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  1. Quick clarification - it's December rather than September.
  2. I think it's video auditions judged by a panel.
  3. Hello mummytwo, Our school does istd ballet and in general students would do an exam each year although this is not always the case especially as they move higher up the grades. For a child in year 7 I would say that grade 3 is not drastically low but at that age there will be some who are at grade 5 or 6 but it depends on how old they were when they started etc. I'll drop you a pm as well.
  4. My partner loves having nice stationery to use for planning lessons/choreography etc so I think that's a great idea. There's a shop called Typo that does lots of that sort of thing. Also I agree just a simple card explaining how much you appreciate the support is always really nice!
  5. Thank you pictures this is incredibly useful. I've written a guide for students at our school about post 16/18 training which I thought was pretty detailed but this has taught me a couple if things I didn't know! One question...I had always assumed that where a college e.g. urdang offer both a degree and a diploma course that students would essentially get all the same lessons i.e. degree and diploma students in the same ballet, jazz classes etc. And that the only difference would be the degree students would have a bit more theory work to do. Having read what you've put though I'm thinking that this isn't always the case. So Bird deliver a degree on behalf of Greenwich which is completely funded by student loan of £9K which is great but a lot less than their diploma fees so presumably you get more contact hours on the diploma??? Whereas urdang ask for a top up contribution on top of their degree fees to make them the same as their diploma so presumably students on both courses get the same treatment???
  6. Trinity Laban CAT is worth looking at too.
  7. When looking at potential new schools I would say to consider a few different things; How many older students do they have? If a school is managing to keep large numbers of 16-18 year olds dancing then it tells you they are doing something right. Secondly I would say it's really important to see a performance/end of year show - it's important that you make your own judgement on the qualities of the new school rather than relying only on what the teacher has told or promised you.
  8. Well she turns 34 this year so perhaps things were different in 1992?? Just to continue this completely off-topic theme I would say it is pretty unsurprising for a child from a working class family in the North to assume the RBS is not for the likes of them. The entire plot of Billy Elliot is based on this perception isn't it? So in this day and age I would think it perfectly normal that those from less well off backgrounds have a belief that people like them are not the norm at RBS. Whether or not that perception is grounded in truth is another matter. I've no idea how many WL students would, for example, qualify for free school meals -a measure of deprivation for a school's intake- but I would hazard a guess it is a long way below the national average.
  9. Yes definitely do a Google search for YouTube to mp3 converter. There are loads of free sites and it should take seconds. If you try to play the song direct from YouTube in the audition there's always the risk of poor signal/buffering!
  10. My partner uses them to teach all the time so I'm guessing they should be fine to use at home to practise with. I'll check where she got them from.
  11. Ah yes I forgot about doing your grade plus the grade above so I guess that adds another hour per week! That usually happens from grade 6 up. I agree ParentTaxi that if you're looking specifically for a ballet career then you probably need to be in vocational school before 16. Our school has just had their first student get into vocational ballet school for y7. She was doing just 2 hours per week at the school plus JAs for the last year. I think that what is 'enough' can vary a lot depending on the child.
  12. Hi ballet bean Going back to your original question, I thought I'd give you an idea of hours spent in the studio at our dance school. Most students are dancing purely as a hobby and those who audition for collefes are usually auditioning for more general dance courses e.g bird, urdang... So a typical 14/15 year old who was taking their dance fairly seriously and considering auditioning at 16/18 would do something like this; 1 hour grade ballet class 1 hour additional ballet class 30 mins-1 hour pointe depending on experience 1.5 hours technique class including flexibility, conditioning, turns etc 1 hour jazz 1 hour tap 1 hour contemporary 1 hour musical theatre 1 hour competition team rehearsal In addition some students might do a weekend associate programme which adds another 3 or 4 hours per week. Certainly not claiming this is the 'right' amount to do but just wanted to give you an idea of what is happening in other schools!
  13. Do potentially excellent dancers sometimes not fulfil their potential? Yes, that unfortunately probably happens all the time for various reasons. However, I don't personally think that, all else being equal, an inability to send a child to expensive summer schools or holiday courses should be a reason. For me, it is far more important that they are getting good training in their 'ordinary' dance classes i.e. the school they go to for lessons week in, week out all year round. They will spend many more hours here than at any holiday courses. The difference between getting excellent training and getting average training will be significant across just one term, let alone when you multiply that across several years. I agree with previous replies about work ethic too. A student who is approaching each class in the right frame of mind and is practising regularly at home will always progress more quickly and no holiday course is going to make up that difference!
  14. It's worth noting the difference, as Annaliesey says, between festivals and the more US style comps. One we are attending later in the year is £25 per solo entry and around £10 per dancer per routine if part of a group. The experiences are quite different but just be prepared for the jump in price from one to the other!
  15. To be fair LCB and JA's are extremely competitive so I wouldn't worry too much that she hasn't been successful with those yet! I agree that the key is that you both feel that she is developing and being pushed by her current teacher and that she keeps pushing herself. But don't lose heart over "no"s from such sought-after schemes! It's all character building and will make her stronger in the long run!
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