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  1. Such sad and shocking news. Such a wonderful gentleman - you will be missed greatly x
  2. Having spoken to someone in the interval we were thinking that the show wouldn't finish until 10.45. I looked at my watch after the curtain came down on Symphony in C (before curtain calls) and it was 10.40 exactly. Shirley
  3. Shirley

    Room 101

    Oh no - I do hope you feel better soon Anne
  4. John - do you know how many you deleted?
  5. To me it is amazing that only 2 RB dancers have active websites considering quite a few have had sites in the past. No wonder the Royal Opera House believe social media is the way forward with news 😔
  6. If I click on the links on the old calendar page I do go to the details for that performance. However if you want to check out another date from the calendar it takes you back to https://www.roh.org.uk/tickets-and-events - that lovely page. I have just tried out the filters (Ballet and Dance + Main Stage) from that lovely page - and I would really like to know why there is a 'Coming soon' button on two productions. Other productions just have a larger 'More info' button. A really mess.
  7. Tried to send you a pm. Doesn't look like you can receive them though.
  8. I happened to access the new events page while checking a date on my phone. After selecting the date on the calendar I then had to select apply, which took me to a page which showed what was on and the production dates for the whole run and a little more information on the ballets with a large 'book button'. By selecting book you taken to the production page with all the dates and times. Previously selecting a date on the calendar gave you the information for everything on that day with the option of buy or sold out next to it. I still see the old version on my laptop at present but the new version makes the process much longer.
  9. If anyone has a spare for this performance please keep me in mind. Many thanks
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