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  1. To be honest, I think this level of detail remains interesting only to those who have a deep knowledge of ballet. The same as most of the audience wouldn't know the name of the ballerina/dancer, nor would they care. In recent times I have had to resort to the Serenity Prayer in journalistic approaches to Ballet, a corps dancer called a 'prima ballerina', anything involving Sergei Polunin as 'the bad boy of ballet', etc etc.. Ballet is an interest of mine, and something I continually like to learn about, but I would rather encourage press to write about the art, even if they also must write with their audience in mind, which is of course what gets the word out about ballet, to those that know nothing about it.
  2. Christmas television?

    Subtitles and mute button at the ready
  3. Iain Mackay to retire

    Sorry to say that I am not aware of him as a dancer, but just a note to say how lovely and warm the words were in the press release. It's strangely rare to see such wonderful language to describe a dancer's career from the company itself, rather than a lot of weird, 'what happened/what do they mean' lots of 'warm and fuzzy feelings' for a cold winter night.
  4. Apologies if the link I posted leads to a bootlegged or problem site. I am fine with whatever action the Forum mods prefer to take with the post to protect the members of the forum.
  5. It seems yes there is, and you can buy it here: http://www.hdcollection.biz/onegin-1976-stuttgart-sd.html I even registered to find the price for you wonderful people it is $30.
  6. I would strongly are against that under Makhar Vaziev, the opportunities for dancers at all levels to improve themselves and 'step up' is unlike any company in the world. Mr Vaziev in countless interviews tells how he has an open door policy for dancers to ask for roles or opportunities, he then tells them what they must work on to be able to be considered for the role. He then admits he is very demanding in the studio... if the dancers tell him they want a bigger role, they must work and walk through that door. It may not be for everyone, but if you have worked your life and have a contract at the Bolshoi, comfortable seats shouldn't be what you are looking for asa dancer. Just this week Xander told about how he was told to wait for longer for his chance with a wooly answer (guardian), and in the end threw in his spear, and demonstrated his talent elsewhere.
  7. I sincerely hope that Northern Ballet are aware of your contribution to 'getting the message out' etc Janet, I wouldhope you get some kind of special treatment

    Thank you Amelia, now that was lovely to read.

    Thank you John, very interesting! I find the tone of Osipova's words to be more critical of other theatres as well as happy for Perm. It is reminiscent of Mr Polunin, and kinda takes the gloss of the announcement and happiness I have for her and Perm.
  10. Sergei is doing something similar in the U.K., isn't that the point of this thread, the £400 seats and all?
  11. BRB Sleeping Beauty Casting?

    More stellar than RB or ABT?
  12. Then there wouldn't be much need for a forum to thrash-out their thoughts. Members have either personal or close knowledge of the people involved or maybe no idea and just pure speculation. The rules of the forum really prevent people naming their sources or their knowledge without losing a large dollop of discretion afforded to them from the people directly involved. So the 'may or may not know', keep the forum posts building up which I am guessing is the interest for the forum membership, and those that 'know', will recognize who else knows from the content and implications of posts. Otherwise we should just accept press releases, even with serious omissions, and it a bit of spin on the 'real' story.
  13. It seems Madeline took the time to thank the dancers and all of the people involved in the support of dancers, hair etc.,but left out management totally. for a dancer to be so obvious whilst she still has an active career is extremely brave, and to mention extremely tough times. Dancers leave a company USUALLY because of; they are not chosen for the roles they would/should be dancing, a repertoire they do not like or does not suit them, they are not in the plans of the AD or do not see promotion happening, they are not given the freedom to go to Galas etc., or personal reasons. These usual reasons explain the small turnover within companies, as not everyone can get exactly as they like in a changing environment. the analysis and comments above indicate that promoted and talented dancers are leaving and not all to be thrown in the same pot for the reasons, although what is clear, is that it is not a happy working environment, it may get things done, it may please the audiences, and the directors, but clearly it is at a cost of the dancers' happiness whether it be pay, too many hours, last minute changes to schedules etc.. Many well paid CEOs in business get well rewarded during layoffs and for getting 'the most' out of their workers. Also reading about the BBC pay packages, it was said that so many nice people expected to be treated fairly in pay and were totally in shock when they found out their egotistical and pushy colleagues were getting so much more. I think TR qualifies in both counts to explain her pay and successful record of performances. It seems that the cost of this borne by the dancers, ballet masters, etc., and has had an extreme effect on their feelings towards the environment. Good results at any cost should not be a mantra, and is why modern companies make sure their CEOs are judged on soft targets too, such as the engagement of their employees. I think KOH has done an amazing job at RB and you feel the appreciateion and respect for his dancers. Also looking at the numbers, TR should not be getting more because she is dancing, especially when considering the average wage of the principal dancers, if anything she should be getting less because of it, otherwise how can you tell a fellow principal dancer that their pay is fair with a straight face when you earn 4 times more than them?
  14. Bolshoi Ballet production "Nureyev"

    No. It. Isn't. I think it is quite clear that the powers that be have stated that the dancers and stages were not ready in time. It has its scheduled return date which has been said will run with out any changes to the original choreography. What concerns me the most, are the people who read a deliberately untrue or misleading sensationalist story, then take a huge offence to an absolute non story and cry homophobia and censorship.... Or racism, terrorism, or whatever distracts from the real issues that are happening to you everyday in real life.
  15. Bolshoi Ballet production "Nureyev"

    'Sigh'... I have written pages in response and deleted them, I will keep it simple, thank you for your time to write and save me from my own 'ignorant and bigoted' views with words from the the UK Free Press (supplied by billionaires). However before you wrongly think about saving the world, I think it is much better that you should concentrate on what is happening in your own country before writing about ignorance or anything you have read that is happening in other places of the world.