thank you.
  2. I have 1 ticket for sale for tomorrow's matinee of Romeo and Juliet. (27/4 at 1.30pm.) It is slightly off centre, Balcony seat in the 3rd row on what is described as a 'slightly taller loose seat.' I think if anyone tall is sitting in front, the view may be slightly restricted. As it's very late to sell it, I would accept a slightly reduced price.(Sorry, I am not sure if that is allowed ?) The face value of the ticket is 58 pounds. (I have a long journey from Northumberland to get here and am tireder than I hoped.) Many thanks. Janet
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