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  1. It's a shame they won't just move your daughter up and I do wonder if they worry that everyone else will want to do the same. And yes, it's the same at our school that a new joiner might get put in a higher (age appropriate) grade than someone who has been there for 2 years waiting for their exam to be booked in which is frustrating. Are there any other schools that might provide more of what you want as, in my experience, these schools don't change the way they do things? I have never moved mine because she is so happy there, does a number of different dance genres and has made
  2. Hey Moonbeam I think you need to find out a bit more about the dance school. Some schools push through exams really quickly, offering a number of ballet classes a week and pushing up the more able. Other schools concentrate more on comps, shows and performance in general. DD's dance school is a small one and most kids only do 1 ballet class a week until they get to grade 3 then its 2, and they alternate between doing a big show one year and exams the next. It is frustrating being in the same grade for 2 years, especially for the more able dancers, but for the smaller
  3. I will have a walk down Exmouth Market, thanks.
  4. I looked it up and it looks lovely I will give it a try, thanks:)
  5. Thank you MAK. How many of the 30 auditionees do they take on do you know?
  6. Thanks Anna Good to know there are places nearby it's quite a long wait :0)
  7. Hi there Can anyone give any insight to the central preps audition please. What sort of things are the dancers asked to do, are they in big groups, etc etc. Interested to hear others experiences and where Parents went whilst waiting ? Thank you
  8. Well it’s snowed, I wonder if they will cancel the audition ?
  9. I was thinking the same but will play it by ear. The media do tend to create concern, apparently everyone should commute home from London tonight before 6pm ..... I wonder if Miss Lewis will change the date if there is a huge amount of snowfall ?
  10. The Fruit and Nut song is from the Nutcracker I think ..... ? Used to love those adverts .....
  11. Winelake, loving your research :-)
  12. The casting is quite fun, everyone seems to enjoy it. Dancers grouped by ability / Pointe / non Pointe / height then given some steps in groups. There is a bit of shuffling while they get the groups right. After that they go for press shots.
  13. Thank you I've told her it's all about her performance on the day :-)
  14. Thanks TooTu. Well done your DD for getting the full scholarship ! My DD got in first time round & was offered a place at the audition much to her delight. I Just wondered if it was usual to get through subsequent auditions or whether lots got a "no" 2nd time round. Shes's 10 so doing Junior audition again :-)
  15. Drop them a line and ask, I’m in sane process down South and seems they are happy with photos printed on normal paper :-) Poodle
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