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  1. One ticket still available if anyone wants a single standing ticket at £11 - it’s central balcony.
  2. Two standing tickets Balcony D30 (marked as restricted view) and D31 for Royal Ballet’s Sleeping Beauty 16th January 7.30pm, Cuthbertson/Bonelli cast. Would prefer to sell as a pair, £22. Can email e-tickets.
  3. Really looking forward to Coppelia starting soon - can anyone suggest where I might be able to find photos of previous performances of this production? I can only find one on ROH website.
  4. Today’s matinee is my final (scheduled!) Manon of this run and, for the first time ever, I was in tears at the end. Fantastic performances from Hayward, Campbell and Corrales. I found Campbell a believable, heartfelt Des Grieux, genuine throughout. Hayward seems to have deepened her characterisation even more than during the last run, I felt a real connection to understanding the character in a way I don’t think I’ve experienced before. I really hope we get a dvd of her performing this in the future. Corrales absolutely on fire. The final swamp PDD was beautiful. I’ve seen some great performances of Manon over the last decade I’ve been attending but I think this is the one I will remember.
  5. Royal Ballet Manon Saturday 5th October 12noon Lamb & Muntagirov scheduled to perform Balcony standing C65 £9 It’s a paper ticket, I’ll be at the performance to hand it over, now surplus to requirements!
  6. @LinMM Kaneko and Clarke are also scheduled to perform on Sat 9th November if you can make that date?
  7. I really enjoyed Alexander Campbell’s Oberon in 2017, I think he was stepping in to cover for an injury although I don’t remember who for. I do recall that I noted a real warmth to his performance which for me was very welcome as I generally find it an unsympathetic character. Ed Watson performed the excerpt of the new McGregor with RB during their LA tour and I expect we’ll see him back on stage at ROH when the full piece is premiered in Spring. I’m also a Watson devotee, but wasn’t surprised not to see him cast on the main stage so far this season as it’s front loaded with so many classical full length productions. Would have been lovely to see him as Des Grieux with Francesca Hayward but perhaps he has made the decision that he wants to rule out certain roles now? I’ll continue to book for whatever he is cast in anyway.
  8. Unfortunately I’m not able to find it on Amazon Prime - it may be available in some countries but not others yet. While searching for it I have stumbled across Christopher Wheeldon’s Cinderella though so something different to add to the watch list!
  9. I suspect you are right, just questioned it as Magri has the debut asterix next to her public performance instead of the schools one. Perhaps ROH classify school and welcome performances differently. Looking forward to these debuts (also and particularly Francesca Hayward)!
  10. Does anyone know if Fumi Kaneko has danced Odette/Odile with the company previously? I’d thought this was a role debut for her but don’t see the asterix next to her name that usually signifies a debut.
  11. Very sad news. I didn’t know John, but certainly felt blessed by his considerable contribution to this forum. Sending deepest condolences to his friends and family. Rachel
  12. I think Jennifer Hudson is possibly best known cinematically for Dreamgirls, for which she received an Oscar for best performance by an actress in a supporting role.
  13. Repeating myself from the R&J thread but heard that the recent ROH cinema broadcast will be issued on dvd next year, great news!
  14. Just heard from ROH shop that the dvd will be out next year. So thrilled to have this performance to keep and watch again!
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