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  1. Capezio white canvas split sole ballet shoes UK1 Boys white leather full sole ballet shoes UK1 Boys RAD white leotard suit age 8. Free to a good home. Collection CM12 9PL Billericay, Essex
  2. I’m delighted to be hosting a day of BOYS ONLY Masterclasses on Wednesday 25th August at my studio in Keighley, West Yorkshire . Martin Dutton ( head of boys at the Hammond school ) will conduct three classes between 10am and 4pm. Ballet class , virtuosity and repertoire. Only £25 for the day . Very limited numbers . If you are interested , please private message me with your email address and I will send details .
  3. Hi. Just wondering whether anyone has had amy experience with Phoenix boys? I'm looking for more info other than what the BBC video and their own website have to offer and, ideally, some personal experience as thinking about booking the Birmingham Winter Intensive for my son.
  4. https://youtu.be/e27c3JmlbNM Has anyone else seen this? It is hard enough for ballet boys dealing with schoolyard teasing. This is prime time tv in US.
  5. My DS had been doing ballet for 4 years and wants to be a professional dancer and for us vocational training at year 7 wasn't an option he's now in year 8 were thinking of auditioning for a year 10 place or sixth form place. His current dance school has been great but has little experience with boys they are heavily focussed on girls and in particular at his age and grade the girls going on Pointe so they now have extra lessons and he's now down to 3 hours a week. How many hours should they be training at this age? How do I find somewhere to help him progress and push him to his his full potential?? Any tips or recommendations for schools in the East Midlands greatly received.
  6. Thought I would share this on for any boys! Mr Kidd is an incredible and inspirational teacher x
  7. So I keep seeing videos social media of boys of an advanced level on pointe and I was just wondering why this is the case? Said videos are typically of them doing the basic exercises to warm up the feet which made me wonder if it is to help strengthen their feet? I know in the RB’s version of A Midsummers Night Dream, Bottom is on pointe however this is the only example I had come across in which a male dancer has a role which involves such a task
  8. Hi guys, Hope this is ok to start but I could do with a boys thread to refer to. DS is 11, and has been dancing for nearly two years, his fave is ballet but also does tap and jazz. I’m getting a bit cheesed off at not being able to find anything for him. Bought new tap shoes today and ended up in ladies yet again!! (He’s a 4). I try to get things made when I can find and afford them. His ballet bag came from the USA and I’m so tired of googling “freed Aaron” like it’s the only leotard he’ll ever find. Can anyone point us in a direction of nice boys stuff? Good workshops, associate schemes?? He is in a nice school but still the only boy in his class and wonder if he’s missing out. We live in the NW of the UK, but will travel for the right opportunities. Thank youuuuuu! xx
  9. Just a heads up as I think from what other forum members said that this sold out last year. Sunday 27th January 2019 Age 11-18 A day of Free masterclasses including ballet, commercial & musical theatre at The Hammond School, Chester Email linda.young@thehammondschool.co.uk to register interest.
  10. My child’s JA teacher recently recommended Central Ballet School Associates as an excellent program offering both classical and contemporary ballet training. I asked for a recommendation because my son wants to broaden his ballet training, as he really enjoys Contemporary ballet as well. Does anyone’s son train with Central on their Associate program? Would love to hear a bit more about it. Thank you.
  11. My son 10 has a few pairs of ballet shoes and they all scrunch up under the ball of his feet as he tendus, or indeed makes any point. It looks ugly and he hates it now that he is more aware of the aesthetics of ballet. 😁 i have always bought online before or from his dance teacher, but now that he is in a few Associate schemes and taking things a little more seriously how do I go about finding a good fitting shoe. i am in Covent Garden with him in December and if I recall correctly there is a dance shop there. Would they help me find a good fit and shoe type that is right for his foot?
  12. Tring is holding a dance day for boys on Friday 7th December: https://www.tringpark.com/applying/open-days/life-in-a-day-boys-in-dance-at-tring-park For boys aged 10-16. *Edited to correct the date.*
  13. Recently we had our annual Ballet Associates audition/assessment day, and are really happy to have been able to move our highest number of students up to the next level owing to so many Level 3 students being offered places at vocational schools and colleges. This means that we now have some places that have become available in our Level 1 Ballet Associates classes for girls and boys aged 9 – 11 years old - as well as places in our Saturday Boys Only afternoon Masterclasses for boys aged from 11 years old. If you are not already aware of Ballet Associates, we run on a monthly basis in central Leicester, with classes being taught by former Principal dancer of The Royal Ballet Company Graham Fletcher. We are a relatively small, friendly and very welcoming Associates programme, and Graham’s classes are very much focused on building confidence, providing inspiration and enjoyment and developing technique together with performance. If you would like to know more you can get in contact with Graham Fletcher directly via the Ballet Associates contact page, or you are very welcome to contact me here through BalletcoForum.
  14. Hi, I am looking for a regular non-syllabus classical ballet class for my 10 year old son preferably taught by a male teacher with good training credentials. We live in the Portsmouth area so I am happy to drive but not more than an hour. Failing this are there any really good male ballet teachers in the Hampshire area that might offer individual tuition. Thank you.
  15. Boo, just been wondering about dance belts for my almost 10 year old. What age do boys start to wear them? How do, you know, you get the furniture in, if you get me? ☺️So many boy questions. Ho hummmmmm... Be grateful if you could recommend your faves, ooooh, it's a minefield! ??? Can I get a book on this kind of parenting? There's a gap in the market there...?
  16. Hi peeps, DS is still absolutely in love with ballet but turns 11 in August. Hence he is now too old for the junior associate stuff. Am I missing something or is there a gap? Obvs I know about RBS mids but that would be unlikely. What else can he get involved in? He’s taking every class in his little school. He’d love to join some more dancing boys of his age. Any ideas?? xx
  17. Hiya guys, just wondering if I could get a bit of advice. DS is 11 in August and woke up last night crying. When I finally got to the bottom of it, it was because he doesn’t want to sleep away from home. He’s got three reaidentials in the summer, one for school, one dance and one camping. He’s a very young 11, still sits right next to you, and will always come back for a cuddle. Obvs he will have to get over this at some point but how do I make it easier for him?? His sister has been sleeping over at friends for ages so seems ok with it. He was breaking his little heart last night. 😔 Any advice??? S xx
  18. Hi guys, Can anyone point me in the direction of a source for boys ballet costumes?? Seems to be a shortage of them. I'm after a lilac number for my DS, aged 11. (He does love a sequin!) Bit short on time too, so somewhere either in the NW or who can post. Thanks, S xx
  19. Hi gang, Just wondered if I could pick your brains about SS. DS has read about them and is keen but I don’t want him to be out of his depth! Can anyone advise of any that would accommodate him? He’s 10, and has stayed away from home before but not for more than 4 nights. Been dancing for 2 years, top of grade 2 now but was unsuccessful at vocational school audition for year 7. Would love for him to have a really good, positive experience. Cost not that important as long as he has a good time and location as near to the M6 corridor as poss. Thank you...👍👍👍
  20. I've just picked this up via twitter: https://www.rad.org.uk/events/project-b-dance-challenge-london?utm_source=Twitter&utm_medium=Social&utm_campaign=PSSwap_ProjectBDanceChallenge
  21. Hi, DS has decided he will audition for vocational school after all even though he knows his chances are very slim. One thing that is flummoxing us though is a one minute solo! One, music is really difficult to source. DS would like something slow but funky. Then two, choreography. Now in my time I’ve danced a fair bit but not sure what they are looking for in this part. Obviously you’d want to show off your best moves, but what if he goes blank mid way through?? My house is tiny, may have to choreograph in the garden! Any words of wisdom?? The thingy reasoning test looks like a Mensa IQ test too! 🙈🙈 Lol!! long road ahead, me thinks!! 🤞🤞🤞 xx
  22. Morning ladies, just wondering if any boys are heading to the masterclass on Sunday. My DS will be one of the youngest. Hope he can keep up! He’s planning a mammoth packed lunch...😄😄
  23. Hi Mums and dancers, Wondering if you can help my son and me? DS has been dancing for two years with his local school and now needs more. He has 3, 45 minute classes a week and never stops at home, in Asda, on the bus etc etc! Last academic year he just missed out on Elmhurst and RBS Associates. This year he is too old for RBS JA’s! What else can he do? His current school have a showcase this year so haven’t had a syllabus class all year. Been in touch with s The Hammond who say their boys day of dance is over subscribed. EYB is too far away to be do able. How do you nurture a talent when you have money but no outlet for your DS to pursue his dream. Feeling a bit stuck! S xx
  24. sarahw

    Dance belts

    Does anyone know if older boy gymnasts wear these? Thanks
  25. Hellloooo! Can anyone help? Just decorating DS's bedroom and he'd like a big print of a male ballet star. I know of Carlos Acosta, Sergei Polunin and Steven McCrae but I'm struggling to find one in print. whatever happened to that poster shop, Athena in the 1980's???? 😂😂😂😂 xxx
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