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  1. Thank you so much Pictures for your explanation I'm really grateful
  2. Thank you for this, she's not going down the ballet route more just dance. Ido t know how you e all figured it all out lol. We went to Move It at the weekend and watched a lot of the colleges and did a lot of classes. i think I gathered there is no set rule, she's going to phils Winstons Easter school so I'll have a look at summer schools too. I just don't think she's "street wise" enough yet to go at 16. Has anyone got a child at BOA in Birmingham by the way ?
  3. Hi Could somebody please explain to me in simple terms the qualifications, different types of dance colleges and schools and funding options to me, its a minefield! My daughter is coming up to 15 and would like to go to dance college/school at 16, I personally feel its too young. I cant seem to understand all the different courses and what qualification if any it leads too, where you need funding, where you don't, how to apply for it etc. Where do I start? Many thanks
  4. Could anyone recommend a Summer School for all types of dance not just ballet, we are Midlands based but willing to travel, many thanks
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