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  1. Repeating myself from the R&J thread but heard that the recent ROH cinema broadcast will be issued on dvd next year, great news!
  2. Just heard from ROH shop that the dvd will be out next year. So thrilled to have this performance to keep and watch again!
  3. Wanted - Firebird/ Month in the Country/ Symphony in C for Thursday 13th June 7.30pm at Royal Opera House. Ideally stalls circle standing but stalls/ circle/ balcony all considered. Or if anyone due to time/train constraints etc has to leave after Firebird I would happily buy the ticket off you to use for MITC & SIC. Thank you, Rachel
  4. Stalls Circle Standing D52 £11 Saturday 1st June 1.30pm Naghdi/Ball cast Paper ticket - I’ll be there to hand over in person or can post in advance, please send me a PM to arrange.
  5. I have Stalls Circle Standing D5 available for today’s matinee as my friend cant make it any longer - Stix Brunell/Hirano cast at Royal Opera House. Paper ticket, £11, I’ll be there to hand over.
  6. I have Stalls Circle Standing D51 & D52 available for the Monday 13th May 7.30pm performance of Romeo and Juliet at Royal Opera House - cast is Beatriz Stix-Brunell and Ryoichi Hirano making their debuts. £11 per ticket.
  7. I have a spare balcony standing ticket available for Cuthbertson/Ball performance of Don Quixote on Monday evening (1st April) - £10. Please get in touch if you’d like it.
  8. General rehearsal cast, if helpful: Juliet - Akane Takada Romeo - Ryoichi Hirano Mercutio - James Hay Tybalt - Bennet Gartside Benvolio - Tristan Dyer Paris - Tomas Mock Lord & Lady Capulet - Thomas Whitehead & Kristen McNally Escalus - Alastair Marriott Rosaline - Claire Calvert Nurse - Romany Padjak Friar Laurence - Philip Mosley Lord & Lady Montague - Philip Mosley & Lara Turk Harlots - Yuhui Choe, Olivia Cowley, Meaghan Grace Hinkis
  9. Received this in the friends monthly update email, from memory in previous years I think there has been an announcement online prior to the guide being posted out, but perhaps not this year: Details for next Season will be announced in mid-May, when you will receive the 2019/20 season guide alongside your autumn magazine.
  10. Does anyone know if the insight tonight was filmed/streamed? Just had mention of it from a friend who attended, but I don’t think I’ve seen anything from ROH/RB news page or social media, so assume it was not broadcast.
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