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  1. My dd is currently at RCS, there are 17 in her year group. classes 60/40 ballet contemporary, they also do jazz, coaching, pointe work, conditioning. The teaching staff are supportive if you want to enter competitions like, YAGP, Genee etc. You can also take RAD vocational grades up to and including solo seal. There is also a term when one day a week is given over to working in a colaboration group with students from all other courses run by RCS. Most first years stay at Liberty Living and the students tend to walk to and from dance studios together. Funding is by student finance. This year’s grads have done very well at gaining contracts.
  2. I know at least one girl got a place from waiting list last year.
  3. I’m also happy to answer any question regarding RCS, my dd is currently studying there after choosing RCS over Elmhurst last year.
  4. Further to Cotes du Rhône’s comment about last years year 11 being offered upper school at Elmhurst. Although there are only 2 DD from the start of year 7 are at Elmhurst upper school a further two were offered places but took up a place elsewhere and another who started later in year 7 is also in upper school, so 5 where offered upper school, at Elmhurst last year who trained there from year 7.
  5. My dd put her training, performance experiences, academic info. Why she wanted to audition at RCS. Happy to say she is taking up her place in a couple of weeks. Good luck.
  6. All schools are different. Dada's do have a maintenance element to assist with accommodation which is means tested - if you google Dada awards you can access the government site which has a guide for the maintenance element which varies whether they will be living in London or outside London. Other schools it is student finance - student loans. MDS are rare for 6th form but they assist with living costs. Some chools also have bursaries and/or scholarships which may also assist with living costs.
  7. If you're going by train any of the hotels near the bullring Travelodge, Ibis, Premier or Ibis budget on Bristol Road is close all on bus route or by taxi. If travelling by car Oldbury just of M5 junction 2 about half hour drive away. Longbridge, Frankley, Rubery all in driving distance.
  8. My dd also attended West Yorkshire Summer School ( thank you Tutugirl) and I couldn't agree more with the positive comments. My dd loved it and came home every evening tired and happy especially after the two performances on Saturday. What a pleasure it was to see all the talent and hard work on display. I don't get to see my dd perform as much as I used to as she's at vocational school. She loved catching up and dancing with friends she's met over the years sharing what they all love most - dancing. The variety of genres covered during the week by excellent teachers in such a well organised friendly environment all enhanced the week. This year we introduced another two dancers to the summer school one into the younger age group and I'm sure her mum wont mind me telling you she was very sad when it was all over, she'd been very nervous at the beginning of the week but loved every minute and willingly went to bed every night so she'd have the energy for the next day. The other dancer joined my dd in the older and I believe they also had a very positive experience. Harwel please thank your ds - my dd enjoyed dancing the pas de deux with him. We are so lucky that this summer school is on our doorstep and we are able to lift share during the week. There is a good mix of vocational and non vocational students in the older group from a variety of schools. Accommodation is available through host families so the students are very well looked after, the cost of the summer school is very reasonable and definitely worth being on your list of summer schools.
  9. My dd went to Ballet Cymru summer school and thoroughly enjoyed it. She was lucky enough to be invited to move out of group 4 15+ intermediate advance level to the international group 18+ advance professional/graduates. It was tough going but she enjoyed the challenge, I think the guest male teacher aimed his class at the adult level. I was pleased to go in to watch his class on Thursday morning and could feel his frustration when students were holding back and not putting their hand up when he asked who could dance specific steps at one stage he did shout at them and ask if they knew how to do anything, but this course was aimed at the professional level and I was very proud of my dd for grasping this opportunity with both hands. She didn't make the same amount of friendships has she had the previous year in group 4 and the course wasn't as structured but that was the level - the opportunities to socialise in this group wasn't the same, classes ran over. On Thursday I noticed as soon as students finished their break they were back on stage practising on their own. I know in group 4 new friendships were made, a friend who knew nobody went home with lots of new friends in fact she was invite to go out for tea with them one evening. I'm sorry your dd didn't enjoy the experience star dancer, my dd spoke to your dd and knew her name, unfortunately she didn't leave the theatre on Thursday and she didn't see you dd upset or I assure you she would have gone over to comfort her.
  10. It doesn't tell us how many make it through to upper school though, and how many of these were taken into lower school at year 7.
  11. I wish I was going with her, she does have a friend who's going with her parents. We got our info yesterday too. I'll tell her to introduce herself. It's good to know of others going.
  12. Anyone going week one DD is going for the first time on her own. Any suggestions on how much spending money to send her with, or anything extra it would be useful to take.
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