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  1. Hi everyone, DD (16) is auditioning for EYB Giselle on Monday in Aylesbury and I was wondering if anyone else was?
  2. Hi all, DD had her first annual assessment today at Tring Park’s classical ballet academy (she is in group 5). Just hoping that perhaps one of you old-timers could help me out - when and how do we get the results? Are they given them in class/letter/ email? Also it would be great to know roughly how long it takes. Thanks!
  3. Great - could you restock the colour Dream (the pale grey) - it’s DDs favourite colour!
  4. Sheila Beelam - amazing! What’s your website?
  5. Hi all, DDs birthday is coming up and she’s particularly keen on a few new ballet skirts. Does anyone know of any good websites that sell nice ones? She loves the brand Bullet pointe but I’m reluctant to ship it from the USA - does anyone know where I can get those skirts in England? Thanks!
  6. Thank you both!
  7. balletbean Thank you! I am assuming your DD wears the soft blocks in the lessons too?
  8. Hi everyone, DD is joining some additional classes from her dance school soon and one of them is RAD Intermediate. Does anyone know how RAD’s Intermediate compares with ISTD’s Intermediate? In terms of difficulty, no. of exercises, etc. Also I believe for the RAD exam she needs soft blocks/Demi pointe shoes as well as pointe shoes. Does she not need regular flats at all? If not do they wear the soft blocks in class instead of flat? Many thanks!
  9. Hi all Was hoping I could gain some knowledge in the world of Associates. DD attended Move It last weekend and was scouted for a free audition for LSC Associates. She’s very keen on the training there however but it’s over an hour to get there. We live much nearer Tring Park so we’re also considering auditioning for Associates there? DD also thoroughly enjoys Tring’s holiday courses. If anyone has experience with either programmes it would be great if you can share. Also I believe TPA is after school and on a Saturday - should she get in can she just go on the Saturday or is it firmly encouraged to go during the week as well? Thanks!
  10. Anna C yes that is a very fair point. DD is very academic so it’s a tough decision!
  11. Thanks everyone. I must reassure you that tring isn’t our only option - just a preference 😂 we’re also interested in arts ed, Italia Conti and elmhurst to name a few. If you don’t mind me asking, how have your DDs coped with the competitive environment? Thanks again- this is all really helpful stuff; pointetoes that’s a great attitude about a levels and uni always being there.
  12. Hi everyone My DD attends normal school at the moment and takes dance after school - she’s year 10 at the moment. She’s very keen to attend a vocational school for sixth form - but me and DH have agreed that A Levels still have happen! We’ve all agreed that Tring Park is probably the best option (although we’re open to others) and I was hoping people could share their experiences of life at tring, specifically the environment and the 6th form dance course. Thanks!
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