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  1. jenesaisquoi

    Claudia Dean leotards

    Black leotard now sold. NicolaP - agreed! We’re going for the trusty degas now but disappointed not to wear the CD Leo as they are very beautiful x
  2. jenesaisquoi

    Claudia Dean leotards

    I have 2 Claudia Dean leotards to sell. Very recently purchased for my dd’s auditions but they are too snug. The white one has been worn for 1 class but is in immaculate condition and the black one has never been worn. Beautiful quality and cut, lovely high leg and low back. Details below. Aurora leotard in liquorice (black) child large https://collectionsbyclaudia.com/collections/winter-wonderland/products/aurora-liquorice Aurora leotard in snow (white) child large https://collectionsbyclaudia.com/collections/winter-wonderland/products/aurora-snow With import tax and postage they cost over £50 each. Looking for £40 each.
  3. jenesaisquoi

    National Youth Ballet Final Auditions 2018

    Most of them do have a mobile phone - although it’s discouraged on the paperwork, the majority turned a blind eye to that. They have set times for their phones though so aren’t allowed them overnight.
  4. I don’t think the nude knickers are mandatory. DD doesn’t wear anything under hers and most of the others in her JA class don’t either! For any that do want knickers, the “silky” Dance pants are excellent (and no label so may be the ones you’re talking about balletmum55) and very comfortable.
  5. jenesaisquoi

    RBS Junior Associates 2018

    The Bath result that I know of actually auditioned in Totnes but for a Bath place! Sorry for the confusion! x
  6. jenesaisquoi

    RBS Junior Associates 2018

    Some Bath results are out but not all. Seems to be a trickle!
  7. jenesaisquoi

    Wanted degas leotard in 10

    Hi yes i am still looking - haven’t had any luck so far. Please can you PM me? many thanks
  8. jenesaisquoi

    Wanted degas leotard in 10

    Is anyone selling a degas leotard (or 2!) in a 10?
  9. jenesaisquoi

    Good Luck/Audition results 2018

    Bath results have been trickling out for the last hour.
  10. jenesaisquoi


    That is extremely reassuring! Thank you so much for you replies. DD is really looking forward to it and is feeling totally confident now that she knows can get help with her bun! I think I'll get the suitcase out and start packing now! x
  11. jenesaisquoi


    My 8 year old dd is about to venture off for 10 days with NYB and having tried and tried to teach her to do her own bun, we're not having much success! She might make it through the pliés but it ain't gonna hold up beyond that!! Can someone who's done NYB before please Tell me if there will be someone there to help them with their hair? I can't imagine one house mistress doing 20 buns every morning!!
  12. jenesaisquoi


    Can anyone offer any insight into redroofs? Someone mentioned it as an option for my DD who is very keen on singing and acting and although at a decent standard in dance, it's definitely not her strongest. I would love to hear any opinions on the school. thanks in advance ?
  13. jenesaisquoi

    RBS Junior Associates 2017

    Not always. Some weeks it's the year 6 class and some weeks it's the MAs. So the year 6s have some morning sessions and some afternoon sessions.
  14. jenesaisquoi

    RBS Junior Associates 2017

    Congratulations. You'll get an email with info very soon, but it's likely to stay the same as it is this year and so it will be 10.15am - 12.30pm. The Bath JAs are very lucky as their teacher is simply wonderful!
  15. jenesaisquoi

    National youth ballet 2017

    Thanks for the heads up Balletmum1704